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  1. Surely a 'Wanted' thread is no different to 'A for sale' thread?

    For sale - Someone wants to sell something that someone will hopefully buy

    Wanted - Someone wants to buy something that someone will hopefully sell

    Maybe banning 'Wanted' threads is next for The Wam.....This site can be bonkers sometimes

  2. Thanks for the offer Geoff, but I know nothing about it so would rather something I know a bit more about

    I've got an old Pioneer SA-410 with matching tuner that you can have for £25 collected.

    Not too far from you near Bicester.

  3. Paid for some speakers on the Wam but then had to pull out due to money issues so asked for a refund which the seller wont do (the speakers are still with the seller).....the reply is below....am I in the wrong?

    unfortunately we are in a poor financial position ourselves, the majority of the speaker money was my sons and he'd already spent it on upgrading his amp and speakers.

    I've had to sell my valve amp and downgrade significantly to diy pre/power amps, I did this to pay for car repairs and to fix a damp patch in the living room, sorry but I can only help by keep advertising the speakers and acting as intermediary for you,

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