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  1. Go and see your doctor ASP and get some tablets before you need a motor bike brake cable up it with a camera on the end.
  2. This is still my favourite Nick Cave album.
  3. You need to go and look at more ? Ryan has been at it since he was 16. Signed his life away to a record label got out of it and hates anything digital /protools. Go see him playing with Laura Marling on the net. This is my favourite all time live vinyl collection and i got it for free. This Peter Gabriel live flight case collection comes close but they are CDs.
  4. This is still one of the best albums ever made to play LOUD. You can still pick it up for 1p on the river.
  5. Prince Charles is a big fan of Toms Philadelphia remixes .
  6. The vinyl pressings and SQ are excellent on the above box set. The CD set is also excellent. Tom has done a brilliant job of most things he's puts his ears and hands to over the years This is another vinyl set of Toms I have thats brilliant
  7. While its down out of the rack Thought i should play a few sides.
  8. Thats Coldplay's weakest /worst album. Chris probably should of put it out as his marriage/divorce solo album. The next album was back to form. People love to knock Coldplay of many fora for some reason ????? I've liked them since before they were signed.
  9. Anyone that loves electronic music should listen to Daphne's albums. She was one of the first genius pioneers.
  10. Jeff, The sharing rules didn't seem to bother you until i reported your link to the whole album. You edited/deleted my give away free thread last week and other mods got involved. I think forum owners and all the Mods on here should be on the same page regarding what breaks copyright sharing laws and what doesn't on here? What you posted didn't break any copyright laws but it did break the sharing rules on here as they stand now. I was just making a point,Not having ago at you man. I also think a Do you work in the music/ record retail industry? Declamation should be added to the questionnaire for members to say yes i do or no i don't. Just like the do you work in the Audio/ HiFi industry question?
  11. munch


    Thanks, I have made a note of that. I was surfing channels a few months ago on a Sunday and caught the end of one when he was explaining how the murder was done buy setting a record to come on at the right time on the ADC Turntable to fool everyone. Lots of camera shots of it. I've never been a fan of the show. It was just catching it with the TT that made me ask. The murderer was lucky to get one that worked. Thanks again.
  12. This brilliant album On Naim Edge 180g vinyl mastered at Abbey Road Studios.