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  1. Chris; payment made. Thanks ..... Steve
  2. Hi, I currently have nine year old Devolo 100mbps extenders - one off the router feeding two dotted around the house. Due to having bandwidth hungry kids (22 and 19) with many devices and consols and wifey being into her ipad and streamed TV - my Amazon stick music source sometimes fails So despite being on Virgin Cable and having 150mbps pumped into the house, I need a wired box for music streaming - and therefore a fast (500 mbps?) set of extenders. Any recommendations of good extenders / solutions? Ta
  3. JAS Orsa's have a wide soundstage. Entertaining speakers with a very classy tweeter.
  4. P3ESR's get generally good feedback and what about Shahinian Super Elves? Ps - Liking the Orsa's a lot
  5. It's letting air in - look at what you did around the air filter and make sure all is seated properly.
  6. I have a very nice set of Heybrook Sextets that I am thinking of re-advertising. Rosewood, floorstanders, ribbon tweeter, three-way and sit against the wall! Bought from here and probably willing to turn them around for the same money - £250.
  7. Mezzo 9 Sub in Oak finish, but would consider other finishes as well.
  8. Hi, My Yamaha ATMOS receiver outputs the presence signal (for height - don't ask!) using phono's. I will need a small and cheap power amp/s to power my existing little speakers. Needs to be physically tiny, needs only 10w or so and be cheap. Any ideas?