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  1. Nice kit, I have the power amp and I love it. I believe the preamp is the Mark 2 version, which is more desirable. I used to own the mk1 and it was fab.
  2. There is a second hand Transparent Audio Reference on eBay, AES/EBU, I have two of these, fab things, only beaten by AT&T glass connection in my book,
  3. The cartridge VTA is out. Take the shit off and use some bluetac to add weight on top of the headshell and see what happens. My guess is the VTA and the weight are having an effect.
  4. Always liked the Supex SM100E as a MM cart, lot more energy and life.
  5. Yes the light wand. Heard a 6 with the ADC cart and it was a good combination.
  6. Moerch arm is needed. Avoid the SME IIIS
  7. Simple, you either like it or you don't.
  8. The fit and finish could be a lot better, look at the red paint. The 'big' horns are actually not big enough to do real bass, so you would need subs. 7 pairs eh, I bet 6 of those went to CCP bigwigs at a massive discount.
  9. I use a pair of Pawel Ensemble PA-1 Reference in my bedroom system with Trilogy 909/990 amps. They are Ms ICHM fav speakers, I have owned them for at least 15 years. Yours look the same as PA-1, the reference has a different bass mid driver. Peel Acoustics seem to keep a very low profile. The Zellation classic seem remarkably similar.
  10. Can think of lots of companies I would prefer whole systems by, like; Sony, Technics, Krell, Arcam, Rega, Marantz, Yamaha etc..
  11. I have a pair of Jamo Concert 8 in cherry, superb speakers, rear ports. Work really well with Sugden, I have a A21. Would be looking for £650.
  12. Lucky escape Rick, not my cup of tea with slow bass, very extended, but slow.
  13. Wow you don't see many pairs of these. Good luck with your sale.
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