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  1. Do I need a second one?! Err, resist! GLWTS.
  2. Sweet Baby James - James Taylor LP from The Warner Bros Albums 1970-1976 boxset
  3. Neoteck - cheap and accurate.
  4. It looks as though I've joined the club, having bought Nigel's (TheFlash) A21a. I'm interested to see how it performs as a Class A delivering to my Tannoy Prestige Turnberrys - exciting times.
  5. Go on then, I'll take this. PMed to talk postage.
  6. Phono stages, turntables, tonearms, cartridges, speakers.....I'm due a massive mistake soon, which I'll add to the relevant thread!
  7. I thought the line level was the phono, and the left set of inputs are labelled phono?
  8. I've ordered a spare tank top - thank you very much for flagging it because they'll sell out quite quickly I'd expect.
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