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  1. Ok, I took my remote apart, cleaned it thoroughly, and washed the plastic buttons with soap and water. It seems that most of the stickiness is gone! The remote also looks brand new.
  2. Mine is plastic as well, looks really cheap for such equipment. When my friend had a Modwright amp for a home demo it came with a metal remote and I would say that the metal one might be prone to the stickiness too. I don't have any dogs, will cats do the trick?
  3. Question to fellow Modwright users: do the buttons in your remote get stuck from time to time? I noticed that Vol Down and Vol Up buttons have had trouble bouncing back when pressed, sometimes this results in a change of source
  4. That’s right. I have a Chord Qutest which gels with the system nicely. I have my system in my work room, as I work from home, so the music can be on for 8 to 12 hours a day. I couldn’t live with fatiguing sound, so Dynaudio is the way to go
  5. Great speaker, I was thinking about buying it when it came out, but somehow I went with s/h Special 25. I have the new Special model on home demo right now.
  6. No wonder it sold so fast, it was an absolute bargain. I have had mine for two years and absolutely love the sound.
  7. I can't log in from Chrome, Opera and Safari. Right now only Firefox lets me in.
  8. AFAIR I read somewhere that although RC-995 has XLR outputs, its internal design is not balanced. Maybe the guy who wrote it was wrong, but I never bothered with XLR connections anyway. I had several Rotel power amps and preamps and found out that good preamp made the difference. RC-995 combined with RB991 produced very nice sound.
  9. Are there any Dynaudio users on the forum? I browsed the clubs section and could not find a topic on Dyns. I bought my first Dyns 10 years ago, DM 2/7. I have a smallish work room, so all my Dynaudios were standmounts. DMs were followed by Contour 1.3 mk2 (great speakers) and then Special 25. I also had Audience 52SE in the meantime. Every now and then I feel as if I have to chance something in my system, so I listened to many other standmount speakers, ATC, ProAcs, PMCs, recently had those tiny Boenicke on home demo, but just kept returning to Dynaudio.
  10. Don't bother with XLR, as RB-991 to RC-995 is not balanced anyway. I used to have this set-up, it was very punchy and dynamic. Great with Dynaudio.
  11. https://www.audio-deep.com/ seems to be the same sort of scam
  12. Is it only me or is the condensed view not working for Unread content? Since yesterday it has always been expanded. I checked with Firefox and Safari. Same thing with another Invision-based forum which I use. Is it the forum software bug/feature?
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