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  1. I’m looking for a couple of pairs of good 6SN7. The pairs do different jobs in the amp so I can mix and match different pairs - I don’t need the pairs to be the same. So I’ll consider offers of two or four valves. If you have any surplus to requirements let me know. Thanks.
  2. These amps have broken records for number of enquiries received without a sale being achieved. Loads of interest, two provisional sales at £3k, but they're still here... I really want to try a SE amp (ideally 845, but PSE 300B would also be ok) again, and also ideally reduce the number of boxes currently residing in my small room. Hence the sale. I'll try one last price drop at £2,600 - and I'll consider a trade for a SE amp. I've replaced the 4 x GE 6FQ7 with Raytheon, which I think are better - I'll include both sets.
  3. Thanks. Sorry, should have been clear I’m looking to control the volume not reduce by a fixed amount. Post edited.
  4. I’m looking for something quality to control the volume between DAC and a power amp. Single ended, and only need one input/output (although if it has more than one that’s not a problem). Don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for a good one but I’m not in MF Baby Ref territory..... Thanks.
  5. I thought these had sold, no less than three times. But they are still here (for reasons that don't have anything to do with the amps!)
  6. Conrad Johnson Premier 12 monoblocks. These date from the early 2000s and had one owner from new (sadly now deceased) until they were acquired by me. Barring one tiny (and I mean tiny) scuff on one of the transformers they look completely as new. They have their original boxes and packaging (also in superb condition, if you care about such things, having only been used the once to send to the original owner from CJ). They are genuine UK export editions (confirmed on the box and the amp chassis). The amps have recently been checked over/serviced/set up by Dave Hunter @ Classic
  7. I’ve had a clear out - so hopefully ok now.
  8. I’ve got a set (Van Damme) you can have for the postage cost, if you send me a PM.
  9. If you don’t manage to get one second hand, get one of these. Same as the far more expensive offerings, just without the fancy box: https://airlinktransformers.com/product/standard-balanced-power-supply-bps2000
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