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  1. I would recommend Me'shell N'Degeocello. She straddles jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop with aplomb. 'Cookie, the Anthropological Mix-Tape' is a good introduction if you are a fan of hip-hop. if you want more soul-jazz from her then my recommendation would be Peace Beyond Passion but, to be frank, every single album of hers is 'up there', in my opinion. Her tribute to Nina Simone is just gorgeous too.
  2. I can't remember but it was something that I read and then it was continuously supported by those who had tried it. Worth a go, I thought.
  3. I have been told that Vic Vapour Rub is great for killing fungal infections by rubbing it into the affected area a couple of times a day. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. I listened to the Forte at Cranage and really liked what it did. Having owned a number of vintage JBL speakers, and hearing what some thread commenters said about JBL, I can only conclude that many offer opinions on hearsay, rather than actually listening to and hearing the speakers in question; the JBLs are one of the most enjoyable speakers, across a range of material, that I have owned. I have some sympathy with the measurement argument and I would question the merits of a speaker that measured 'badly'. I am continually reminded, however, that the brain doesn't interpret measurements and in the same way as my brain tells me that kidney is vile, others love it. I remember hearing a valve DAC, £7k worth, from a manufacturer of some repute and I thought it was poor, really poor. Others sat with me enjoyed it, some a great deal, and though the general consensus was that the competing solid state design was superior, I simply didn't interpret the valve DAC's sound in the same way that others did; you have to trust your ears and, probably, use measurements as a short-listing tool, if you're that way inclined.
  5. The legislation on dangerous dogs was a knee jerk response to media led fervour and had no basis in the reality of the UK dog population or ownership. I am a dog lover and volunteered for some time at a rescue centre and, in my opinion, the RSPCA is correct to raise the issue: there is no pattern whatsoever to the aggressiveness of dogs; there is a pattern in the aggressiveness of dogs and the encouragement of such behaviours by owners. I have met Japanese Tosa and Dogo Argentinos while working abroad and they have been beautifully behaved. I have never come across a Fila Brasiliero. The legislation is completely unworkable when it comes to bull breeds as there are so many varieties, including cross breeds, that it can never be managed with any success. In fact, in terms of the breed that is currently the UK's most 'dangerous', the Labrador is responsible for the highest number of canine attack personal injury claims, according to research by pet insurers. What surprises me about the thread is the statement that 'the RSPCA wish to see nasty, aggressive dogs roaming the streets' when that is clearly not true. What the RSPCA are saying is that those breeds are not intrinsically aggressive so the legislation needs to be re-examined, which seems perfectly reasonable. One area that the RSPCA should be mindful of is the importation of puppies from across the globe and the lack of health management of those puppies, in many cases. There is also a growing demand for 'flock protection' breeds such as the Caucasian Shepherd dog and the Central Asian Shepherd. Both are extremely large, powerful and dominant breeds that need proper training from an early age.
  6. I had a pair of NS1000M and sold them to a friend. I immediately regretted it and bought another pair, though NS1000, realising that they are my lifetime speaker.
  7. My earliest loves in music were really from the early 80s. I was hooked on Yazoo and the Human League, with electronic pop dominating the UK charts. I shifted into a love of The Smiths and Elvis Costello by the mid 80's when I was about 16-17. This was also the peak of my early ventures in to Hifi and my love of clubbing, leading me towards soul and funk. The music always led me, and much of what I listened to was fairly poorly recorded but just wonderful music. As I discovered civil rights era soul, I meandered into jazz of the period and wow, how good did it sound on a decent system. As the system developed, so did my love of it and now it is a mainstay of my listening pleasure, along with the deep funk and soul that I always coveted. How has your interest in hifi influenced your listening habits?
  8. oldius

    Jumpers vs biwire

    In my opinion, bi-wiring gives no benefit but is expensive.
  9. I use mine with a set of Cliff Stone Foundation stands. They're 30cm which is just the right height for mine compared to the listening position. Very rare stands but bloody high quality.
  10. Bump Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. These excellent speakers are still for sale at £300.* For more information, here is a review from their launch and some improved photographs. They are a solidly built, well balanced, standmount with superb extension. They were launched at £1,000 in 1997 and sound every inch of that, in my opinion. At this price, utterly amazing value, but I have decided on my lifetime speaker and everything else I have will be sold. https://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_4_3/celestiona1.html
  12. SOLD in a flawless transaction with Paul. Thanks and I hope your son enjoys them. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk