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  1. As above. Please PM me if you want to move one on. Thanks Neil
  2. also a pair posted for sale on hififorsale - based in chesterfield. I have no connection.
  3. yeah i did wonder if there was a mixing desk .
  4. I think this guy enjoys listening to music in bed - things have moved on from the bedside table radio/alarm clock jobby whe I was a lad. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tannoy-Buckingham-Pro-Speakers/143809559563?hash=item217bb7bc0b:g:2QAAAOSwNWhfmHt9
  5. I may be about to pull the trigger on a pair of passive Model 50/Jamaica spekers from NSMT - affiliated with Role Audio. Some B Stock prices are available if you ask NSMT direct (which they are ok with). Anybody had any experience with their speakers - there are some decent reviews?
  6. Sounds like it's time for you to move them on !
  7. The amp is the one being sold by "Brian S" on the Fish - 10% discount for Fishers
  8. HifiCollective and Definitive Audio are places to start as well as HiFishark for s/h interconnects. Others on here may have more ideas or may have some i/cs to sell. I have been using, amongst others, Acoustic Zen and Audio Note Lexus 42 Litz and the basic (yellow) Audio Note AN-A copper interconnects.
  9. NOW SOLD -thanks for all enquiries. Mods please move to the sold section if that is the correct protocol. Genuine Audio Note Kondo KSL-SPc speaker cable - 3 metre pair. "Eight cores of special designed OFC wires for smoothness in sound" Originally supplied by Definitive Audio with banana terminations. Original box. Excellent sounding speaker cable - well known on this and other forums. Purchased from a Wammer or member of one of the other forums (can't remember!) several years ago so nicely run in. Very good condition. Looking for £600 including postage to UK.
  10. This looks worth considering -for anybody in Newcastle area. Too far for me. See write up from a wammer from some years ago.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rrp-over-3-000-300b-valve-amp-made-by-Musicarch-class-A-SET-First-class/283975513826?hash=item421e4276e2:g:l8EAAOSwvvJfMp3D https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/76062-musicarch-300b-se-amplifier-review/
  11. Perhaps you should talk to Simon Robinson who makes Transcription Audio amps - including a 211 amp - incredibly well built in Britain and highly spec'd. https://transcriptionaudio.co.uk/
  12. volante

    300B Monoblocks

    Haven't tried them. Linked to Nobsound https://t3me.com/en/news/audio-news/nobsound-300b-monoblock-invest-in-your-passion/ https://www.doukaudio.com/nobsound-300b-monoblock-vacuum-tube-integrated-amplifiers-class-a-hifi-power-amp-p0141.html https://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B07KFYLYR2?reviewerType=all_reviews
  13. A great amp, with the better Hinchley transformers (according to the cognoscenti) - and a very good price considering the mods that have been made. GLWTS
  14. Couple of nice integrateds. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JADIS-i-50-Integrated-Valve-Amplifier/274355071395?hash=item3fe0d629a3:g:o30AAOSwdnherroW https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JADIS-D50-SIGNITURE-D50s-Pure-Class-A-Valve-Amplifier/143595367564?hash=item216ef36c8c:g:N7MAAOSwcSlerrsC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JADIS-ORCHESTRA-Valve-Tube-Amplifier-Superb-Sound-lovely-condition/254577788629?hash=item3b4604c6d5:g:zS4AAOSwVTpePboC https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JADIS-JPL-valve-preamp/254545329968?hash=item3b44157f30:g:hKgAAOSwVCJec5Uh
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unison-Research-S6-Valve-Tube-High-End-Audiophile-Integrated-Amplifier/223997620602?hash=item34274c717a:g:YfIAAOSwzhleT6mf Judging by the amount of protective acrylic he has around his gear in and on top of the piece of furniture, in the photo of the Opera speakers he is also selling, I would guess he has young children in the house!