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  1. First try; Corks, rubber squares (erasors will do), etc.. before stumping up lots of feet. If you have concrete floors, don't waste your money, use spikes. Bouncy floors, then some isolation will probably work. Not tried these IsoAccoustics feet, but they seem to be flavour of the month, which I avoid.
  2. I have to say, the latest changes are the end of me as a eBay seller. No more. Why they need my passport etc.. when I don't trust them one bit. Looks to me like the IRS and other countries equivalents have forced the change to make sure they can track funds. Not sure I am going to buy there either, as there seems a complete lack of interesting and now 20% import VAT is there, costly.
  3. How are the new amps working for you?
  4. With the fecked driver, it's really worth nothing like that valuation. The tweeter you have to experience to know if you can live with the brightness.
  5. Might be cheaper and easier to get the driver re-built.
  6. Good luck finding a 30 year old matched bass driver.
  7. Anybody got a spare Linn Classik remote (cd version)? Cheers.
  8. Try this guy in scouseland. RemoteFixer.co.uk
  9. Try lifting a Krell KAS-2 without handles, 168lbs each mono.
  10. I heard a pair at the Heathrow show many moons ago (probably 20 years), in an open space, not a room and they were very good, one of the systems of that show, along with the Cabasse Atlantis and Sonus Faber Extrema.
  11. I have owned both the 1007be and 1008be and there is not a lot between them. Heard the Diablo once in an unfamiliar system and room, sounded very similar TBH.
  12. Not convinced these are any better than the 1007be or 1008be TBH.
  13. I would pay 600, but I would market test them.
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