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  1. I thought the line level was the phono, and the left set of inputs are labelled phono?
  2. I've ordered a spare tank top - thank you very much for flagging it because they'll sell out quite quickly I'd expect.
  3. I think the lists are the same. For example if you send a cartridge back to Audio Technica they'll look at it then offer you discount off another, or perhaps a replacement. They don't repair the actual cart, as I understand it. This is likely the same for the majority of manufacturers.
  4. I'll answer my own question - it appears Goldring and VdH do from what I can see. Unless I'm missing something, there are more than a few missing there.
  5. Which original manufacturers do retips these days?
  6. I sent a DL103R to Russia to have it removed from its body and mounted on a heavier base, new diamond etc. Effectively a new and different cartridge that I expected to sound different - and it did. I would not expect a repaired/refurbished cartridge to sound much like the original.
  7. There is the option to add more players in the BluOS controller (see below), so I can't see why not.
  8. Ah but did they have price tickets on?
  9. POA makes me go elsewhere - same with cars.
  10. It seems to me that RA have ridden the wave of criticism and have undeservedly come out the other side - only in hifi eh?
  11. The Cambridge DAC must be head and shoulders above - the Node is much better with an external DAC in my experience. A streamer is a streamer (did I actually say that!) but the user interface is much better on the Node than the Cambridge streamers. You pays your money......
  12. If it has been bought here then I think you mean UKCA.
  13. This one looks to be the MC version. GLWTS.
  14. That just isn't true. Every single hip-hop and rap track from the 80s sampled numerous 60s/70s/80s soul/r&b/blues/jazz tracks; many of which were relatively unknown. Sampling was never as heavily implemented as it was in the 80s & 90s.
  15. Hi Dom, This is a 40 year old phenomenon. I must say I wouldn't have discovered a lot of music without investigating the samples of groups like Public Enemy. This is an interesting site if you want to follow me down the rabbit hole: https://www.whosampled.com/
  16. De Bruyne had his arm grabbed on a counter earlier in the game, somehow it took his legs from under him.
  17. myles

    £500 MC carts

    SNVinyl and Scott Nangle have the alarming knack of not holding stock, not telling anyone he doesn't hold the stock then not communicating or refunding without a fight. Please avoid and if you need any further evidence then see PFM and Steve Hoffman forums for other dissatisfied customers.
  18. myles

    £500 MC carts

    Even more expensive when you factor in that you'll never receive it.
  19. As I've always said, 'separate the person from the music'.
  20. My records are hidden in my spare room. I'm not doing this showing off thing right, am I?
  21. myles


    Unsurprisingly a gentleman once again. Nice one Ian. Re. buying and selling on here, we are a trusting lot and 99% of sales go smoothly with mutual trust in payment up front, honest descriptions etc. Long may it last.
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