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  1. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    Thanks Jazid Yes the S7 was earlier than the other two I mentioned. It had a lot of flexibility regarding gain and loading. The later S6 reduced the switching and the KSL even more so. There was an earlier SUT that actually had the loading options labelled for the cartridges available at the time. I have posted the quesxtion on another forum to see if i get a response.
  2. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    Ok.......has anybody compared the different Audionote/Kondo SUT. From the AN-S7 through to the KSL. What differences have they noticed
  3. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    I know that here is a wealth of information about Kondo kit amongst WAM member so I was wondering if you could share you experiences of the SUT's that Audio note Japan/Kondo made. In particular, the AN-S7c/AN-S7cz and the AN-S6c/AN-6cz. I assume that the difference between the c and the cz lies purely in the captive cables. and that the obvious differences between the 6 and the 7 is in their functionality. I am interested to know if there were any significant non obvious design differrences (apart from the function requirement) and more imortantly if people have been able to compare them with each other or with the Kondo KSL SUT Regards Peter
  4. It is so that the equipment can acquire the patina of irresponsible ownership Peter
  5. I suppose that it was inevitable that my Power conditioner would find its way on to the WAM as an object of curiosity. If you pop the hood you will find three humungous transformers and some caps, I think I bought it from Oxford Audio too many years ago. You sometimes see them for sale on Italian dealers sales sites; either similar to the one that I had or smaller versions as well as power cords.Just plug it in and see if it makes a difference. Either way you are unlikely to loose money on it.
  6. No No much more than that. You pay a premium for that aesthetic. Priceless
  7. Oh dear.....Irony is obviously lost on you. Typical Wammer
  8. It can't be any good; it's made in China, looks as if it came from a MOD surplus sale, too expensive to be good value and too cheap to be credible. Stay clear
  9. The last time I saw one of these was at Definitive Audio and not in as good a condition as this. Audio freaks had one for ages about five years age. Not as well known as their SUT but an amazing piece of kit according to those in the know. Yes I know; just because it is rare does not mean that it is good.
  10. Probably a bit over priced as Guildford audio sold one a few months back for £5K. You might want to look at as Brinkmann TT and TW do appear frequently on that site
  11. Richard The ad is priced for each one so makes it more that I want to pay and he will only sell a set of 4. So still looking
  12. Thanks Richard. Have e mailed him. very helful:)
  13. looking for set of 3 Ultra 5 Stillpoints Peter
  14. Hi Ian Do these have the latest Bass drivers? Peter