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  1. Hi all wam comunity, Very important notice from our moderator Rabski, and I confirm absolutely that he said on the post. I remember a couple years ago, 2018, not sure, but i had already warned about the scam problem on here, I received a few pm messages from somebody based on USA sayin that have that what I'm looking for, pure scam i warned and I make a few coments here about what's happend with me, no one took me seriously unfortunately, and one member call me a few names, but no worries, we all know that scam and fraud like rats and mice is a big problem here in all across the country. Cheers guys and stay alert if possible.
  2. Suspended sale! Thank you for looking guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yes, indeed. Thank you Hopefully I can sell it quickly
  4. Hi everyone I have to sell my lovely Sound Organisation Hi Fi Stand/Rack, Z560 model, these are really great stands, I no longer need this one due to unspected moving. Really solid, all steel construction frame with glass shelves. All the shelves are fully adjustable, in terms of height. A bit dust but no worries it will be very clean £75 Can be collect on South East London Thanks for looking
  5. Absolutamente right. I can’t afford more £100 or so for a speed changer, don’t make any sense pay £200 or more, just for one click - 33/45RPM. I prefer Technically the “ earlier “ TT PSU, I had one in the past, is very very good, for any reason was sold on eBay auction very quickly. Edwards Audio have a very good speed changer but is overpriced, anyway... Cheers
  6. Still available, ideally collect on person. Many Thanks
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