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  1. There are no secrets in speaker design and you can take a screwdriver and a saw to a pair and see what has been done. So much for "unique". I like some single driver speakers and owned a few, they have their appeal, but I tire of them quite quickly, which I think you see a lot of them changing hands quite often.
  2. A close friend had the pre/power and I thought it was horrid. All bright and hard, quite difficult for a valve amp I thought. He had Lowther horns at the time. He sold them PDQ as he couldn't listen to his system.
  3. Your phono stage will sound better into MM with a nice SUT.
  4. I would get it serviced and get a couple of spare transports / lasers. You like it, why change?
  5. Well on my phone they sounded bright and lacking empathy to the music, but I don't listen to music on my phone. Thos Grimm LS1 look shocking too.
  6. Generally if available I use AES/EBU as a preference over co-ax. My Esoteric P30 has both, and having had DACs with both, using Transparent Reference XLR and Co-ax, so same cable, different connectors. The differences can be small, but with Audio Synthesis DAX Decade and Discrete XLR was preferable. My Wadia has only Co-ax and AT&T optical.
  7. YouTube and sound quality evaluation should not be in the same sentence.
  8. All good, not working and about to retire. If you are in Cheshire, pop in.
  9. Still got the Oxford Acoustics Crystal Ref and the SME V.
  10. I used to own one of those, very nice if a little dark sounding. My advice is get a spare laser & mech for it, because like all CDP, they will need it at some point.
  11. I still own two Mircomega Duo Pro systems, wonderful sound if you can live with the top loading and puck. They look fab as well.
  12. Or just buy a Mission 774LC which is a Jelco or Linn Majik. I am sure Linn people will say it is some way different, but hey. The LC is for Low Cost.
  13. 100% not a Sondek LP12, looks late 1960s Toshiba.
  14. I had a Westfield SE with a pinto 2.1 stage 2. Wonderful thing, nearly killed myself twice, it had to go. The Porsche that followed was boring as F after that.
  15. Don't bother. I have a Philips 960 that was "upgraded" with a new DAC and it sounds worse than a std one.
  16. Hifi wise; Heybrook TT2 (so much better than anything else at the price range and probably better than most LP12s, certainly better made). Big ribbons, in my case Carver Amazing Platinum with a 6' ribbon. Maggies, in my case III, great speakers, just a real pain to position. Inca Tech Claymore (1st version), a great amp end of and powerful for the size. Not the 'best amp', but certainly very good. Townshend Rock II or first Reference, to see what all the fuss was about. Different sound to most turntables, stupid cheap at the time.
  17. Bought the GF a Pioneer PL12D with a Shure 72 cart, sounds pretty good into Tannoys and an Arcam 90 amp. A real no fuss turntable.
  18. To be fair, that isn't difficult. If you can't hear the differences in CD players or DACs, fair enough, but I can Keith.
  19. I own two and use them for streaming, as the DACs I use have worse USB inputs than these devices. Tried quite a few SPDIF converters and these sound good.
  21. That was the Wadia WT3200 which was a Marantz 94 or Philips 960 disguised, mine is a WT2000 which is a Esoteric D2 pimped.