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  1. Run DMC - Raising Hell Always great fun to listen to
  2. Robin S - Show Me Love I'm not a big fan of '90s pop, but this is not too shabby
  3. Balkan Beat Box - Balkan Beat Box This is some gipsy and Bulgarian influenced electro music. A bit unusual, especially considering a couple of guys in the group look like they're Israelis and they record their stuff in the US. It does sound good, however. Do give them a try, I think they have most of their records on Spotify. I picked them up on Radio Paradise and I'll certainly look deeper into it.
  4. I just listened to this a few hours ago. Good stuff. More ethnic-oriented than their other albums, but that don't bother me.
  5. Gwen Guthrie - Portrait Quality R&B from the 80s. This will never get old.
  6. Sophie B Hawkins - Whaler I love this album. Her other releases were not bad, but nowhere near this one. It's got it all, lovely stuff.
  7. Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock I always liked his stuff. Back in the 80's I thought it was game-changing
  8. Great album, this. Very talented bunch, I keep playing it regularly for some 35 years now and never tire of it.
  9. VA - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  10. Alexxus


    I sold it. But I have a bucketful of old mobile phones, you're welcome to them.
  11. Alexxus


    Facebook is the essence of evil, no matter which way you want to consider it. I used to use it until a couple years ago, but exclusively to have a poke at whatever celebrity or politician idiot was the focus of media's attention that day or week, and also to follow a few artists I liked. They eventually booted me out, because I wouldn't follow their 'community rules'. Best thing that happened to me for the past decade. Anyways, I wouldn't dream of buying or selling anything on FB. I did buy on e-bay from various people from the UK and the US, never had any problems. I bought my MF A5 CD player from a gentleman up North like that and also an AVI integrated amp, I forget where from, but definitely somewhere within the UK. They didn't even want to sell abroad, before I messaged them and politely asked if they'd bend the rules for me. I'm bringing it up because I'm Romanian and your post, which surely was not meant to, I hasten to say, sort of rubbed me the wrong way. There's crooks everywhere, I don't think the country of provenance is relevant, is what I mean. I would buy from the Wam and send the money up front, but not from someone with a 5 post count. And I wouldn't dream of asking for gear to be sent to me before payment, that's for sure. I also don't believe in people dragging their feet until they pay. If you commit to buying something and you don't have the money ready, you're apt to be playing games, to put it very politely. On the other hand, you can easily get shafted, whichever way the transaction is going, so it's a bit of a toss up. As unreliable as ebay is, at least you do get some indication from the user's feedback, they have that going for them.
  12. René And Angela ‎– Street Called Desire They may not look like much, but it's great R&B stuff. Sure, it's got the 80's sound, but it's not the crappy Stock Aitken Waterman 80's sound. This is quality.
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