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  1. Outstanding amp GLWTS. If I had the money I would buy it.
  2. My advice is to leave the amp alone and buy a cheap 'tone control' for some records. You will only cause issues messing with the amp and devalue it.
  3. Speakon connector, hmmm, that would need changing. Sadly, home brew speakers are worth about half the cost of the units. If you didn't like them, quite difficult to sell. I would ask the seller what amp they are using, would give you a clue to the sound.
  4. Always interested to hear these, as a friend in Canada has a pair and loves them with a PrimaLuna valve amp. They are music rather than kit type speakers I hear.
  5. I would definitely send it back and put a wanted ad in the classifieds if you want one. Not a fan of that dealer, too many issues.
  6. P77 is a bit average, for.what they cost you can have something much better in my view. I own a P77 and a E77, I much prefer the Supex SM100E or Dynavector above.
  7. you need to get that properly earthed.
  8. Go big, go one with DSP and go Velodyne DD+
  9. Kef 30B sub, totally piss poor. Horning Agathon, only sounded good on one track on one LP, Motorhead - Tear Ya Down. Everything else shit. My second LP12 with Ekos and Lingo. Never did sound OK. It was worse than the first LP12 Ittok Valhalla. DPA 50S pre/power, sounded OK but it went bang quickly and took out my speakers. Musical Fidelity A3CD CD player, horrid, sold it within the week. Heybrook Quartet, sounded bloody awful in my room.
  10. Apparently, they start at $29,500 new, so £26k for a second hand scratched pair seems a bit steep.
  11. I think the 30W max power might be putting people off, or maybe the wardrobe stylee. Or maybe the £26K...
  12. Two for me, different things done very well. Magico S5, outstanding detail and slam, I could listen to these for ever. No smearing or doubling at all. Cabasse Sphere, not accurate but they make you move.
  13. Biamping is a waste of money, try the speakers with your amp, if you can't live with them after 6 months look at more power. When I had 801 they needed lots of power to get the big lazy 15" driver going, but 803 don't have that issue.