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  1. Rega RP8 turntable with RB808 arm and TTPSU power supply. Lid, manual, boxes, packaging, mains cable. Bought new in 2018 and light use since. Excellent condition. Happy to ship with extra packing (at buyer's risk). £1100.
  2. The ebay one looks good (they should spell it correctly), but I may look at a new C Major which includes Quintet Blue for about the same price. Regardless of the AudiophileMan's review (Others are good). This one has an included lid and no additional box.
  3. For those of us who want a change from skeletal t/ts these certainly look the part. They go down well in the US, but despite glossy ads in the UK mags don't seem to have much presence here & difficult to get to hear (even if shops were fully open). Some great reviews - some saying they're actually nothing like Pro-Ject - but one unfortunate downer from a prominent online reviewer (about whom I have some scepticism). Any love?
  4. Sounds better without it. A lot, to my ears.
  5. Top tip - take the stylus guard off the VM540ML (carefully).
  6. It was a good player 15 years ago but even the Exposure 2010S2 is better either as a player or a transport. Exposure 2010 S2 CD player - immaculate | eBay
  7. I remember having a phone conversation years ago after I'd called about some tube amps - he was very honest about the capabilities and limitations of the LS3/5a! Very generous with his time.
  8. I've done this with Exposure CD player/Exp. amps, no problem. Currently have an Exposure CD player coax digital out -> their DAC -> amp -> speakers, plus its analogue out -> headphone amp.
  9. Thorens TD160 in good condition, now fully working with some new parts including: - new Thakker belt - new centre adapter - replaced phono cables from plinth box (Chord) - new reproduction headshell for modern cartridges (cost over £50) - new Audio-Technica ATVM95E , but needs new stylus as I managed to break cantilever in week 1 of use! Box etc intact. This is the very latest version. Lid is unbroken -lifts properly - but with some scratches. Springs have been correctly adjusted and the platter is nicely balanced. No collection due to current sit
  10. Clearway DIN to RCA 1.5m still available. £60 (< half price).
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