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  1. https://aer-loudspeakers.com/aer-axjet-2/ Very sketchy specs. For 75 big ones I would want more than 45hz, no loss of dB quoted, so probably-10dB or more down at 45hz. The effiency, power handling and max SPL doesn't add up. 102dB 1m 1w, 100w power handling (20dB uplift), so should be 122dB, not 108dB stated. They bang on about no crossover, then casually mention in the specs a DAP, hello that is a piece of sound shaping in the way of the signal. Jokers.
  2. I don't think so. I ordered the CD and LP from the bands site.
  3. Just got the new IST IST album and what a great LP, full of anger and angst about love. The Art of Lying by IST IST. If you northern catchy gritty guitar based indie, you will probably like it. Their first album (Architecture) was magnificent, but this is better.
  4. Is it physical transformer hum, if you put your hand on it you can feel the vibration? If so, you may have DC in your mains or the transformer is not bolted down fully. DC is much more likely.
  5. You need valves for the amplification with Focal. Chord power amps sound pretty horrible with most speakers, just sold one after trying it again after 15 years, I had forgotton how nasty they are. Focal need something laid back, like valves or Sugden. A nice A21SE or A21a would suit.
  6. S3 are £37K, huge difference in price.
  7. My current one, but Ms ICHM likes my bedroom system more, which is; Laptop, Sony SCD-777ES, Audio Synthesis DAX Decade, Trilogy 909/990 and Pawel Ensemble PA-1 Reference. I am under instructions never to sell the speakers. I have very fond memories of; Townshend Rock Reference/Excalibre/ATOC9/ARC Phono3, ARC SP16L, Krell KSA250, PMC AB2.
  8. Very sad indeed. I wish him well on his geat journey, hopefully he is not in too much pain.
  9. The most enjoyable phono stages under 2k second hand I have found are Allnic H-1201 and Trilogy 907, I have both. The newer Allnic H-1202 is supposed to be better, but more expensive. I found the Vida a bit of a disappointment when I borrowed one. Yet to hear a BB3 in a system with a very good front end. Two turntables is over rated, you just end up using your favourite one.
  10. In the good old USA really heavy speakers have casters, in Europe we love spikes, tells you a lot about both parties. Get 2 120kg dollies and move the speakers about until you are happy, you can thank me later.
  11. They are nice speakers, however in terms of dynamics and bass power a pair of A3 would slaughter them.
  12. Unless you build it yourself, mission impossible for that budget.
  13. The constant changing world. the Technics SP10 Mk2 with two SME arms and a Bob Cusworth plinth has moved and the power amp is in it's place.
  14. The only SMPS component I have is the Velodyne sub, I think it has one. I avoid SMPS as much as I can.
  15. Not a fan of Class D amps, tried a few and souless with weird midrange and flat sounding, lacking dynamics. Unless they improve dramatically, I will stick to class A transistor and valves. The last class D I had (£3k amp) was ousted from my second system by a Bow Wazoo XL.
  16. When you get the speakers have a pre bakeoff rather then splash 3k on a volume control you are not sure of.
  17. I had one briefly, very unimpressed with it. The best 2 preamps I have owned are Esoteric C-03 and Gryphon Bel Canto with twin power supplies. The Gryphon drove me mad with twin volume controls and 24 steps. The active ATC need a pre with some life in it.
  18. Dealer margin is at least 40%. All that advertising doesn't come cheap too. I am not defending the Linn pricing, but the RRP on Linn stuff is stupid and most dealers will drop a lot to shift stuff. Owned 4 LP12s and wouldn't own another, owned two sets of MK1 Kans and 2 sets of Saras, actually hated the Saras except for when they were paired with a Exposure X. Sounded pretty shit with Naim 32/140. The Kans sounded OK with Naim 42/110 for a small odd sounding speaker. Never rated the Linn amps at all or the newer speakers.
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