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  1. Some dangerous nonsense being written here. It certainly not any safer using a bank transfer vs PP via either F&F or goods. No scammer uses a bank account in their own name. They use mules, and there are several layers of accounts before the money ends up with the scammer, or someone directly associated with them. You can complain to the recipient bank, following a rule change in early 2019. But the chances of that yielding a happy result are very slim. The money will be long gone and the responsibilities of the receiving bank to the sender are v limited. PP is Luxembourg domiciled, is regulated for its activities here and under the VJ of the financial ombudsman. And is linked to you bank account or credit card. So it offers fairly similar (i.e. very limited) protection. PP goods gives you some protection, as per PP's T&C's. But those T&C's offer far from watertight protection and if PP can't recover the money from the "seller" you might still be left high and dry. I assume stevebrown is referring to the possibility of making a civil claim for money owed. I don't understand the distinction he is attempting to make between the payment mediums - there is no such distinction that I'm aware of. And if you're dealing with a scammer, you won't know who you've sent the money to - although you might think you do. Scammers are sophisticated - good luck finding someone to take action against. Lots of people have axes to grind when service providers fall short of their expectations. But PP is no worse or better than than banks in that regard, in my experience. UK banks are facilitating hundreds of millions of £££ in APP fraud currently. Ask a victim what they think of their experiences with the bank(s) involved. an internet search for any provider and "fraud" will reveal streams of vitriol. The focus should be on using common sense and taking responsibility for protecting yourself, rather than an expectation of the provider of the payment medium used giving you a safety net.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I've now got more than enough options to consider, so would probably be wasting people's time if I let this run any longer. I appreciate all the offers.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Sorry if my initial post was equivocal - SE 300B will certainly not be enough. But I'd try PSE and SE 845. I've got two thirds of a room 3m wide x 4.5m long, with a ceiling height of 1.8m(!) as my listening space. And there's a window the full length of one side of it. So the speaker world is not exactly my oyster. I've already had one failed experiment on that front so the P3ESR are definitely staying for now. I'm otherwise going to end up chasing my tail. I have owned the P3s before and used them very successfully with a NAF 845SE. They aren't very sensitive but they are a pretty easy load (https://www.stereophile.com/content/harbeth-p3esr-loudspeaker-measurements). As Leon mentions (Hi, Leon) I was just looking to see what is out there before I make a decision. I've now got a couple of things on my shortlist but nothing has been purchased just yet.
  4. Thanks. I've not used this site in ages as I didn't bother with hifi for a few years, and hadn't noticed the megastore bit. I don't think the Diavolo will be enough with one 300B a channel. I've had a pair of the big Canary monos before and didn't really get on with them.
  5. I've now found something. Thanks for the replies/PMs.
  6. Vitus RI-100 mk 2 November 2017 (one of the very last made before the RI-101), mint, boxed, with all accessories, paperwork etc. As the images hopefully show, this pretty much presents as it did when it was brand new. For sale at a v reasonable £3950 I'm on the Essex/Suffolk border, and can travel a reasonable distance to meet.
  7. You mention in your other post that you're moving to a ND5XS. Possibly slightly over budget but I'd look at DIN to RCA offerings from AR (Lunar) or Witch Hat (Morgana), for synergy with Naim. I've been trying out a few different cables recently and synergy is definitely important - stuff that has worked really well in other systems has been disappointing in mine. A used Hiline would be a good bet also, as it would be easily sold on without taking a hit if you buy sensibly.
  8. Thanks all. Have bought the cables suggested by Martin!
  9. Looking for a quality pair of balanced/XLR interconnects. A 0.5m pair would be enough but 1m would be ok. To connect a streamer to an integrated amp. Something like Chord Epic would be good, but I’m open to suggestions...
  10. Hi I'm looking for a Klimax or Akurate DS (not DSM). The latter will need to be a Katalyst version (so a DS3), the former at least a DS1 (and I'll consider a renew). If you have something which fits the bill please drop me a PM. Thanks
  11. Thanks all - this is really helpful. It looks like an Akurate Katalyst is the way to go but I still haven't discounted a DS1 renew on the basis of it looking like a bargain at current prices even if it is a dead end. I'll see what's out there.
  12. Hi all I'd like to set up a system based on a Linn streamer but am baffled by the plethora of options. Basically my budget will get me a DS1 Klimax (just), a DS0, 1 or 2 or DSM Klimax renew or a Katalyst Akurate in DS or DSM form. The plan would be to run directly to a power amp or integrated (yet to be chosen). My main questions are whether the newer Akurate will be better than an older Klimax, whether the "full" Klimax significantly betters the renew (I gather the case is the only difference) and, if I'm not using any other sources, what a DSM offers over the DS. If anyone can offer any views/guidance based on their experiences I'd be very grateful.