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  1. But what a system and room And passive crossovers on the 4 ways...
  2. You can build good speakers with good drivers, can easily build a bad speaker with good drivers, but it's a difficult thing to build a speaker that exceed what the driver is capable of. In support of that I have close to 60/70/ or more drivers that I've bought, tested and fitted into various speakers Theres a handful that I now consider good enough
  3. I don't think many hear the colouration, and in any case it's a small price to pay for the level of retrieval you get with most decent horn speakers, but with all speakers there does not seem to be many that actually get just about everything right. Even for new car money, or more ! I think realistic sounding high 'end speakers' are not about horns, but are about good drivers, it just happens that many horn speakers use good drivers. 'Affordable' really good drivers are the diy guys holy grail, you only have to look at diy audio links, which are full of unsubstantiated advice on what may or may not be good or a right bargain So once you identify your desired drivers, the pratical man has the advantage that with a couple of grands worth of investment, he may well produce something that could well equal or better some really high end gear. Theres a few guys on this site with alot of experience going by the start of this thread, and I'm also sure theres quite a few who would like to end up with speakers that are a little more exotic than most of today's boxes and wondering how to get on the ladder.. its threads like this that get both camps together
  4. Some interesting views on horn colouration. I went through a horny phase a few years ago, I loved them for the 1st few years, but after a while I started to hear the colouration as described in my link. Has any one heard (who recognises the colouration? ) heard a horn set up that doesn't distort in this way..
  5. I'm not going to argue that many speakers seem to easily upset the room, or the room seems to upset the speakers, but that seems to apply more to speakers that use crutches (tuga!) My diy speakers and my large collection of vintage speakers dont seem to care a jot about which room they are in, providing they are sensibly placed in said room.. maybe I have cloth lugs 🙂
  6. And how they look in my lounge, the sofa is not ideally positioned but hifi is about compromises
  7. Hi martin, I always think everybody has seen and heard them at the wam shows, I made these around 4 years ago now, they are amongst the smallest I have made in the last 20 years. These are my own design, theres an 18" bass driver, a 12" mid range, a beyma tpl 150 upper mids and treble and a fostex t900 adding a little at the top, the 12 &18 are in a ported/ H frame arrangement that seems to work very well.
  8. I think we all do to a point, my red speakers disguise the fact they have 18" bass drivers inside them.
  9. I've been to a few meets that lindsay has attended and know exactly where he is comming from. Totally agree.
  10. I know enough people with large open baffles, electrostatics, horn systems and a partner or wife...(including myself), to know that a good partner will share your interests and all that goes with that, and are in a similar position to your good self.
  11. My daughter would love my speakers actually rick, I think they are relatively small considering whats inside. They have the sort of drivers you would hope to see in a large 4 way horn system, but without the colouration many horns bring, you should get yourself out more to shows etc
  12. Yes and no, many of the driver used in these types of speakers are not terrific quality, but usually sound ok, my daughter has a pair of quite decent kefs that fit lindsays description. But then they still sound like toy speaker's next to mine. To me there are two aspects to loudspeaker sound, how accurate they are from a couple of hundred htz up, and below that, if the colouration/ distortion is in too greater amount, to get a reasonable bass output
  13. Maybe some are astonishing.. I remember attending a meet quite a few years ago and we all agreed a pair of kef loaded ipl transmission lines was adding far to much to the bassline. As ever, its not the topology, it's the implementation that's defines the quality
  14. When I 1st got into DIY speakers, I read that speaker efficiency is irrelevant to sound quality. But my experience has proved to me that efficiency is an important factor, although its no guarantee of good sound. My view is, a really high end sound is about big motors, motors that stop and start with little overhang and follow transients more accurately.
  15. I'm pretty skilled when it comes to tatty home brewed cabs I'd like you to know, I'd guess that counts me out?