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  1. It was my first CD Player as well and built like a tank cost a fortune and came free with a CD. Owned for 10 years and a great player.
  2. I have just sold and received £500 (and yes I was surprised) in total for my CD collection using both Music Magpie and Ziffit. If you scan them through Ziffit first as you generally get a better price and then go onto Music Magpie with what's left, It is so easy with the apps and you can arrange to have them collected from your door for free, However be prepared to be disappointed as neither of them like Classical or Audiophile quality Disc, which I have now stuck on that well known auction site. The discs and cases must be clean and free from stickers of any sort, and they offer various incentives such as £5 referral and or an additional 10% on the total. Time-consuming but yes it has to a degree helped me declutter. PS. And that's after I tried to give a number of them on Wam a few weeks ago for free!
  3. Used to be Vinyl, but then it got expensive and quite frankly the new vinyl I did buy was inferior to the original pressing and the marketing for 180g IMO is overrated, I now buy CD's there are some real bargains to be had on the auction sites especially for first release quality label classical music as previously mentioned.
  4. Thanks for that, I am looking at the PM 10 or the PM-KI Ruby, but not sure if one is vastly more musical than the other.
  5. Love Marantz gear, Not an owner yet but keeping an eye out for a very nice Marantz Integrated should one come up.
  6. SANSUI AU-X1111MOS VINTAGE Integrated Amp. Does anyone own one of these or have heard one, before I try and hunt one down? If so any info/feedback would be most welcome. Thanks
  7. Anyone have the Denon RC-206 remote control unit (For a Denon DCM-444 CD Player), that they no longer require? Thanks.
  8. Now that I have moved to a wireless system I have no need for these superb speaker cables. I believe they are in-akustik (a very highly regarded German cable manufacturer). There are no markings on the cable to state that though. They are terminated one end with silver 'z' connectors and bare the other and as can be seen from the photo they are primarily for bi-wiring. Needless to say they are the best I have ever owned. I am happy to post these out to established forum members for a week trial before payment, if not required then all I ask is that they are returned at cost (Including Insurance) to the borrower in the same condition that I have posted out. Those local are welcome to call, Collect and try before payment. They are 3.00 m in length each. Asking £80
  9. I have had a few sideboards over the years, such as a Danish 'Skovby', Italian Calligaris', and my current one is a 'Ligne Roset', Much prefer these over racks.
  10. There's only one answer to this never ending debate, go wireless I did and have not looked back.
  11. Not sure whats gone wrong her as uploads showing when I did not want them too mods please remove.
  12. You could not be more wrong and quite the opposite really, These players are very much sort after and regularly turn up on E-bay and occasionally on Gumtree as 'Not working' or 'For parts only' I have seen these stripped down and parts such as the Cheeks, front fascia, top plate, CD unit complete, power supply, feet, PCB board and yes lasers as well offered individually and sold, and quite often attaining prices more for non-working ones than actual working ones! There is currently on E-bay (Albeit in America) which is up for auction with 2 days to go 6 bids and 5 bidders so there is obviously quite a market for these units. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pioneer-PD-91-Compact-Disc-CD-Player/353188975991?hash=item523bb41577:g:1p8AAOSwzIBfTq3x
  13. Now SOLD, Thank you all for showing interest. Mods please now archive.