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  1. Nice drop of whisky there, I visited the distillery a couple of years ago i was impressed. closer to the humber there is a vineyard that produces some good wines too.
  2. Now that sounds interesting.. tell us more
  3. Audio talk forum (it's his forum) or you can pm me for his number, he's a busy fella.
  4. Thats a fair point, my speakers are 4 way with overlapping crossovers, the impedance of the overall loudspeaker is somewhat smoothed And as I say triodes are very tolerant of load impedance. The thing is, to reduce output impedance in amplifiers feedback is used, which then makes an amplifier that measures perfectly, ..but is affected by the loudspeaker used and the music its playing.. Thats the comprimise of push pull /high feed back amplifiers Just as single ended operation has its own compromises, but there is a greater chance of original music being reproduced accurately in my view with single ended operation. But I know we all have our own view on this subject
  5. It isn't so accurate ? My view is that damping factor is about the loudspeaker too, many high efficiency loudspeaker are self damped, and as long as the impedance is flatish, there should be no issues, triodes are pretty tolerant of impedance anyway I would say that a good single ended amp, matched with suitable high quality loudspeakers is likely to give the most accurate reproduction that any system can..
  6. I enjoyed it too, the guy certainly has plenty of disposable to achieve that, and I'm sure it is world class in many ways...
  7. I remember looking at these speakers in the 90s, unfortunately I couldn't afford them at the time, they where quite expensive.. I ended up making a few pairs of back loaded horns these being my final pair before moving on to open baffle snd horns
  8. No intention of.. but I could not resist commenting...
  9. You could be missing out if you rule out all cone speakers, I would not swap mine for maggies...
  10. Of course it's slightly better, I did my mates well used guitar amp over 10 years ago with wd40 and it still works perfectly. Wd 40 still gives good results, and it displaces moisture ... and most people already have a tin
  11. It's a dual ganged 1 meg pot, sometime pots can be restored with a spray of wd40 sprayed inside
  12. I'm still coming, I would think the Friday night too, it's a little confusing, I thought if I had not cancelled I would be classes as confirmed. I'm still not sure if i can can update the spreadsheet without adding me for a second time..
  13. The only times I hear sibilance is on vinyl not being reproduced correctly or due to some with other technical / equipment shortcoming.
  14. My daughter sings in loads of different venues, she sounds live in all of them, but sounds more her with no amplification, but the quality of the amplification makes her sound more ' her' too. Different amplification is the the thing that causes the biggest changes to the quality of what being heard in different venues but that varies with the venue... Having read the link on page one... and has been said earlier in the thread, the recordings are the recordings... you have what have. No replay system will make poor recordings into good ones, but in my experence there are many good systems that are not quite good enough to actually replay these poor recordings as good as what is possible... Of course everyone on here's system can reproduce every thing perfectly with the exception of very poorly recorded material. A mate of mine picks poor recordings to see how good a system is. It's amazing how good these supposedly poor recordings can sound on a really good system.
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