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  1. John Sorry I am a no show. Problems with my boat mooring and weather forecast to get worse so need to keep watching brief. Feel a complete wimp, I am only 5 miles away. Hope all of you have a great day, there will be more room on the settee after all
  2. I could bring my LS3/5a's if more speakers required. Alternative low efficiency end of spectrum to the Jantzens.
  3. Late to the party as ever, room for another ( slimmer if diet works }?
  4. Well I use a chromebook and have installed Linux on my windows machine, so fed up was I with it. I also had a macbook some years ago. I wouldn't recomend linux as it is still in it's infancy as a general platform. However I now use my chromebook for everything, full suite of google docs, sheets which can be exported and edited as window docs. I can edit pdf's, in fact do all the things I need to do. the OP stated I'm not a gamer (at all, ever) or a video editor, so probably don't need anything special in the way of a graphics card, but I do watch a lot of movies so a good quality display would be welcome. Using Lightroom on a low res display is painful at times (all of the time, in fact). Beyond that, it's all about web surfing, itunes, light office duties and suchlike. It depends on what you wish to do, surfing, office duties, watching DVD's no problem, light editing of photos no problem. The benefits are modest expense, long battery life, sleek appearance. The main problem is that you do need a wifi connection and that might ruke it out. Why spend a fortune on a car that does 150mph in a 70mph zone
  5. Far too dismissive. Chrome os uses most of the android apps, in this case Lightroom mobile and Photoshop express
  6. Get a chromebook, fast , instant wake, long battery life. Chrome os stable, doesn't require constant nannying like windows or constraints of apple. It's the future Example Acer chromebook 15 approx £200 similar appearance to mac air
  7. Jamie, really enjoyed your musings on BO etiquette. Reminds me of school days assembly with Ecclesiastes -a time to sit and a time to stand, a time to speak and a time to stay silent, perhaps also a time to eat and a time etc. Perhaps a similar approach might help post BO reflections. I am tempted to comment on the demise of the Linear Magnetic. We were sitting quietly waiting for the equipment to warm up when there was a sudden hiss and a white cloud of smoke appeared. Various experts sniffed the cloud to comment on the likely cause, finally a puddle of oil appeared to confirm a capacitor had gone north. Everyone seemed remarkably sanguine, apparently a standard event with valve kit. But for me it was a spectacular event. It seems insensitive to recall the episode, but it would be interesting to learn the final outcome. A time to say nothing and a time to ask how much did that cost.
  8. As one of the gutty buggers, perhaps with one of the larger guts, I can disclose John's secret recipe, the chips are from Lidl, fat heated to 180 centigrade, fried drained and flash fried at 200 centigrade, hence the triple cooked. Apologies John for disclosing your recipe passed down the generations. Correct me if I some of the details wrong. Sounds a bit another sort of BO. Another excellent BO, many thanks John. I attended the BO to hear a reprise of Paul Desmond's sax from Take Five through John's Quads. Last time it left me wondering if I could build a garden room at our house to accommodate the monsters, I wanted the same PD in my room. Having enjoyed that I spent most of the time in the playroom with Gergory Porter, Moloko and Jacques Loussier. Some really good sounds courtesy of Jessica's front end ( hope you don't mind that description Jessica} and Jamie's SACD through the Quintet. My LS3/5a's enjoyed the Quintet as did the PMC AB1s which sounded excellent. Finally left with some excellent chillies from the back garden Thanks John
  9. Brook That would be great, might try and bring sand filled stands if my back up to it David
  10. John Yes please if there is room. I can bring my LS3/5a's and Quad Vena II if that helps David
  11. Many thanks John for another excellent day. It was great to meet fellow enthusiasts and fellowess's, if such a word exists. Welcome Jessica,. Fortunately for everyone else there wasn't time for Jack and I to resume our shared enthusiasm for all things Karl Popper. As someone who has moved entirely to the digital domain, predominantly streaming from NAS and occasional cd, I was impressed with the master ( and mistress ) class of setting up the two competing turntables, head amps, phono amps, Hegel and WB Actors in room 2. However despite the problems with John's amps, the high light of the day for me were the recently acquired Quad 989's in John's system. Once moved away from the side walls and the toe -in increased, they started to produce a wonderful holographic image. No more so than with Brooks 45rpm version of Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond's saxophone was there in the room. Almost exactly in the spot occupied by "Legs Lurch" earlier for the fashion shoot. For me it was so good, I came home to plot how I might build a garden rooom to house couple of Quad 2905's to see me into my dotage. As befits my moniker, I have also to mention the back garden, excellent blackberries and range of exotic chinese vegetables pak choi and possibly okra. There is future thread on monikers, I suspect Jack (non smoking man) was a lifestyle statement, as is mine (saladisfun) when trying to lose weight. Struggling to interpret Robins (wizmax), either boys comic or possible moon shot Well done John, impatient for the next
  12. John I will bring LS3/5a and Quad Vena II. A modest amp but sounded excellent to my old ears and benefits from mm, coax, usb and btooth inputs. Can be slotted in if required. David
  13. John Just spotted this. Can you squeeze in another or put me on the subs bench. I can bring my new acquisition, a Quad Vena 2 amp and LS3/5a's. David
  14. Many thanks, What are the speakers with striated veneer? Remarkably civilised, I recall a previous event when the tide of equipment extended half way across the playroom.
  15. Where are the photos, if only of traditional underpants? I get back to chichester, having had to miss all the fun and not even an mp3 of John's happy birthday, let alone flac. Sounds like my vast size was well absent Belated birthday greetings John