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  1. Josef Suk. A Summer’s Tale; A Winter’s Tale. Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky Cantata.
  2. Benjamin Britten : The Turn Of The Screw. LSO.
  3. The AUP ask for photos in the advertisement. I am surprised it is srill here!
  4. Wilhelm Peterson-Berger Flowers From Frösö Island Niklas Sivelöv - piano Beautiful pieces by a composer I had not heard previously. on Naxos
  5. An interesting essay in ‘The Tablet’. Serious subject matter. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/history/articles/fernandes-doctors-who-became-nazis
  6. Philip Glass : La Belle et la Bête. ripped cds.
  7. Jeff Beck : Loud Hailer Not sure I like this - parts I like, but parts I don’t.
  8. Haydn String Quartets Opus 33. “Russian”. Borodin Quartet on Onyx records. (cds)
  9. More Howard Hanson Symphony #2. Slatkin - St Louis S O.
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