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  1. Boom bang a bargain - gateway drug into the fulfilling path that is Croft!
  2. How do you manage to buy anything, ever? Whether it's fruit, meat, nails, batteries, EVs, laptops....it'll come from someone somewhere who has questionable morals, business practises or politics.
  3. I've not been very active on the bumping - as always though, offers will be listened to because I can't get to the records filed under I or N (in my study where the speakers are stored); someone allow me to listen to Nilsson and Janis Ian again!!
  4. Patience is a virtue, whenever you get a chance
  5. I'm after a couple of 5751, JJ gold pin would be nice. What do you have? Cheers, Myles
  6. Yeah, I'm getting the same - large ad that takes up 2/3 of the phone screen. Is this intentional?
  7. Quite coincidentally I - well, my father in law - is making stands for my Turnberrys. They'll be effectively a 7" raise from the normal height, and will consist of a heavy timber foot which the spiked speakers will be placed onto (using the Quadraspire QX7 spike cups). It'll have a three sided fascia that will slide on over the front when the speakers are aligned etc. This will be stained to match the speakers. It's not going to be up to G-Plan standards but it'll look ok. I might even rout the front to reflect the decoration on the speakers
  8. Her her, he said wood!
  9. Selling my lovely Frugelhorn XL with Mark Audio MAOP 11 Drivers. These are only going because I've just bought my 'forever' speakers. They disappear when the music starts and present an amazing 3D soundstage, almost holographic. The drivers, MAOP 11, retail at £720 alone - the premium choice for this setup - and the cabinets have been built by KJF Audio and finished in off white eggshell. I'd be looking for £550 for these please. Collection from Plymouth, but I could run them up the road a bit for petrol money (negotiable).
  10. All good here Shaun, she did tell me they are twice the size of any other speaker we've had - not a bad thing! The F bomb was dropped also.
  11. I've never had anything but great experiences when buying and selling. For example Shaun tells me as we are loading the speakers in the back of my car "no rush for payment,I know where you live", right there is trust and respect in action.
  12. The thing my TV is on? Next of all places. It'll be redundant next month if you were interested - it's a heavy old thing
  13. We started with "shall we mount the TV on the wall" and got to hifi has its own area, speaker cable runs in walls and come out on outlets behind speakers, media wall being built next month (the taped area is roughly where the TV is going to go and the grey patch is the colour the false breast will be. There is no skirting on the back wall until that's built, but to complicate matters we have fitted and painted new skirting too! From tiny acorns and all that....
  14. I had those Frugelhorns from Steve down this way - excellent things but I can't help but tinker. She is provisionally ok with them mate
  15. That's to Shaun's credit - he looked after them for a number of years.
  16. The straightest back in the western world. The only issue is I have to remain stood beside them whenever we are both in the front room to maintain the illusion
  17. Not home until tonight - as you know, we gave adequate time for feedback and provided fresh pictures. Unfortunately that window has now passed.
  18. On a whim, I travelled up to Exeter to get a free brew and listen to @kernowShaun's Turnberry HE. I had no intention of buying them ......next thing, I'm sweaty and they are in my front room. Jedi mind tricks were being used, I'm sure...
  19. Cheers Shaun, I'm just sitting here enjoying the Tannoy house sound as I type
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