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  1. I also found my old OC7 with no cantilever
  2. 'As luck would have it', I found a DL110 in a long-forgotten box yesterday. It's boxed but I'm struggling to remember how old it is etc. I've had two so not sure at the moment which one this is. I'll report back later with pics and info if you like.
  3. I know this feeling all too well I've missed out on mountains of stuff over the years...
  4. Okay. But if you get called in tomorrow and don't anticipate wanting to come over post-8PM (which is fine by me, incidentally), I'm not in Saturday at all (in any reliable sense). And Sunday is a nightmare scenario (complicated !).
  5. Please have mercy upon me and make it tomorrow. I'm not around Saturday and it cannot be here on Sunday. Or think about relinquishing to Darth, who's only up the road (?)
  6. See what he says. Hopefully soon because, and I cannot stress this enough, this is right in the friggin' way at the moment
  7. Internal width: ~45.5cm Internal depth: ~41-43cm (varies due to curve on shelf-front) Internal heights: 15cm, 17cm, 17.5cm (top to bottom). How does that do you ?
  8. Optimum 2000-series. Glass w/brassy-gold uprights. Totally solid construction. Great condition: no chips/nicks on the shelves and no rust on any metalwork. Spiked underneath. Looks ace with valve equipment on it (colour's just right to compliment tube innards). *Doorstep collection* offered as not postable. Location is Castleford, West Yorkshire. RRP was ~£400.
  9. Can't stress enough how nice and clean the cabinets are. I think someone acquired them factory-fresh (sans the fancy cosmetic frills), fixed drivers in and abandoned them prior to getting 'round to tweeters. I assume crossovers - if present ! - aren't the original silver-wired.
  10. Someone's finally realised that they needed tweeters and plonked these things on top of them. Look like pinched off late-80's Wharfedales (?)
  11. Still waiting for pics and answers to Q's from @wizmax
  12. I think I'd be more interested in the Technics, @glenhb , but that AZ6 is rather tempting. I actually just missed one of them on FB Marketplace (only down the road) last week.
  13. I'd agree with everything you just put, SE I was reading about those Technics AZ machines and they can be buggered by demagnetisation attempts; from just made grotty-sounding to head killed altogether, it seems (I think there's a warning sticker inside to advise against ?). So, that was a concern. Fussily, I do like a central tape-loading drawer and I'm intrigued by that deck anyway. The three heads might be useful as well. Ta.
  14. It doesn't have a motorized loading drawer though #Lazy
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