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  1. Hi - I have some RCA's but 15db at source end. Unused.
  2. Immaculate example and working perfectly only selling as I bought a 200 on here last week. These are selling for around £400 on eBay but I'm letting this one go for £340 inc carriage within the UK. It is unmarked - if there are any blemishes in the photos it's only dusty finger prints...
  3. Hi Tosh, think that will be above my budget but pm me details on price if possible, regards John
  4. Hi as the title says looking for a 200 or 250 - been using a Nap100 on my JBL Century reissues and feel they need a bit more grunt! Happy to buy outright or part ex my 100 which is pretty good but want to try a bigger boy!
  5. Hi - great can see pics now. do you still have packaging? Could you ship? Spendor buy up "names" from the industry and then relaunch the products... Garrard, SME, BASE... and so on...
  6. Not sure why but can't see a single photo of your kit. As Spendor have now relaunched this range at lower prices you need to promote as well as you can. If I could see the photos I might be interested...
  7. Stunning, absolutely stunning, good luck with the sale... if only I didn't have 2 turntables already....
  8. Hi I will take both if still available. Will PM you now, John
  9. One of, if not the most enjoyable pre amp I have ever owned!! Good luck with the sale....
  10. Well done! That's a pretty interesting looking arm, glwts!
  11. The original paint was an eggshell. Mine were refinished in a piano gloss, however since they were first done some splitting of the curved panel occurred.. so they have just been refinished again and are to be reassembled shortly.
  12. They are in my experience an easy load, from using with a modest Unitiqute2 to a Krell!! Have used them with many amps over the years and loved them with everything I have used. Yes they should have been resurrected.. an ex employee at Bowers told me that apparently B+W have only one pair in their museum which was an order that was never collected from the 70's.
  13. Depends how much effort you are prepared to invest in "vintage" kit. I bought my B+W DM70's as absolute basket cases 12 years ago and restored them to being possibly one of the best pairs in the world.. imo Bass drivers invariably need to have surrounds looked at and the electrostatic panels may need rebuilding but the sound is amazing. They don't sound 50 years old - in fact I would put them up against many modern designs. You can chase great sound at low budget or use the money you have to truly own a masterpiece. The white continentals are slightly more rare than these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bowers-and-Wilkins-DM-70-hybrid-electrostatic-speakers-B-W-DM70/164579040113?hash=item2651acdb71:g:kzUAAOSwrVRf4kiW
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