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  1. In their box in the loft. Had 3 pairs of LS3/5a and never saw the attraction. The P3-ES are a much better speaker, so are ProAc 1SC. If you want a propper smaller speaker, then either Ensemble PA-1 Reference or Jamo Concert 8.
  2. Ribbon is good, the rest a lot less good. Try before you buy is my advice.
  3. I have two MCRU DC blockers, so if anybody in Cheshire or near wants to try one you are welcome.
  4. Wrong, the size of the room limits how much it will support the lowest frequencies. Typically, small rooms won't do below 30Hz without uncontrolled boom. As a seller of speakers with added expensive subwoofers, you should know this.
  5. In my personal experience, volume.controls in DACs are not.too hot. I would personally keep an active pre and a DAC / streamer supporting the right streaming service.
  6. I have used subs on and off for 20 years. My first was a Rel Stadium II, and now using a Velodyne DD15 and looking for a second to scratch an itch. Before the Velodyne I had twin M&K MX5000 and a MX350 in a second system. The DSP of the Velodyne gives them the edge in my view. I have had a Kef 30b and thought it was poor. The jury was out on the BK FF200, OK, but a bit thumpy. I have a Sunfire too, stupid heavy 30cm cube with DSP. Subs need a solid surface to work well, if you have suspended floors, you will need some stone based platform or a hardfoam platform. DSP is good with subs.
  7. I have a Velvet Vortex and love it. Really does work. The other machine I have a much more expensive machine lays unused.
  8. It's the old NXT idea in a woke package. pfffffttt meh. More BS below, OK what about the class D amp next to them that they are flogging? Last time I looked, refined steel didn't grow on trees and needed quite a lot of technology, as well as the magnets. Glass also needs a load of power to create it. The wood won't be handcut either or the cotton hand spun. Why do people fall for this bollocks. Oda Speakers are built using techniques drawn from traditional crafts like bookbinding, light aircraft construction, and, of course, luthiery. They’re made of wood, glass, cotton, and steel: materials that are humble and human, not technological.
  9. Because smaller speaker image better, you can tune the bass to the room and they don't dominate the room quite the way big speakers do. Most 'big' speakers don't do less than 25hz anyway, unless you spend a fortune.
  10. Watch for the weasel Gove, he is manipulating away to get close to being a leader of the Twories.
  11. Don't worry about the technology, buy what sounds best in your room. This sort of money a weekend with them is mandatory.
  12. Marble chopping boards work sometimes, I have a pair of Canton CT80 that sound better with them on top.
  13. I have 3 Shakti stones if people want to try them near me. I find they work on top of valve amp transformers. It's subtle inprovement, but it's there.
  14. Nothing 38 years old is 'as new', you should expect that surely?