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  1. A beautiful looking system, for sure.
  2. I really like my friend's Wilson Benesch but he matches them really well. I do prefer them to Harbeth and SF but that is simply about personal taste. Sometimes it takes living with something to make you realise the sound that is really for you.
  3. What was the f*** me moment? The time when a piece of equipment made you sit up and realise that this was something that you had to have; that it made such a difference to your system that nothing else had made. I have two, one in my system and one in a friend's and funnily enough, both with amplifiers. The first, in my own, and a move from a Rega Brio to a Rega Elicit amplifier. What a shock that was and I still remember hearing the kick drum on 'Killing in the Name' for the first time when that amp completely gripped the Castle Avons I had, in a way that the Brio could not. It's a shame the only photo I could find of it was when I sold it! The next was taking my Lentek amplifier for my mate, RSand, to try in his system. The difference it made was enormous. Simply the largest single difference I have heard, speakers apart. He had Quad amps at the time but also had a modern Art valve amp and an Ayre phono stage, together a £9k investment. He sold the lot and bought a Lentek.
  4. Everybody loves the sunshine. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. No, that house was near Princes Park in Liverpool . You may well have been to one of my bakeoffs at they were thirty strong! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. oldius

    New headphones

    I use Beyer DT150 in preference to a number of 'high end' phones I have tried. I think I'm done where cans are concerned.
  7. Many people do not believe that cables make a difference while other really do. You can only report your own experience.
  8. Burns are so unbelievably painful. I can only imagine the horror of being victim of serious burns in a house fire or some other accident. I do feel your pain. A couple of years ago I reached into the oven and grabbed a pan lid, with no protection; I must have been thinking of something else at the time but f*** me, the pain was utterly searing.
  9. Is it only me that thought I should respond, started to think, and couldn't remember? It's a great thread because some of the least 'together' systems I have heard were very, very expensive. WAM systems have often been put together for far less but when I think of the new price, I am not sure. A great example is RSand's Dais, Nakamichi CA7/PA7 and Wilson Benesch Actors (I think). The Pass equivalent to his amps is £52k (Pass designed the Naks) so though it sounds great, in a room to do it justice, I'm not sure if it fits the thread profile. Recent systems I've heard that I was impressed by include the Buchardt system at Cranage. I also really liked an all Leema system I heard - CD player, Tucana and Xavier speakers. It also makes me realise that my current system cost me under £3k, so the value is monumentally in used gear.
  10. Indeed it is. It is a brilliant amplifier. If I was to keep one, it would probably be the Denon, but the Lentek, with the right speakers, is truly top drawer. The Denon is less fussy, drives anything and sounds great doing it. The Lentek possibly capable of higher fidelity but is trickier to match. Kef Reference 104.2 were a simply wonderful pairing.
  11. I think a meatier stand would do the trick, perhaps.
  12. Yes. The guy I bought mine from had bought them as his dream speaker and placed them in his one bedroomed flat in Stoke. After 20 minutes, the neighbours were complaining so much that he realised he couldn't keep them. I made the same decision when I downsized my house. I knew that the 801 just wouldn't work and I wasn't going to punish myself by moving them with me. My room is very different, as are my speakers, but I am just as happy with it.
  13. The only full Naim system I heard at Scalford, which was really nice, had NEAT speakers on the end of it; Ultimatums I guess.
  14. Damn, this was going to be another thread of mine next week! Nice one!