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  1. The question you have to ask yourself is, is Fernandes not up for performing in the big games or not up for performing against the big teams? When your most talented player has a question mark over his grit then you have to fear playing a team like Villarreal who are no mugs and will step up to the big occasion - and will put themselves about. Teams like them are cute with the naughty stuff whereas MacTominay (who I rate) and Fred (who I definitely don't!) don't have the cute in them. One of them might very well walk during the game, if the opponents pull the strings in the right way.
  2. This is the same with my Simaudio Moon phono stage, jumpers that you need to do a little work on to get to. It sounds good so is worth the extra 5-10 minutes.
  3. I must admit I though he'd move on but he has reinvigorated that team after they seemed to drop off. All this while Sterling has been well off the pace. As an aside, we should be building the next six international competitions around Foden. He is head and shoulders the most exciting player for two decades - such maturity too. Fantastic.
  4. He's in very great danger of dominating the Prem.
  5. You told me - I bought into it and I'm glad I did. I've had AT33PTG/II, Hana SL and now this Shure MM and the arm has allowed each of them to perform to their highest ability.
  6. So I fitted a Shure M97XE with Jico SAS stylus yesterday. It's the first time in a few years that I've used an MM cartridge - that was a Jico SAS stylus too. This has really surprised me; I remember the last one being mind-blowing but that was before I got into the MC rabbit hole - this is fantastic! It looks like it's on the skew, it's not!
  7. No; my confusion. My Quadraspire shelf had six fixing holes on the wall plate. I had a quite heavy Nottingham Analogue TT sat on it which gave me anxious moments thinking about it falling off. It never did and I soon forgot about it. I reckon I could have sat upon it with those anchor bolts into brick.
  8. I presume you are fitting the full six? Unless your turntable is built on a Sherman tank plinth then I think you'll be ok.
  9. Predictably though, you did say it.
  10. My arm is worth about 2/3 of my turntable, cartridge about 1/3 of my turntable and my phono stage cost about 1/4 of my turntable (but I think it's worth about 1/2 to 2/3 of my turntable).
  11. myles

    Refoaming speakers

    Tell you who helped me out many years ago - Cartman on PFM. He refoamed my JPW AP3s and did a fantastic job too.
  12. Brilliant news - hope you weren't too short changed.
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