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  1. Still looking, or a second option for Marantz ST-63. Thanks for looking guys
  2. Amazing and iconic deck, one of the best ever made. Tom Fletcher, a true Bristish legend in all world!
  3. Audiolab 8000A and others still working perfect in my main setup. British audio golden times!
  4. No comments: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audiolab-8000A-BRITISH-Stereo-Integrated-Amplifier-B-SERIES/114699482734?epid=110918165&hash=item1ab49f366e:g:8b0AAOSwwlVgNUl2
  5. I tottaly forgot to give a good suggestion to our friend Fullrange, please have a quick look on following link, is one of the best tuners ever made, I got one as well but not for sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audiolab-8000T-AM-FM-Tuner/143997009512?hash=item2186e3fe68:g:qHoAAOSwPJ9gaH5i
  6. Well, I don't need Mcintosh for listening radio, in second hand market have a good range quality RDS tuners at affordable prices, not like that, but thanks anyway for the suggestion
  7. Me either I got one but, I'm looking for another one with RDS, old school
  8. Hi, Thanks for your sugestion, much apprecieted but Marantz in particular this model for that I'm looking for Cheers
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for Marantz ST-17 RDS Tuner in champagne or black, ideally from UK just because Brexit reasons charges. On ebay have a few but from Germany and Netherlands etc, overpriced, etc... Thanks for looking
  10. I mean, wammer spirit. Cheers and you are very welcome
  11. All tips are very good to help our friend, this is a true wammer spirit 😀 But please don’t do nothing if you are not feel confortable to do that, call or send an email to Wilmslow Audio, are a great guys and can help you as well. cheers
  12. Very interesting thread guys, is very good make debates about old and superb british audio stuff, well never ends Polycarbonate cones are replaced by kevlar, why? I don't know, maybe it's cheaper. Take a quick look about the new Castle era, only 3 models are available from IAG, all looking good, but sonically I dont' know...Comparing with the past all models now are substantially cheaper... https://castle.uk.com/ As in my previous post and sugestions, the best option is buy a proper and old Castle, is a right shot for any music lover Cheers P.S.: Six nations
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