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    Beyer T90
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  1. Audiolab 6000CDT CD transport. Immaculate and boxed with all accessories. £290 posted.
  2. Clearway DIN to RCA 1.5m still available. £60 (< half price).
  3. Chord Chameleon, RCAs, 1m. 2 pairs available, one boxed. £50/£45. BOXED ONE SOLD. Chord Clearway DIN->RCA, 1.5m, boxed, £60. Chord Prodac digital, 1m, boxed, £50.
  4. My paper round at 15 paid for mine! My grant went on LPs and beer.... (and the odd book)
  5. So nice to see someone using Kef Concords! Love my Celestes.
  6. Similar to the Linn K9 are the newest Audio Technica AT95 series - I have a cheaper one and that's superb, so I expect the more expensive ones would be a good replacement and you could probably use the A400 MM stage, or get a Rega Fono MM.