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  1. I have a Suggie A21a and don't get me wrong, I completely agree with the legendary status it has developed over the years, the thing is, partnered with my Opera Divina's I think I have too much of a good thing as in sooooo warm and lush, imaging and soundstage are perfect and the sound always puts a smile on my face, but just thinking of trying something else to kick the speakers arse! Any recommendations in the used £600 price range?
  2. You will absolutely love them....for a few months, then be bored by them, just my crap opinion after 2 pairs
  3. Just got the sales list....doesn't seem as bargainous as previous years, I was hoping for Quad 909 but second hand for 699 seems a tad expensive
  4. It's actually 3 rooms, kitchen, LV, Basement, not even I would have those horns in the Living Room
  5. Fuck....My rooms have no WAF whatsoever...luckily my Aussie missus has no taste and loves loud music...Bless her Living Room Den
  6. Stick something under the front of your speakers so the tweeters fire above ya head
  7. I bet that sounds sublime
  8. Had a nice drive through the New Forest to Fordingbridge today, picked up some speakers, stopped at a pub for lunch with the other half, sat in garden fed the wild horses/donkeys....Got the speakers home....Jeeez.....What a bargain, amazing bouncy beautiful tuneful bass, mids are perfect to my ears and the top end is shimmery smooth. Have never heard stand mounts sound this big and lush....And fuck are they heavy...New stands next...A perfect day
  9. The Alto is bloody good, I love mine. Best bargain I have owned
  10. Of course .....They are 3.5 metre, PM me Jerry
  11. I had these for sale as XLO 5.1....But now am not sure if they are 5.1.....any one know?
  12. One of these and a DAC http://www.whathifi.com/review/sony-bdp-s790 This has iplayer, lovefilm, You tube, online movies etc and you can stream music from ya phone through to ya stereo
  13. Sorry...Wrong place...MODS, can you move to debate Cheers - - - Updated - - - MK 1, ugly, no remote but bloody marvellous
  14. I am still shocked and very happy about the Audio Innovations Alto I bought last year, after having numerous expensive amps this ugly beast sounds sublime, I absolutely love it, the 35 watts it pushes put are so powerful and smooth....are there any others like this?
  15. Oh...if talking about non budget Marantz PM11 was great, Graff was even better....but my fav ever....the Symbiose 320....Perfect
  16. My 2 budget fav's are Audio Innovations Alto MKI...currently in my kitchen sounding amazing, valve like and detailed, definitely my biggest hifi bargain Alchemist Forseti MkI....loved it, shouldn't have sold,
  17. Bloody amazing Pre...Shocked me how great it was
  18. Fitted perfect on my kitchen shelf....sideways
  19. Went to a very local 3 day Blues festy in a Village called Bentworth (Hampshire) this weekend 4 miles from where I live ......a cracking weekend, great music and tonnes of laughter.....and booze
  20. The last album was recorded purely analogue in Grohl's garage.....he is learning Wasting Light is the seventh studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters. It was released on April 12, 2011 on RCA Records. As frontman Dave Grohl wanted a record that would capture the essence of the band's earlier work and lack the artificiality of digital recording, the group recorded in Grohl's garage in Encino, California with only analog equipment.
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