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  1. Metatron

    A quick DAC. Maybe...

    I'd like to know. Not sure there's a commercial NOS form of Pi DAC HAT yet. It's possible to take the I2S from the Pi and feed it on to some other circuit board. There's plenty of NOS boards out there where one can input I2S. Either way... sounds interesting to me and I'd like to see the full details.
  2. I'm sure your side-car IS your Portaloo. Portaloo is probably your favorite ABBA song too. "Portaloo, Couldn't escape if I wanted to. Portaloo, Knowing my fate is to be with you Wow wow wow wow Portaloo Finally facing my Portaloo" As for electrical assistance... well, I won't judge. Whatever you need to make shit happen. Just don't tell us where you attach the electrodes.
  3. @TheFlash That picture of the Kudos room is intriguing. Of late, they have been showing with Linn time and again, or maybe Linn are using Kudos speakers - not sure. Seems odd that Linn's current demo of the new Selekt range is directly demoed against Naim and here we have Kudos with a full Naim setup. Are you there tomorrow? Have Linn and Kudos had a falling out? Seems a bit odd given Linn and Naim are pretty much each others main competition. Maybe somebody can ask the question.
  4. I had BT, TalkTalk and plenty of other re-sellers of BT leased infrastructure. All were dire. Thankfully I figured out TalkTalk hadn't a clue about security long before they were hacked. Virgin is the best I have had so far, but they have their own infrastructure. Unfortunately, they are not available in my new house.
  5. I think the introductory premise was supported by the recommendation of 'floorboard'.
  6. Metatron

    A quick DAC. Maybe...

    I'd be interested in knowing just how good this is. Especially as I am considering doing the ANK 5.1 build sometime in the next year or so. I heard George47's AN 4.1x at his place. Interesting given he has AN sources and speakers, but Pass Labs pre/power, while I have Pass power, Modwright pre and a Chord (respectable OS DAC) with Wilson Benesch speakers. In George's system, I was taken aback at the scale and in some aspects, the timbre of the system and certainly some ambient cues I don't get with the Chord. I figured it would have to be his DAC responsible for the difference between his system and mine. He kindly brought it around for me to try in my system, and the results were the same: huge soundstage, realistic ambient cues and proper illusion of performers in the room. I've had the Chord DAVE in my system too. A tour de force on imaging and detail.... but um, yeah, not doing those other things that conjure the illusion of realism as well. I'm still going to be buying a newer OS DAC as well at some point. On specs this might be the Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro or something with similar measured performance. Currently I am also wondering how well the Metrum Pavane L3 and Adagio would compare to the AN DACs. The SW1X brand compares well to AN according to George too.
  7. @Mr Underhill That sounds more positive - glad it's working again as far as getting music goes. I usually find networking problems are related to critical Windows updates that are yet to be installed. At some point Microsoft seem to force ones hand by causing network issues. This happens with my Roon server. Although my server is set to automatic updates with reboots overnight, it occasionally receives updates that for some reason need manual intervention. Now since there's no monitor connected to my Roon server, I don't know it needs manual intervention unless I RDP to it. So if some of these updates lapse and prevent further automatic updates, there will come a time when suddenly the Roon protocol doesn't work and nothing can be streamed. Just saying all this in case your laptop that you use needs an update itself and might have caused the issue you're still seeing.
  8. That was just pre-empting responses fro those who would say that. If you do a search of the forum for "absolute phase" you'll see it's been discussed many times, with evidence from both sides. It depends which absolutist objectivist you wish to listen to. For instance, I could argue it the other way from here, which includes a quote back to Floyd Toole: It all depends who you listen to. FWIW, I think phase matters hugely since sound localisation by our brain is based off timing difference of sound between each ear. In the case where a system may not preserve timing information accurately with respect to frequency (as no speaker without DSP is phase accurate AFAIK), then different frequencies components of the same sound may appear to come from differing locations and create a vague sense of 'thereness' or just not sound 'natural', whereas a phase accurate system wouldn't suffer this problem.
  9. Why has nobody said Diana Krall yet?
  10. Metatron

    Cold Callers

    Just tell em: "If you call me again, you really will find out who's been in an accident, but it won't be me".
  11. Why? Just recently I heard excellent soundstaging. Very real and palpable with the cliche "singer in the room" illusion. EDIT: I should add it wasn't with a special Chesky or other audiophile label, just a run of the mill record that I enjoy that was transformed when George47 brought his DAC round to mine and put it in place of my DAC. The track was "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt. Played a lot of Lissie's latest album as well -- equally 'there' on realism factor.