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  1. Should have added, whenever I have had a purge on vinyl or CDs I have advertised them on Freecycle and always have gone if not on the same day the next.
  2. Have you tried the British Heart Foundation? They collect free around our way. And when you think some charity shops are charging £2 per record 95% of which are only good for the tip then there must be some value in the collection.
  3. Lovely gesture and they look in pretty good condition, It's just a shame you are at a distance otherwise I would have liked them. As a last resort will the charity shop's not collect them?
  4. I think as you say and as is always the case no matter what format, it is the mastering or re-mastering that counts. I might try one at some point but again being new to this format, do you need a certain type of CD player to play these? And as for the vinyl can you play it on any system? Thanks
  5. Thanks, but sorry I don't do streaming, I prefer to physically own my music therefore only CD or Vinyl, but it seems as though no one has tried either of these formats.
  6. I have until now never heard of MQA and tried a search on here but with no results. I ask as I was just perusing the WHSmith shop online, and I saw a few of these on CD and then tried Amazon and there is quite a bit on there on both CD and Vinyl and a number of Japanese releases by the looks of it, I hasten to add it seems quite expensive so are they worth it?
  7. Now £5 off for £30 spent + free delivery over £20 as I understand. That J. Coltrane CD looks really interesting especially if it is on a Japanese label, might try and hunt some more of these down later this evening.
  8. I would never have thought but If you are into SACD then there are some good deals at WH SMITHS, who have quite a large selection and free delivery over £20 and 10% extra if you sign up for their e-mail updates.
  9. Now Sorted. Thanks all. Mods, please remove.
  10. Thanks, But it says Microphone cable, so does that mean they would be suitable?
  11. As this will be my first foray into the world of balanced xlr cables, I thought I would ask here rather than go the E-bay route, does anyone have a pair of balanced xlr cables tucked away somewhere that are surplus to requirements? Nothing of stratospheric price but budget of say £75. Cables must be 80 cm -100 cm. Thanks
  12. Bump and reduced to £55 collection £80 delivered. Couple of additional photos added. In the days when these were Made in Japan.
  13. Yes, and a fantastic player it is.
  14. Now sorted. Mods, please remove.
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