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  1. I much prefer JBL to Tannoy and have owned L90, 4312B and L96, all of which I enjoyed a great deal.
  2. I still use the Squeezebox Touch. I have tried others but could not discern a difference into my DAC. I have not tried different power supplies with the SBT but they are sometimes recommended.
  3. Another very dubious decision in United's favour.
  4. Delighted with the win against a strong Leicester team who have caused us difficulties in the past. We controlled the game, despite an unusual selection from Pep, and had some excellent performances - Gabby and KDB, notably. We have a lot of demanding fixtures coming that, as always, will dictate how the season is viewed. Trying to win the next game seems like the right stance to me.
  5. I understand your point and I know that others have felt the same way. You just have to make the choice that is right for you and I am sure that you are delighted that we have a show, regardless.
  6. My experience of Scalford and Kegworth is that it remains one of the best hifi days out in the year, if not THE best. It has always relied on the goodwill of exhibitors and always will: taking thousands of pounds of heavy gear, often hundreds of miles away, to then put it all together and then do the same in reverse is a big ask. I have been an exhibitor several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would be staying in a hotel anyway so I don't mind paying for it. Times have also changed and nobody will be giving anything away other than their time, smiles, handshakes and joy at sharing music tha
  7. His blog was totally inappropriate. Commenting on the personal appearance of pupils and broadcasting it is totally unprofessional and would be frowned upon if one pupil did it to another. He has received what he deserved.
  8. I am very pleased with the Everton win: they're a strong outfit who set out to stifle the game. Pep's substitutions were very timely and won the game. Foden, Zinchenko, Dias, Fernandinho and Laporte were all top drawer.
  9. Two weeks in and she really is a lovely, little dog. She has learnt to walk on the lead and follows 'wait' and 'go'. She is well and truly accepting of our routine: up, breakfast, walk, sleep, walk, sleep, dinner and couch cuddles. The sleep is when I work with the two dogs by my side. She is frightened of the lead so off-lead time is very limited because she runs away from having it put back on. Here's yesterday's music session - pretty much the first for a fortnight:
  10. oldius

    LP Gear

    They are pretty rare and are really excellent.
  11. oldius

    LP Gear

    I should have said that they also carry a huge range of analogue accessories too, and more.
  12. oldius

    LP Gear

    I recently bought a new stylus for my ADC ZLM cartridge. The cartridge is an icon of hifi really and I was always dubious about replacing the stylus with a non-original as the stylus was known to be extremely high quality with outstanding specification. I had previously used an American company - LPGear, and had a look to see what they had and took a punt on their replacement ZLM stylus and I am telling you that it is an absolute bargain and sounds superb. If you need a replacement stylus for a vintage cartridge, this company are spot on with speedy delivery, great prices and quality pro
  13. Nearly two weeks in and Bess's physical and mental development is moving at pace. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. This is Blue - 30kg of muscle and cuddle. We rescued her 18 months ago and she is just 2 years old. Breed - we are not certain but she's like a bloody big staffie. The vet registered her as an American bulldog .Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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