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  1. Anyone got one working or not? Thank you David
  2. Glad you found henry. One of my best mates. Extremely honest, and I’ve seen dealers leaving some seriously high end kit with him for repair, so he knows what he’s doing... As for his mansion building, not so sure
  3. It was bought new a couple of months ago and never used. I would let it go for £85.
  4. Hi. I have a Sony HT-CT290 soundbar and subwoofer in perfect unused new condition. It has the remote control, cable and manual. I'm in Guildford, Surrey Cheers, David
  5. I should add that they are the "mk2" version, with newer and better silver bass drivers. These give much better bass, totally resolving the issues some reviewers had with loose tubby bass from the original black bass drivers. Just had a look at what these have sold for in the past, and it seems £300 is an extremely good price for them! I've just had a good look over them and I cant find a mark on them, or the grills. So they are as far as I can see unmarked pristine condition. Cheers, David
  6. Hi Dan. I was thinking somewhere around £300 . How does that sound?
  7. Hi Boo. I have a pair of black lft16 speakers in excellent condition. I'm in Guildford Surrey. Are you still interested? Cheers David
  8. Hi Bencat. I for one appreciated your offer re valves. Henry (Toprepairman) is one of my best friends, and would never think or want to say you are untrustworthy (like he often does to me). I think its that word "impartially" that would rub me up the wrong way if I was you and didn't know him. I'm sure he's being honest in saying he meant it in a "thinking out aloud" non-judgemental sense, and it was just unfortunate that it jarred with your kind offer. In case he's lying through his teeth I am more than happy to inflict pain on him on your behalf. Maybe we could start a new thread entitled "Appropriate Pain for Henry" in which methods, tools, duration and intensity can be suggested. All the best David
  9. I got into hifi, buying a second hand quad 306 and 34 for £200 20 years ago from a guy with Beatles history in a dingy flat who had george Harrison’s passport from birth to 1970 Under his floorboards... he got it out and I still remember the shiver I felt holding it and looking at the Hamburg stamp. what I wish I’d known is that I should have just listened to music more, and played my piano and guitar more, rather than the 100’s of hifi items I’ve bought and sold searching for THAT sound on the cheap..... interestingly I’ve had THAT sound on the cheap in a few systems. And for some reason or another that I don’t remember I got rid of those systems.... strangely I’m listening to THAT sound on the cheap right now, that this time I’ve stumbled into be chance... THAT sound is where the musicians are in the room, I can feel their emotion, specially the singers, and I can feel that rich organic vibrancy of real instruments... just like when I play my baby grand piano, 1973 Yamaha jazz guitar, or my Stratocaster through my gorgeous Vox ac10 amp. The other thing I wish I’d known when I first got into hifi was screw the hifi, grab the bloody passport and run like the wind.
  10. Great I’ll be around Henry’s stall so I get to stroke the Radfords!
  11. gilbodavid

    A mystery

    the cables and measurements matter threads are my favourites! And meninblack thank you for your kind words. I’ve decided that the iPad Pro is the best dac under £100 give or take a 0.
  12. gilbodavid

    A mystery

    Thank you for all your replies, I feel reassured and I understand now. I particularly love the way you all grasped exactly what my problem is and gave me the answer I needed. I love the consistency of Wam expertise. It's like a laser that cuts to the core with precision and clarity.