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  1. I walked down to the shop doing a bit of investigation on these, got back and .....gone! Well done with the sale!
  2. myles


    Same, two of them had MoFi inners too! Cheers Greg
  3. This is pretty much what I go with - but with a drip of dishwasher fluid.
  4. I have one here doing nothing if you are interested. It'll be a lot cheaper than my VPI was; PM me if you are interested. Edit: that's to the PM, not you Lazycat!
  5. I know what you mean! Fucking know it alls infest this hobby.
  6. myles


    Doors, Vampire Weekend, Pixies (Surfer Rosa) please - please PM me a price and your details please
  7. Watch your compliance fig - it's quoted at 100hz so roughly 17-18 @10hz. If you are using it to whittle down the arm list it will make a difference.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The arm tubes go up from 6-8-14 g and I think, from my calculations, that I may be in the target range on both cartridges with the red 6g arm - however, numbers aren't everything and brass fixings are a really good way to add some mass. I haven't seen any arm tubes for sale anywhere! FAO @Non-Smoking Man I don't plan to use the fingerlift that often!
  9. Cheers Jack, to bookend this one the arm tube is red (6g). The only wrinkle that might divide opinion is I intend to fit it to an LP12 - it will be well isolated!
  10. Hi Jack, without wanting to hijack the OPs thread I am about to fit a Morch unipivot with quite low mass and I want to fit either of my carts (AT33PTG/II or Hana SL). It seems like you may have the inside line - I've done the resonance calculations and bots seem to come in between 9-11 Hz, what's your opinion? Cheers Myles
  11. Having packed my records I now realise there are closer to 1100. Packing and transporting 1000 of them was emotional.
  12. Everyone has to have someone to look down on, I'm breaking my neck and ruining my eyesight looking that far down!
  13. Exeter - he probably wants to shut up shop to get back to the loving arms of his sister.