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    Scheu Cello
  • Tone Arm & Cartridge
    Scheu Cantus/Aladdin
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    Graham Slee Reflex M
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    Lumin S1
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    Primare BD32
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    Jolida Glass FX III
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    Primare SPA23
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    Audiopax Model 5
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    Audiopax Model 98
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    Raidho C1.1
  1. I'd certainly recommend the Graham Slee range - I'm sure there is something in his range of products that you would like
  2. http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/geneva-motor-show/new-fiat-panda-cross-sale-autumn If you can wait a bit - comes out in October
  3. Happy birthday JP ! If only he would celebrate by bringing out a new album..........
  4. So....your're back in Blighty.....got the Zu's up and running in your new abode yet ??
  5. What was the room that had the "sticky air" in it..........Rich ?
  6. I read this thread with interest - have had my Audiopax Model 98 recently serviced by Anthony at Tube Distinctions - can't recommend him highly enough. Have replaced my old JJ KT88's with new ones and JJ 12AT7's with Mullards. Tubes are breaking in nicely now - big open soundstage - bags of detail - with plenty of grip and definition in the bass. I've e-mailed Silvio at Audiopax about the KT120's and he said in the circuit topology of that amp there would be no increase in power - worth trying but they have had better experiences with Psvanes and EAT's. All gear/room/ear dependent no doubt (no sh*t Sherlock). I may be able to get a loan of some KT120's from Anthony so will report on my findings if some come my way. I am somewhat worried by peoples experience with some of the more obscure power valves - therefore may try out some 12AT7's first before dabbling in "unknown" KT88's. Then there's the KT150.......
  7. Folks, Anyone tried/bought either/both of these in their system in some shape or form ? Interested - i.e., for turntable, cd player and valve power amp in particular - oh sod it, pre-amp too........
  8. Those speakers look crap.........what you need is these, especially to go with the table; http://www.dvice.com/archives/2008/08/sounger-vin-18.php Mind you, there are cello and double bass versions if you want more bottom end (no, really).
  9. The thought of being able to optimise your turntable set up using a lap-top, iPad or iPhone is just bonkers - via a reference disc of course.........but wow !
  10. When I first saw this I thought - hmmm - was this posted on 1st April......? http://www.sound-smith.com/cartright/index.html .....but no....appears to be happening.........just not in the market place just yet.
  11. Worth a check if you like ambient/improvised music - he has an interesting website where you can download his albums - I'd recommend Live in Nebraska as a good place to start. http://www.stevelawson.net/ Gets lots of interesting sounds from his 6-string fretless bass - have seen home live - well worth a punt. Believe he is playing in Birmingham on the 25th (November). I'm sure there is footage of him on YouTube ......
  12. .....can I be first person to say Status Quo ? 70's iteration of course !
  13. Frank Zappa - plenty of albums to choose from - and all (just about) remastered to boot......
  14. Anyone sampled their delights ? http://www.wooaudio.com/products/ Stax 507's with the GES energiser would be good place to start.