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  1. Thanks all - this is really helpful. It looks like an Akurate Katalyst is the way to go but I still haven't discounted a DS1 renew on the basis of it looking like a bargain at current prices even if it is a dead end. I'll see what's out there.
  2. Hi all I'd like to set up a system based on a Linn streamer but am baffled by the plethora of options. Basically my budget will get me a DS1 Klimax (just), a DS0, 1 or 2 or DSM Klimax renew or a Katalyst Akurate in DS or DSM form. The plan would be to run directly to a power amp or integrated (yet to be chosen). My main questions are whether the newer Akurate will be better than an older Klimax, whether the "full" Klimax significantly betters the renew (I gather the case is the only difference) and, if I'm not using any other sources, what a DSM offers over the DS. If anyone can offer any views/guidance based on their experiences I'd be very grateful.
  3. Excellent WT GTA bought from John. A pleasure.

  4. Thanks for the replies. My current pre is a Tron one (Syren), which is transformer-coupled. I'd probably look to change that in due course, but would want to use it as an interim measure, at least.
  5. Does anyone know if there is any disadvantage to using a single-ended RCA output from a pre to drive the XLR balanced inputs of a power amp (a AN P4 balanced, to be exact). The manual for the power amp says it can be connected in this way, but I wondered if I'd be missing out on something if I did this? I've no experience with balanced amps, so am clueless. Thanks is advance for any help anyone is able to give.
  6. Actually, the board in mine are "issue 4". It retains the Comet switchgear, so its not a complete Syren.
  7. Its way overpriced. I've got a later version, built into a Comet box. The eBay one looks to be the first version of the mk1. The boards in mine are revision 3, so there were two revisions following it. The later ones also used Tron's own custom silver SUTs, whereas the eBay one has Lundhals. I think this one would have been around £7.5k at full retail price. £2.5-3k would be a more realistic price. But they are rare, so I guess someone might bite. I should add that they are an excellent pre amp!
  8. Stands Unique stand, in mahogany. Base, two shelves, and isolation top. Needs to be collected from between Saffron Walden and Cambridge.
  9. I'm looking for either CDT2 or CDT3 to try with my AN DAC. If you have one and might be prepared to part with it drop me a PM. Thanks.
  10. Some better photos. Its worth emphasising that the amp looks brand new. There isn't the slightest blemish. I don't think you'd be able to tell this and a box fresh one apart. http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4075_zpsvhypazym.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4076_zps2ptb4z2s.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4077_zpsabyibzy3.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4079_zpsajifiv5q.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4080_zpsvf83irkk.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4082_zpsx7swpsab.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4078_zpscnuxf1lj.jpg.html http://s565.photobucket.com/user/wuzznbuddy/media/IMG_4083_zpsznsc7r5n.jpg.html
  11. Audio Note SPa silver speaker cable. Terminated with AN silver connectors, spade to bananas. 2.5m. New this year. Mint and boxed. £600.
  12. Its a factory item. I don't think there is an M3 kit. There is an L3, but its not really the same thing. As Jake mentions, older versions had a tape loop and balance control, hence the four knobs. There has been two major revisions to the M3 - the removal of the tape loop and balance control (and addition of AN twin stepped attenuators) and the upgrade of the power supply to a "mini" version of the Galahad supply used in the M10. This example features both.
  13. hi - was this a kit? on the internet, there is a version with 4 buttons at the front.