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  1. Good post. Be aware he is a previously banned poster and likely baiting.
  2. I have nothing to add other than to mention politely the fact that it is 'should have' and not 'should of'. Thanks.
  3. The spelling and grammar on this thread should be enough to get it locked and deleted.
  4. A "please" would be nice Chronic.....sorry.....Mike.
  5. Nowt to do with that, merely the fact that he was banned for being an arse, has rejoined under another name and is complaining about people not being who they claim. If it posts like a twat, sounds like a twat then it is a twat. p.s. I include you and I in that last sentence !
  6. The irony of a previously banned member (Chronicallyme), rejoining under a new name and saving us all from scammers, is not lost.
  7. I wasn't going to comment ever again. However, this poster is a previously banned member known as Chronicallyme.
  8. Yeah, sorry about that. I forgot we should all be calling out the OP and spamming the forum about his initial post, instead of....you know....having a bit of a laugh.
  9. You need some Knob in your life. See Wayne / Gregg for details.
  10. Along with the James Brown in Crimsondonkeys room, Maxinquaye by Tricky in JVS and Btrowells room was top drawer.