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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303045701458
  2. Thanks so much for all your help folks. I am keeping hold of the Sugden for now and the Chord is on that there auction site this evening.
  3. Previous owner had it in totally different setup with same fault. From memory I think it was class D kit. I have tried other configurations, too. Should have been clearer re Chord, I’m not deliberately running it hot and it’s racked etc. but it does seem to have problems less often than previous owner (issue is identical though) and I just wonder if the Sugden being ‘underneath’ is contributing in some way. As I said, likely coincidental. Appreciate feedback on the Krell. I think low risk option would be to try Chord/Krell side by side with Sugden and see if the effect is tangible and preferable. Selling both for an integrated Sugden Masterclass IA-4 also looks feasible if a little harder to ‘try’? Other integrated or power amp suggestions appreciated.
  4. Issue is definitely intermittent (brief but 'weekly') and despite a lot of usage and sitting on the warm Sugden, it does not really change characteristically. I think I would benefit from a little more power based on current usage but sonically, to me, the Sugden is great.
  5. 1) Was sent to Chord by previous owner and they could not get it to reproduce. I have found it to be a 'weekly', brief occurrence that anecdotally appears to be helped by sitting on the warm Sugden. 2) Probably £1,000 + whatever I got from the Chord and Sugden 3) Yes, would consider
  6. Two reasons, 1) to try and get the Chord issue to be "permanent", no such luck despite >5 years of ownership. 2) Silent pots! Agreed, right now, the Chord is adding nothing sonically to the setup and my budget doesn't stretch to an equivalent Chord power amp. I have been looking at a Krell KSA 100 to partner the Chord, is this the kind of thing you were thinking? I'm not sure based on how good an all rounder the Sugden is, if the extra ~£1,000 will yield much.
  7. Hello folks, long time without a post but getting back into my setup and need to make decisions on amp(s). So looking for some advice. * Chord CPA 1800 - intermittent fault (very rarely happens, I’m happy to live with it) in one channel (bought from wammer this way). Chord unable to diagnose. * Sugden A21 AI - has a noisy volume pot, so needs some TLC (Sugden replaced for me 7/8 years ago) but works fine with Chord as pre. * Living Voice Avatars. * Sources are DAC, CD (neither XLR) and MM phono. Open to suggestions, that include: Keep one, both, neither, ‘new’ integrated or ‘new’ pre/power.
  8. Hi Pete, I'm thinking about the round trip from Manchester on the Sunday. Will let you know if I'm still going, drop me a PM if you're still looking for a lift in a week or so.
  9. Good to see other people doing the same thing, I've just sent away for quite a few of the same upgrades as you have. How significant a difference did the P5 motor make?
  10. Who's hi-fi rack, or living room wall for that matter is proportioned 7:3?
  11. peter312 wrote: I'll take inflation on luxury goods any day to avoid crippling deflation as Japan has had.
  12. Scarlet Pimpernel wrote: *sigh*
  13. I've got one of the new generation Mac Mini, it has been a dream to use. Just waiting for the DAC to hook it up to! Only problem I've had over the network involves my printer but that's another story! If you want to control your Mac over the network, install Vine server and have it run every time it starts up, then on a PC install VNC (the free version) and log in to your Mac over the network and you'll have complete control. That's what I was doing until recently because there was no screen hooked up to my system.
  14. darryla

    Macbook to BDac

    opusover21 wrote: Opus, you're a lifesaver, been wondering about Toslink and my Mac. I went in the Manchester Apple store this evening and asked about plugging my Mac Mini into my DAC with a Toslink and not one of them mentioned an adaptor, one said the Mac didn't do optical, even though it's written on the bloody box!
  15. Was wondering the same thing actually, they are on flea-bay pretty regularly
  16. I have the CD192 and the Sugden A21, have to say I really like the sound. The Arcam lacks a little oomph sometimes IMO but the Sugden sorts that out
  17. darryla

    Rega P2 or P3-24

    I have no experience with the P3-24 but from the point of the P2 and the rega cartridge I agree with Michael - well worth upgrading.
  18. Ian wrote: I am totally sympathetic, get a Mac though, its like a PC holiday!
  19. I'm looking to get into Mac/DAC territory. Got myself a Mac Mini, just doing a bit more looking on the DAC front. Then if I like the setup, I will 'bin' the Arcam CDP and kept the Mac/DAC and Rega and maybe get a transport if people wanna bring their music over but I don't want to plague my HD with it!?
  20. roll_with_it wrote: Always fancied this game - is it good online? What about COD 4? Anyone play this online? Havent got it yet but its on my must buy list Yeh, I really liked the single player but I think the online play is even better. COD4 is on the list of future purposes. Oh my tag is "darryladie" if anyone wants to add!