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  1. Ian Anderson: The Secret Language Of Birds
  2. I saw it at ENO a few years ago and it was brilliant. We saw Nixon In China there too.
  3. I am sure of it. However if you read the thread you will see that it was sold 4 years ago!
  4. John Field Piano Concertos 5&6. Free disc from Naxos this month.
  5. Just watched and listened to Nabucco on the Met Opera nightly stream. Placido Domingo in the title role, James Levine conducting the performance from 2017. The chorus had to sing an encore of the Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves. just fantastic.
  6. I watched a 1955 Czech film “A Journey To The Beginning Of Time”. I read that it was being rereleased in 4k at very high price, but managed to get hold of an old copy and downloaded some subtitles. Directed by Karen Zeman, it is a good old Boy’s Own type of adventure. Four boys (the only actors in the film) row through a cave into prehistory and the further they go, the further back in time they go, through the great epochs of prehistory. A very clever mix of live action, drawing, and stop-motion animation - influencing later artists like Ray Harryhausen - the boys encounter mammoths, sabre-toother tiger and various dinosaurs..
  7. Shostakovich again: Suite from The Bedbug.
  8. Apparently she has been giving one-to-one lessons for free during the lockdown. Now String Quartet #9 Shostakovich; the Sorrel Quartet.
  9. Barb Jungr: Man In The Long Black Coat
  10. What's your impression of the Vaňhal? His music seems to have been highly regarded in its day, by Haydn et al. I enjoy music by Czech composers so must give this a go.