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  1. Great album, this. The first one was quite good too, but this is better.
  2. William Orbit - Pieces in a Modern Style
  3. Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (2009 Remaster)
  4. Thanks, Ray. Will check it out later on today
  5. Gaudi & Grouch - Future Relic Darker stuff than the usual Gaudi fare, but not bad at all
  6. I'm not going to argue with that However, the first two albums are truly good by any standards.
  7. One of their better efforts. Seemed to go downhill from there IMO
  8. Rush - Moving Pictures My favorite Rush album, by far. Well, "Exit... Stage Left" is up there with it too. That is a masterpiece allright.
  9. William Orbit - Strange Cargo 2 As per Steve's yesterday post. My first contact with this artist. Quite interesting, I'll give it a few more spins in the coming days
  10. Loopa Scava meets Cayetano - Up And Down I quite like this album. The other three Cayetano albums up to 2010 are nice too. His 5th album, Once Sometime (2012), put me off and I didn't follow him since
  11. Depeche Mode - 101 Great album. Too bad the film is crap. It should've been and it easily could have been impressive, but they chose to make an absolute mess of it SMH
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