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  1. I bought my fountain pen around 1969. It is a Sheaffer with an ink reservoir which sucks up ink from the bottle as you release pressure on the rubber reservoir. It is my pen of choice when a hand-written letter is important. Many Sheaffers with this type of reservoir were converted to cartridge, but I am glad I took good care of mine. It wasn’t cheap in its day but neither was it very expensive.
  2. Josef Suk : Asrael Symphony. Continuing with Suk: Four pieces Opus 17. Jennifer Pike / Tom Poster
  3. This evening my wife and I began our foray into The Ring Of The Nibelungen. We listened to the Halle Orchestra under Sir Mark Elder in a performance of Das Rheingold. What a wonderful work! We both enjoyed it thoroughly. We had a slight intermission after scene 2. I feel I have been missing out on something great and am now enthused about continuing the cycle. I have bought all four operas by Sir Mark Elder and the Hallé.
  4. Alan Hovhaness: Spirit Murmur. String Quartets and Bagatelles
  5. Finishing the evening with the Clarinet Sonata in D by Arnold Bax. Another composer whose works I am beginning to really like Especially his Chamber Music. Now the Clarinet Sonata in E
  6. Antheil: California Overture and other pieces. Exhuberant at least. Good mid 20th century avant-garde.
  7. I have to agree with you, spine-tingling indeed! What a voice!
  8. Now the exhilarating and wonderful Philip Glass’ Concerto Fantasy for 2 tympanists and orchestra. Evelyn Glennie and Jonathan Haas.
  9. followed by Gidon Kremer playing Philip Glass violin concerto (1987) with Dohnanyi and Vienna Phil. Absolutely sublime music.
  10. After a hiatus John Adams Violin concerto
  11. Some Janáček today - chamber music Mládí (Youth!); Říkadla (Nursery rhymes); Quintet for winds; Sextet for piano and winds; March of the bluebirds for piccolo and pano; three pieces for cor anglais and wind quartet.
  12. I have only recently delved into Janaček’s work, having been more interested in Dvořák and Suk. I love Czech culture, music, language etc. though.
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