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  1. For my 2p worth, Tablette's or 1SC ProAc's are OK, if they are on super heavy Target R series stands with a meaty transistor amp, never been convinced by the rest. I also found them speaker cable fussy.
  2. I had one of these a while back, great things, will drive almost anything and sound good. The remote coding is standard Sony/ Sanyo I believe, so you could try an all-in-one.
  3. I have owned several Copland amps over the years and currently own a 402 integrated, which is a very nice amp and suits Art speakers well. When I listened to a Hegel amp recently it didn't float my boat at all, the Copland is smooth and a bit laid back, with a lovely midrange. the Hegel is all detail without timbre or soul. Like I say, opposite ends of the stick, personally for long term listening I would go Copland. Plenty of other amps that are great too out there. If you live near Cheshire, you are welcome to borrow the Copland to see what I mean.
  4. Happy to take the Einstein if you have not already binned it.
  5. Copland and Hegel opposite ends of the stick. Go Copland if you like music.
  6. You may need a DC blocker if other things cause thumps and clicks through your amp.
  7. Option F. Just listen to a fav LP and then swap it over and if it sounds more involving and you are enjoying it, bostin'. ABX and DBT are rubbish.
  8. £7K for a Linn, what foolishness. My shortlist would be; Sony PS-X9, Pioneer P3, Brinkmann Lagrange, Raven.