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  1. I just love this album, can never get enough of it. Brilliant production, at least in my system, and the music is right up there too. As far as sound quality is concerned, but nice tunes as well, I also recommend Bliss - "Quiet Letters". There's a few different releases on various labels, but I particularly like this one as it has a beautiful piece, "Manvantara", which is missing on other releases. I know because I got both this one and the one by Quango Records. Great music and sound quality, well worth giving it a spin, methinks.
  2. Great album. I also highly recommend their second one, "Gran Riserva". Top production, too.
  3. Thanks Steve, but could you spell it out for me, please? I've been squinting at that photo for the past five minutes, I still can't make out her full name. I must be gettin' old. Mind you, I knew that, just didn't want to accept it
  4. One more on the "have to check it out" list. Thanks
  5. Surprisingly, for me at least, I've been around for nearly 12 years. I can't even remember how I got here, but I do remember I really enjoyed reading the posts whan I stumbled upon it, so I signed up. Mind you, until a few years ago things were a lot more effervescent, so to speak. I still enjoy the forum, but I miss a lot of the top posters from back then. I'm not sure what happened, I probably didn't follow events close enough. Oh well, I still have a good time going through the 2 channel threads and doing a bit of window shopping in the classifieds. Must be getting soft in my old age, or some such. However, I so very highly rate the "What you are listening to right now" thread, always did. I found so much quality music by just reading it. Top thread! After all, music is what this is all supposed to be about, first and foremost, innit?
  6. Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter (1992) [24 k Gold Edition 2009] Tried this after I saw it being praised on this thread. I know next to nothing about her music, apart from a couple of duets, one of which stands out in my memory, with Joe Cocker. Very nice album, indeed. Great production, too. Must check the other one too "Famous Blue Raincoat".
  7. Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez - Cachaito (2001) Brilliant album, sounds very fresh to this day. The artist is, sadly, no longer with us. He was part of the better known Buena Vista Social Club crew. Most of them have released solo albums and I've yet to hear one I didn't like. These guys sure knew their music
  8. What's that stuff about, Lee? Most of the time, I'm familiar with what you're listening to, but this, I have no clue what it is. I've got no Tidal subscription, either. Actually, after trying Spotify for 3 months, I quit subscribing to anything, I got far too many albums at home I don't listen to, to spend money on even more music. But I still get curious about stuff I see on this thread, since I found a lot of great music by following it.
  9. Propellerheads - Decksandrumsandrockandroll (1998)
  10. Eddy Grant - Killer On The Rampage (1982)
  11. Bon Jovi - New Jersey (1988) Their best IMO and their last rock album. Their subsequent output was anything but rock.
  12. Crazy Penis - A Nice Hot Bath With (1999) I can only assume the lack of popularity this group seems to have is due to its name. However, that is precisely what made me listen to them the first time. The music is a lot more mature than their name suggests, I find it very pleasant to chill to. Mind you, in more recent years they changed to Crazy P. That didn't seem to help a lot, though.
  13. Big Country - Fields of Fire: The ultimate Collection (2011)
  14. It's been a while since I listened to it. Quite delicate, as I remember. I must dig it up some time soon.