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  1. I remember someone mentioning Haden Boardman in a previous thread
  2. PM sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Daimler, I'm interested in the t amp , how much would a power supply cost? Would the power supply be available at places like maplin? i live in timperley so not too far from you.
  4. Hi Klindar, I may be interested in the speaker stands. Where are you located? Looking at slightly cheaper stands on eBay , hence stating I may be interested.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Would you host a bake off when you get a pair ?
  6. I'd be interested in knowing as well, the options are quite a few now
  7. Cheers jkbmusic, how much would it cost with slow postage? wouldn'e mind having a punt - - - Updated - - - Thank you meridian man
  8. Thank you for your suggestions folks, will have a look at the options.
  9. Dear all, I am looking at getting a cheap set up in the kitchen and have been considering bluetooth speakers like Samson MediaOne BT3 My reasoning is that it'll only need the power cable, no other cables required(speaker cable excluded) and I can stream via bluetooth songs from my iphone/tablet. I do have a spare amplifier and speakers but feel that this adds to the kit list in the small kitchen, whereas a pair of speakers alone, probably placed on top of the units, will be less intrusive. I did consider getting a Neet audio receiver and plugging into the amp, but then the box count increases and I want to keep things minimal as it's a small kitchen. Any suggestions in general or for other bluetooth speakers less than £100 will be appreciated.
  11. Tried this, still flashing... I suspect it's an internal fault now, probably not worth the cost of sending it for a repair. It cost around £50 or so when I bought it, a repair's going to be a similar price I gues....
  12. Had look and connected the wires again to check, but not having any luck, it's the same prob again. I tried searching on the net but couldn't find relevant info.
  13. Thank you Simon, will have a look asap