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  1. guess the album cover? The White album? nothing showing for me.
  2. Tangerine Dream : Rubycon cdoc. Dropped through the letterbox this morning! Don’t know why I did not have this.
  3. Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg. - Act 1 - Richard Wagner Elisabeth Schwartzkopf as Eva. Herbert von Karajan. Recorded live at Bayreuth in 1951. Superb stuff - sound ok but performance…..wow.
  4. Keep your volume high, Steve. I emigrated to the smoke 24 years ago! But you can take a Yorkshireman out of Yorkshire, but not Yorkshire out of a Yorkshireman! I was born on Pontefract Road in Normanton, and lived in Normy, Altofts and Wakefield (Eastmoor!) for most of my life. I still have a daughter and granddaughters in Wakey and maybe after Covid I’ll be able to come back for a visit. Those Tannoys of yours look great! GLWTS.
  5. not just Yorkshire. Darkest Yorkshire - wherever that is!
  6. The Book Of Longing Song Cycle by Philip Glass based on poetry by Leonard Cohen.
  7. Philip Glass : Cello Concerto. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic - Gerard Schwartz Julian Lloyd Webber.
  8. Audience : Friends, Friends, Friend
  9. Nils Lofgren : Acoustic Live 24/192
  10. My wife is decorating part of our living room, so I thought I would listen to : The Painter Sisters - Smells Like White Spirit. Actually hifi is under covers so no music atm!
  11. I have cataracts too! I cannot see anything on the cover. Not too hard to quote the title for me is it, @DUVET II?
  12. My pet peeve : photos taken of an album cover from a great distance with no other indication of its title or artist! Sometimes I can guess, sometimes not.
  13. I have a second valve amp which I occasionally use instead of my PL setup. A Manley Stingray from 2009. I sometimes just swap it in and play it through the Tannoys (91dB). No problem. In my bedroom 5.1 system a denon A/v amp is driving Dynaudio Audience 42 and 42w and focus 200 centre speaker. I was wondering if the Stingray would possibly drive the Dynaudio 42s (86dB sensitivity) or if they would require a heftier amp. Stingray is >40wpc in u/l mode. Any thoughts?
  14. We all make our own life choices, for good or ill.
  15. Judging by the 35,000 new cases a day and 120 people dying every day, I am sorry, Andrew, but I do not share your confidence.
  16. Award winning bird photographer of the year! BEEP BEEP
  17. Spare a thought for enthusiasts in New Orleans.
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