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  1. Doing well my friend, how are you? Racked up my divorce count , girls getting big, and I've retired, going back in once I finish my it degree
  2. oh you bastard! you one upped me. i thought i was the first to bear the tidings. thanks for nothing pal
  3. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/lemmy-dead-motorhead/
  4. I know nowt about them mostly outdoor pics, lots of shooting at night (empty cities, abandoned places, etc)
  5. ok, so i decided to take the lead from these aesthetics and go for a vintage military stylee.. Ive just barely started. now im going to cut the fender, exhaust wrap the pipes, darkside the back tire, and get one of those old tractor style spring seats..oh and ape hangers. and new grips. i want a mixture of these looks.
  6. http://www.npr.org/2015/10/07/445261578/first-listen-josh-ritter-sermon-on-the-rocks
  7. the ryan adams taylor swift cover was up there.. and thats a good thing
  8. Yeah, I cleaned it up. took me a hell of a long time too. Napa didnt take the damn pan back either
  9. getting some more rarities uploaded fellers hang tite
  10. got started on mine. removed front fender. got airbox cover and lights painted...pipes well on the way
  11. hai guys maintenance/dechroming has begun. Lazy PO replaced exhaust studs with hex bolt (in one of them) my side oil strain plug is gaumed up with dead insects. oil changed now. the blacking out is nigh. and heres what NAPA sold me for an oil pan,. stupid bastards. oh yeah. and i sheared one of the studs myself trying to get the goddamn acorn nut off..front fender gone also. my truck as you can see is my "mobile garage"
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