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  1. Ortofon all day long, track well, last and suit the arm. I use a Rhondo Bronze on a 100MCS.
  2. Top repair guy for valve stuff, always had great service from him.
  3. Thank you very much Diane and Julian for a lovely day, really enjoyed the banter.
  4. You should have got them from me along with &spider.
  5. Get well soon fella, you'll be missed. Bob
  6. I use either a Hitachi FT-5500 MK1 or 4500 Mk1, great tuners, easy to use and just work, don't need a lot of go from the aerial. Another thought is the early Arcam tuner, very analogue sound, easy on the ear. The only tuners I have owned that are significantly better were the Revox 261 and the Naim NAT01 (which was the best tuner I have ever owned), but the Naim is silly money.
  7. Trilogy 902 with MM input £800, it has as mark on the top of the mercury finish.
  8. Just buy some Celestion SL700 and dump the rest.
  9. I have a set of speakers I sold in Dec that yet to be collected. The buyer paid on eBay via PayPal and then never collected, after about 5 messages from me I have given up. User Rivertarnell on eBay. Strange.
  10. Try wiggling the interconnects a little to see if it happens. Be gentle.
  11. UK room generally have more problems with floor mounted speakers, stand mounts are easier to get good sound. If you need more bass a good sub is adjustable, where as floor mounted are a lot less adjustable.
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