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  1. I think you've got a word wrong ..... less accurate.. more similar..? Certainly my experience
  2. Arnt yammie ns1000s studio monitors.. I had those in the 90s So where lockwoods in the 60s/70s
  3. Synths and electronic music can sound good on many systems but I've never heard the air and realism of say plucked strings or the snare drum on a system that can reproduce them properly
  4. My experence is that some close miked, un messed with recordings can sound identical to live on my system. The same recordings tend to sound better on most systems so get dismissed I've seen eddy reader quite a few times, mostly solo/acoustic sets but the time I saw her from the 2nd row with her full band, she sounded very close to how she sounds in my room, same when I saw Leonard Cohen in leeds..
  5. I've owned quad 57s in the past, a nice sound but could not make a good enough amplifier without going push pull, which wasn't good enough for me. I've made a point of listening to all the more modern quad electrons since, again not quite there for me for a few reasons. I've been building speakers and amps for around 25 years, and have been listening to that 3d, room filling realistic sound for quite a few years, slowly improving on it over the last few years with better amps and drivers. Dynamics are important to me along with realism. For me that comes from a system able to reproduce all of the recording. and I've always found realistic dynamics are related to speaker efficiency.
  6. That's an interesting comment My experience is that if you have got equipment that reveals high levels of detail you can end up with quite a realistic, life like reproduction. hi fi that does not reveal as much as what is possible, is often highlighted by a rather sterile sound, but that's far from a perfect sound surely ?
  7. Its had to tell from the picture, but I'd guess there are screws holding the eyes on around outside, carefully undo them, if they are slotted screws use a good quality screwdriver, if you can get them all out, it should separate OK, but could well be stuck. I had a smaller tanoy factory speaker, but that had a small driver and a circular pressed steel horn, but yours is very different from that, is it heavy? If it is, it's a clue about whats inside it. If they are not screws, the front cover may just pull off.. But be carefull.
  8. I have a spare pair of very heavy, low stands, they are made from around 1/4 plate steel and I'd guess from the 70s, spikes, matt black finish, they look like atacama style with a squared u shaped upright, but are much heavier than the atacama stands I had when I had ns1000s Pm if your interested
  9. A photo of the insides may be helpful it could well be 40s or 50s in which case it may have a nice driver inside
  10. I agree with you, button me amplifiers are 2nd in line, but everything makes a difference But sources seem to make more differences with less revealing amplification and loudspeakers.. so I can understand differing opinions on the subject of what makes the most difference
  11. I would suggest if it's your 1st build to steer away from anything with a phonostage inside, a simple single stage valve or sold state should give you low distortion and accuracy, if you want highest quality, stay away from modern production valves, a stepped attenuator with good quality resitors or a well regarded carbon pot, grounding is important on a pre, hum can be a problem if your not careful. Buying good quality components is a good start and build in on a board to check it works and its good enough, before you buy or make a case for it, Also be aware how much gain you need, many pre's have too much gain, that's one reason why the America 01a valve is a popular choice down to its low gain, using quality a triode output valve is probably worth researching too, and its more than likely will improve sound quality
  12. I've been following this topic with wonderment I know people who can hear all sorts of resonances, peaks and dips, some that a very good at just some of those.. Then there are really skilled people can tell you why you may have those issues. Rather like tuning a guitar or a piano, most would use some kind of tuner nowadays, many just use their ears the old fashioned way Ask someone who used their ears, how its done, or if they have measured to check its right.. really .. it says quite alot about the person asking
  13. It didn't take long to get to the gutter with you lot 🙂 on a slightly more serious note it looks a good use for a couple of old satellite dishes
  14. steve 57

    Kit speakers

    Steve Cresswell designed these with help from Scott lyngren (Scottmoose) who has many full range and multi driver designes to his credit Both guys are local ish to me and come to my place 2 or 3 times a year ordinarily Good speakers.. Steve posts on here as Lord rockingham I've loads of drivers, but got a cheapy good sound combination with just a little Visaton frs8, together with some small mark audio chp 70 on a baffle ( headboard!) for my motor home, the chp70 are cheapo and I was not too impressed on their own, but running both fullrange sounds good, probably not too flat but they sound very well together. Both drivers in the mid size frugal horn would sound very well id guess. If I was starting out the frugal horn is a good starting place.