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  1. Many thanks, I will look at the support pages; Richer have been very helpful too. I know that these are just teething troubles; I have been using a Squeezebox Touch for ore than a decade and I am inexperienced with computer audio really. My music files are FLAC. They are stored in a folder on my pc and the file path is: This Pc>Music>Music. In that folder are folders for artists and then albums. As far as I know, art is embedded in the metadata for each track. I do have a back up hard drive so I am aware that I could plug that in.
  2. I have done that and been able to play a track. I am not sure that I have done it correctly as I don't have any images on screen and StreamMagic is not showing any artists or tracks, just an address of my drive. The only way I can play something is via the player rather than the app. Any help gratefully received.
  3. Received and unpacked - very impressive packaging and build. I'd be grateful for some advice on getting it to see my music library which is held on a Windows laptop. At the moment, the Cambridge is unable to see it. Both are connected to the same network.
  4. I am pleased to say that my power chords are finest kettle.
  5. Good lord, Lurch, you got it bad!
  6. The 851 should arrive today so I will be setting it up and doing lots of comparisons over the weekend, and beyond. The first test will be current system (streamer into DAC), for both the SBT and the 851. Then I will do current system (sbt/DAC) Vs Cambridge 851 as an integrated unit. Same music, same cables, same amp, same speakers, same ears, same volume. To anyone normal, this is deep geek territory. I will even be using the same power chords for those who venture in to deep, deep geekdom.
  7. Title edited just for you![emoji6] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. Hi Josh, thanks for your kind words. The L96 is an excellent speaker and I still use my Lentek amplifier. I cannot answer some of your questions but one thing I did notice was that the reincarnations were quite a lot lighter than the originals, suggesting a bit of cost cutting in the cabinet design.
  9. I am always interested in exploring new music so, now we are two years in, what is your favourite album released since January 2020? Mine is probably:
  10. Don't you be going all Klassik on us!
  11. There's no confusion. I just took it that you had heard both and thought the 851n was better than the Node, pimped or not, with or without the same external DAC connected. Flash then, rightly, asked if you had used both, side by side, into the same DAC and used them as streamers only. I took it from your previous posts that you had and you preferred the Cambridge. Regardless, I have contacted Richer who will price match the refurbed price and will refund in fourteen days if I am not happy with the product, so I am going to try an 851.
  12. Richer will price match the 'refurbed' Cambridge price and offer the advantage of the refundable 6 year warranty too.
  13. I don't know. I wouldn't do it with no buying intention anyway as it isn't fair - I will buy a product from them.
  14. They have a fourteen day returns policy on purchases.
  15. Thanks all. I have now contacted Richer with a view to listening to some of the Cambridge stuff which seems more up my 'fit and forget' alley.
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