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  1. Living Room - Unison Research, Arcam, Opera Basement IMG]http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee478/scottc1968/20160801_103124_zps9vqjr8oj.jpg[/IMG] Bedroom Kitchen Forgot the Basement
  2. A very long shot, a friend of mine has blown his tweeters in a pair of MA 1800 floor standers, if anyone has a pair or knows what replacements are available that would work with them.. cheers Scott
  3. Great condition, no issues with it, has been a trusty servant since i bought it new, comes with remote, not the original box but I have one that is fine for courier or collection is OK, £70 + £10 if delivered Ta http://s1320.photobucket.com/user/mrscottccampbell1/library/
  4. I watched a delivery company 'chuck' an amplifier that had 'fragile' written all over it into the van, I have received loads of damaged boxes, it really does depend on how well it is boxed up, delivery companies are not expecting high end stuff, they probably think there is a pair of shoes inside....
  5. If you say pick up and destination you may be able to sort a Wam Taxi
  6. The Oh Sees, Plastic Plant....Oh yes, I was only going to have 1 beer tonight but after hearing that I am going for a few (lot) more
  7. Surely a 'Wanted' thread is no different to 'A for sale' thread? For sale - Someone wants to sell something that someone will hopefully buy Wanted - Someone wants to buy something that someone will hopefully sell Maybe banning 'Wanted' threads is next for The Wam.....This site can be bonkers sometimes
  8. I had quite a few Amps with my Harbs (Graaf, Leben, Plinius) but by far my fav was a Musical Fidelity FB1 Pre and a Quad 909 Power....loved it
  9. There are a complete load of Nutzoids on this site who seem to argue over absolutely anything., completely Hatstand...but this thread redeems you all as the choice of music is all that counts, you all have great taste my friends
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