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  1. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Global-a-go-go (Vinyl)
  2. Led Zep 1 received. David's grading is extremely fair and possibly a little harsh on his superb care of the record. This could be brand new. I'll have to wait until I unwrap it at Christmas now!
  3. I'm using a Chord Mojo as an external DAC for my Node 2i. It works well for me.
  4. You could do a lot worse than looking at the Audiomods Series of arms.
  5. I heard him use the pronunciation BO Boy once - that can't be right!
  6. Can I confirm what bit of kit you are using this on? One of my Croft power amps has a transformer buzz and the other is not silent. Could I split the output of the gizmo?
  7. If SME made play parks...
  8. Boom bang a bargain - gateway drug into the fulfilling path that is Croft!
  9. How do you manage to buy anything, ever? Whether it's fruit, meat, nails, batteries, EVs, laptops....it'll come from someone somewhere who has questionable morals, business practises or politics.
  10. I've not been very active on the bumping - as always though, offers will be listened to because I can't get to the records filed under I or N (in my study where the speakers are stored); someone allow me to listen to Nilsson and Janis Ian again!!
  11. Patience is a virtue, whenever you get a chance
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