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  1. I agree.....my Art Emotions were shown the door after my SHL5s arrived
  2. wickerman68


    A few months ago I had lector CDP Graaf GM50 Art Emotion I paid £11,400 I now have PC Caiman Pathos Classic MKII Harbeth SHL5 I paid £2,500 Perfectionto my ears.....so much better.....funny old world.
  3. Bought a pair of SHL5...compared them to the Emotions.......keeping the Harbeths. Must be the best bargain around.
  4. I am considering swapping the Arts for the HL5s....I haven't heard the Harbeths.....has anyone been able to listen to both. I know they are completely different in every aspect but have that nagging feeling to try Harbeths... Any views?
  5. I have £5000 speakers £1500 amp £200 DAC sounds great to me
  6. will look into it, cheers
  7. thanks for input, much appreciated.......maybe I should move the system out of basement to listen more....
  8. Def want to stick with valves.....never use the lector at all so will def flog, have you heard Monarchy Audio? Icon Audio amps any good? cheap
  9. Think I have put the wrong impression out, I adore the system i have friends round who are flabbergasted at the sound.....it was just the fact that I only listen to it at most once a month so was thinking of downgrading (apart from the Emotions) and seeing if anyone had any advice on S/H equipment that would do them justice....a used amp £500?
  10. let me add something else, i had a budget and bought this stuff through reviews.....kicked out WB Arcs for the Emotions, Marantz SA11s1/Plinius CD101for the lector and marantz PM11s1/Leema tucana for the graaf without doing much audioning, each unit was changed one at a time so never heard certain units with others...am open for advice if i went wrong, i know myears are the only pair that matter but hey it is a forum....
  11. Thanks..any pointers? not too expensive...£1,000 S/H if poss
  12. Cheers...MKII, better than MKI but opinions differ when compared to MKIII, put different tubes in from watford valve that made a small difference for the better
  13. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.stereotimes.com/images/SM70.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.stereotimes.com/amp050200.shtml&usg=__XwlJq61b0193DhKkfWr-iwXaFIw=&h=339&w=558&sz=78&hl=en&start=3&itbs=1&tbnid=5avQ6kIir-fZhM:&tbnh=81&tbnw=133&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmonarchy%2Baudio%2Bsm-70%26hl%3Den anyone heard on of these/
  14. not that i don't like any of it was thinking of flogging and making some dosh for a holiday as don't listen very often, i have a pair of AVI Pro nine plus with alchemist forsetti in kithen that is used 90% of the time but would like to have some kind of kit downstairs. OK maybe start new thread, flog all and best amp & speakers for £2,000 second hand? Listen to all music, Classical, Mars Volta, Folk blah blah blah.....
  15. wickerman68


    ...here we go, want to change componants as hardly ever go to den in basement anymore so feels wasted. I have Lector 7T CDP Nordost SPM IC Graaf GM50 Audience AU24 speaker cable Art Emotions Only want to keep speakers so any ideas on what I can replace the others for the cheapest cost possible but will still do the Emotions justice? I have an old Cambridge Audio 540dVD in attic (Transport?) and a Beresford DAC (£120) that I use from PC to amp for spotify...use this? Any ideas? Cheers
  16. Hi I notice you have a MA DIP, do you know if any MA gear is available in UK? Cheers
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