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  1. Be nice to hear at owston lindsay ?
  2. Welcome to the real world Loudspeakers are usually full of compromises. Just when you want to build a no compromises speaker ? Boxes are about volume, not height or width.. depth is the least seen dimension in many rooms ?
  3. I did it too, there seemed to be a little vagueness to me though.. in my view all the very best amplifiers are low power and singled ended neither had a option. And nowhere to put comments Im into high efficiency cone and amt drivers I suppose those that don't understand the subject would plump my system into the horn speaker category, but they are far from it. Have done horns years ago, but no more. But nevertheless i was happy to complete it.. and am also happy to be seen as a grumpy old git.. Thanks Steve
  4. It's usually out there on the net.. a search usually come up with a few simple mods for just about any product.
  5. Look over on audio talk for info, there are usually quite a few skilled loudspeaker makers there, demo'ing all types of loudspeakers, and of course a few shop bought set ups,
  6. And I'm sure John will turn out a decent pair of loudspeakers for you, but your going to learn very little. Loudspeakers are seen as both a complicated and yet simple thing to do. And in my view, there's only one way to learn
  7. Your not too far from me, we have a diy meet at the end of the month near Doncaster on the audio talk forum, there will be quite a few diy loudspeakers being played. It's a very enlightening day. I make passive loudspeakers, but am very careful how the amps are made so they dont degrade the sound There are advantages both ways, but done well there should be little difference between active and passive
  8. My system ( high efficiency / low power amps is spoilt by a traditional pre amp, nick gorham even brought the top of the range music first pre round to mine ( Jonathan winds the txs and nick builds them ) Nick said mine was the first system where the pre had taken something away from the sound. It was quite a noticeable down grade Although I would agree that's not the normal effect a good pre amp has..
  9. About 6 or 7 years ago a well known hi fi journalist visited our audio talk meet, he came flying up to me after listening to a couple of tracks on my system and explained he'd just been to listen to linn's new flagship system in Scotland, he said it was way, way behind what he'd just heard. I do remember being impressed by a linn streamer a few years ago.
  10. You can contact John on the world designs forum where he's a regular contributor
  11. A fine example of how the reality of realitively limited bandwidth (40 hz to 8k) but the dynamics are way above what the average system is capable of reproducing accurately.. your ears being the judge without some very good measuring gear.
  12. As long as one is happy with their system, thats all that really matters. But if you listened to a pair of decent, sealed 15" bass drivers, you would more than likely hear the difference... I'm not saying you would like the difference though !
  13. My experence is that 'good' ported speakers give a thickened tone to the bass, most listeners don't recognise there is anything wrong. In fact it can sound better to some.. but sounding impressive in my view, does not make it accurate.
  14. Who said it was.. please try reading my posts before you comment
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