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  1. Surely the point is not to buy into any particular dogma, and use your own ears to judge in your own listening environment. I struggle with the idea of a manufacturer who designs their kit around a particular criteria, telling people how they should listen to and judge a piece of HiFi kit.
  2. I used it for both Qobuz and locally stored files, but I use Qobuz 90% of the time and that's where I noticed the difference.
  3. I work from my ears back, if your hearing is knackered hearing then nothing else matters!
  4. Linn Kazoo v Room running on a MacBook pro.
  5. Edit: no, the one without was a van den hul 1st ultimate, this was the cable that caused the problem: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/atlas-compass-94007/review
  6. I had it on trial, loved the interface, helped me find new music and rediscover my own library, however, to my ears, it did have an ever so subtle negative impact on sound quality ...
  7. I heard this phenomenon with coax cables, although it was a long time ago. I can't explain it, but at the same point, in the same Norah Jones song it was clear as day and repeatable, with a vdh "digital" interconnect it wasn't there, an Atlas one it was. I never bothered investigating why ...
  8. I know you said each scenario gave a large improvement, but was the passive setup the same "game changer" level of improvement and realism as the Exakt setups?
  9. From reading posts on this forum, it seems like it's 12-18 months away, and may just be the DAC and not the clock/streaming components ...which if correct, and the OP's sense of "25%" translates to the DS3, it may not be a logical upgrade!?
  10. Presumably another small company actually have an interest in dealing with Linn. I can imagine Amazon are a PITA to deal with, and Linn are probably at the back of the queue ... there were also rumours (on hifiwigwam) of hardware requirements. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Apple, I can't see them providing a smooth integration with anyone.
  11. I don't know what bit depth it supports, but the Apple site says "Apple TV 4K currently doesn’t support Hi-Res Lossless (sample rates greater than 48 kHz)."
  12. 4K tv box doesn't support HiRes either ... but yes, even if it did, you'd need HDMI or at least some other input that you could convert to. As mentioned above, we already have Qobuz (hopefully Apple/Amazon/Spotify don't put them out of business) - who are the sound quality kings IMO. Edit: to be clear, you can get 16 bit CD quality lossless via Airplay.
  13. Apple don't have a method (other than Airpaly) to do this AFAIK. Spotify have Spotify Connect etc. That said, I'm not sure how quickly Linn would adopt it if they did, they've been dragging their heels on the Amazon service.
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