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  1. Monitor Audio R300MD speakers & stands, black, good working condition but with age-related dinks. Woofers have a bit of peeling on the surround (pic 4) but all intact. Generally quite smart. Sound great with a 50w amp. These speakers followed (1989) the earlier R852MD which was designed by Robin Marshall of Epos fame, and share their minimalist crossover, metal-dome tweeters and sealed box mid-sized standmount design. Here are the specs in old money: 18.5" H by 12.5" W by 10" D. Weight: 22 lbs each. £80 collected from Glos/Wilts border (well, my driveway, following social distancing, probably cash in envelope and equipment in car boot). Stands now deconstructed for ease of transporting. No grilles.
  2. Technics SL-PS620A CD player, good condition and working order, mains lead, no remote. Has full track access on the fascia. Full width component, black. Excellent sound. £25 + £4 postage to UK.
  3. I resize my pics using the standard MS tool to 2mb, then I can attach them with the choose files option.