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  1. And price reduction for these stunning speakers. NOW £1950.
  2. Would love these, but is it genuine? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392807383708
  3. And a big reduction to £2200 Collected. As a matter of interest the link below is a Specification and Clarification on the TAD drivers and TAD designed engineered Cabinet. https://usermanual.wiki/Document/299145609CES06EXSPbrochure.1394855990.pdf
  4. Up for sale are my stunning Pioneer S-2EX Reference Loudspeaker. I bought these new just over 3 years ago and had them palleted and shipped from Germany. They come complete with the manuals, original boxes and spikes etc, I am also including The Heybrook stands and top plate which I had had specially milled to match the profile of the speakers, They are in as new condition with no marks, dents or scratches etc, You will not find a better pair of these. I have only ever handled these with gloves. They are finished in satin dark 'WENGE' which is almost black, The model is the same as used at AIR Studios. They incorporate duo concentric beryllium tweeter and aramid/carbon fibre woofer. Very high quality drivers and cabinet design from TAD. Specifications Design: 3-way, Front Ported Drivers: One 1.4″ Beryllium Dome Tweeter, 5.5″ Magnesium Cone Midrange, 7.1″ Carbon Composite Woofer MFR: 34 Hz – 100 kHz Sensitivity: 86.5 dB Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms Crossover Frequencies: 400 Hz, 2 kHz Power Handling: 200 Watts Dimensions: 22.3″ H x 11.4″ W x 16.8″ D Weight: 61.8 Pounds/each. Reviews :- https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/pioneer-s-2ex-loudspeaker/ Any questions or for further photos please pm me. Asking £2350.
  5. Hmm, Now that has got me thinking, A couple of months ago I disconnected the C-73 pre amp from my system (Now up on E-bay as well as offer goodies from my reference collection) and stored, I then connected the CD and Phono stage to the power amp, There are selector buttons on the front of the power amp so you can switch between either, Then the volume is controlled by the Gain (I assume another word for volume) knob, so Have therefore assumed all along that 25watts of Class A power was what I was getting, Now the whole idea of this is that I was going to get another M-73 power amp and use as mono blocks. Adam, I assume from your avatar that you are au fait with B&o equipment, Have you ever heard of the B/L 18s? If so I would value your opinion. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the input, I have been informed that I would need an ' Attenuated Converter', So now to start the search for the beolab 18. The reason I want to keep the power amp is that I only listen to vinyl and CDs, Therefore this negates the need for the preamp, The power amp allows for the T/Table and CD Player a direct connection and 20 watts of pure Class 'A' performance, and It also does away with another box.
  7. I have always set in my mind to own a pair of Beolab 18's, and therefore I would like to set in motion and try to hunt a pair down, However I would want to keep my current system which consists of a turntable, CD player and power amp (All Pioneer). The Power amp is an M-73 which is quite unusual as no preamp is required. I currently have the CD player connected to the input section and the turntable connected via a phono stage to the line direct input as for photo attached, The amp is switchable on the front and also the volume is controlled by the gain wheel. Is it possible to connect the Beolab 18's into my current setup? Thanks
  8. If it was not for this Damned virus and that I am quite away from you, I could be persuaded to part with mine which I would say is in superb condition, although I would recommend that the belts need changing. Pics are in my info. Also considering move my F-91 Tuner and C-73 Pre amp if interested.
  9. Just had my daily update from Hi Fi Shark and there are quite a number of these on there and E-bay under numerous accounts if you follow the links search, and other items in each of the Ebay sellers, this is a very big scam, They also have a number of Romanian links. BEWARE.
  10. Hi does anyone have one of these they are happy to sell or know of someone? Thanks.
  11. Just added a clearaudio phono stage basic+ and power supply, and what a upgrade over the phono stage of the Pioneer C-73 intergrated . I have connected the basic+ unit directly to the M-73 Power Amp via the line in as there is a gain (Volume) control on the front this gives me 20 Watts of pure class A, which means I now bypass the C-73 intergrated, I may even get another power amp and bi-amp it give me 40watts. However for now I am on the lookout for the Clearaudio ACCU Power Supply, so if anyone has one to sell please let me know.
  12. For a project, So long as I can get a bottom Glass shelf (77cm X 57cm) and a couple of wooden hexagonal uprights it can be any finish and condition, hopefully located in South East. I have attached a photo.