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  1. My XTZ integrated got pretty hot too, I ensured I had a good 10" between it and the next shelf up on the rack.
  2. And I have moments of fighting between McQueen, Langley and Jordan. It depends on which day of the week it is and the position of Jupiter ascending. It comes back to McQueen though, every time.
  3. Paddy McAloon's songwriting genius doesn't hit you the first time....sometimes not even the second time. But it will if you give it a chance.
  4. I mean the list was meant to be the greatest albums ever, genre defining etc etc. However, no-one, including me, could resist making it our own list of favourites!
  5. I might have sussed it. I was looking at CA drivers because it appears USB 2 allows 24/96; i have downloaded it. I checked settings and the CXN is set to usb 1 so I changed that and I'm waiting on the battery on my laptop charging until I have my hopes dashed!
  6. Streaming from Tidal allows me 16/44 (?) FLAC across the board and radio stations are whatever they are. Connecting via USB just displays 48k PCM. My sound cards are not adjustable so it seems, the AMD HD soundcard only outputs through the HDMI port. Why oh why is it not plug and play?
  7. Cripes! I'll have to get the knife and fork out and get stuck in.
  8. Don't worry, I didn't take it as a dig. I didn't really rate it once upon a time. The thing with lists like this is they end up being all things to all men.
  9. CXN V1 question for the knowledgeable; I was using Tidal through my phone which was limiting the bit rate. 44.1Khz maybe. I've connected my laptop through the USB input and am using Tidal through that; whatever I play it tells me the bitrate is 48KHz PCM. Now I'm sure this isn't as 'good' as it can be - does anyone know how to release the beast? Cheers
  10. No worries, good on you for trying. You must be aware that these lists are purely personal, as are music preferences?
  11. Yeah but to be allowed to try and buy it you have to join up and talk to people on there first!
  12. Patsy Kensit's fame vehicle in the 80s. I'm already noting some leftfield suggestions for my list.
  13. This thread could be gold dust for people (like me) who are looking to branch out.
  14. Remember if the Beatles get another vote they'll have 50% more than the Sprouts. The magic of a small sample.