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  1. was Brothers In Arms now Dire Straits (first album)
  2. To be absolutely safe, I have only one system connected at a time. It is still fun to listen to albums on the two systems. pi3 digi out Wyred4sound dac2v2/AR cd5 > Manley Stingray > Tannoys Same sources > PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Pre > PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Monoblocs > Tannoys.
  3. bohemian

    Post Rock

    I just couldn‘t resist that!
  4. hmmm. I use an iPad. but I have never used a mac. (is that an alternative umbrella term for apple computers?) Can’t say more at this time.
  5. I copied the pic from discogs. Normally I would save to photos and then crop a section to post hereon. Hope this helps. Have a go.
  6. you can just post the title and artist and someone will take your turn or give you help.
  7. Getting technical now. I might just unplug the other leads. (Or use directional leads )
  8. Led Zeppelin : Houses Of The Holy. 24/96