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  1. Id love a Luxman amp, but i always get put off by the giant mark up they have in this country, im sure as hell that for the price they cost here in the uk that better amplification can be bought for the equivelent kind of money. If i lived in the far east..Luxman would be the top of my list as the value for money is unbelievable, but its just not justifiable here in the uk. Second hand....well maybe
  2. hip

    The Guys Overseas

    fuck em, its there job, there choice, to me there job is just the same as a sandwich packer, Ive never met an average soldier who can actually have a fight, statistics show that armed forces geeks 9 times out of 10 had only 2 to 3 proper friend throughout childhood, these statistics also show that armed forces leavers have not got a friend who has not been gained other than through armed force geekery.... its actually true you know A modern day english soldier couldnt handle a chav on the local shopping precinct, absolute panseys, beer swilling panseys....
  3. hip

    Happy Christmas

    please lord.....please
  4. phin wrote: really?? just electrostatics?? everytime??
  5. I learnt that Hi-fi is a con full stop, the iceing was on the cake when my sony midi system speakers that are 12 years old and can be bought off ebay for £10 are better sounding than better built than my £1000 speakers??? Oh yeah nearly forgot about around June this year when i went up to my friends new house where he had his dj set up in a spare bedroom with a 20yr old akai basic amplifier, one 17yr old jamo speaker, 2 technics 1210's,a crappy mixer all running through throw away leads and it sounded absolutly amazing,...to the point where i wished my £5000 setup sounded half as good, Oh last but not least i discovered that Modern day Hi-Fi is bass shy beyond belief, no no no infact i discovered that hifi is embarassing, how people can over engineer there perception of the sound they THINK they hear is absolutly sickening to the core.
  6. An Amplifier with tone controls is on the cards for me, bass shy hifi is going out of the window for 2009, Accuphase E-350 is looking like the favorite
  7. musicbox wrote: I know what your saying, perhaps im looking at things to much from a uk market point of view, rather than as a world market as a whole:dunno: Sacd is bollox though, i bet 80% of the uk dont even know what it is.
  8. meninblack wrote: Hi, yes i understand this, but it seems anything above "budget" is sacd focused, there doesnt seem to be many other manufacturers that operate this way.
  9. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone else thinks that Marantz has a unhealthy love of sacd and sacd tuned amps etc How come every single product above the 6002 range seems to be geared towards SACD?
  10. hip

    Mayflower Sounds

    You can not go wrong with this dealer, imo the best there is, i gaurentee you will be over the moon with them. The guy deals from home..........a very nice home, with 2 beautiful studio listning rooms, you will be left to your own accord to do as you please, no pressure at all, just best ever imo.
  11. hip

    Cassette decks

    My Denon deck gets used just as much as my cdp.
  12. The dealer in question is an utter moron, threaten to beat him up, i did, he starts being alot more friendly then. I asked him if he had the amplifier i wanted in black and he told me that if i wanted a conventional product i should shop elsewhere........wtf????
  13. hip

    Dynaudio X16

    Hi there, Just wondering what the minimum power amplifier is needed to drive the Dynaudio Excite Loudspeakers?? thankyou