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  1. Thanks. I am after a fuller, warmer sound to that which I am currently getting, which is a bit harsh and toppy - certainly not what you would expect from Isobariks. I'm wondering if the LK1 is to blame? Because I plan to stream music via something like the new LG blu-ray player I thought a pre-amp with built in dac would 'help' with the sound quality...
  2. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but does the Meridian 568.1 have the same upsampling performance as the AV5103? I'm torn between these two myself, and again plan to stream music, play CD's and movies via a blu-ray player. I've got Linn Isobariks, LK1, LK2 and LK280 at the mo and the sound is too harsh for my liking. Maybe a 568.1 or AV5103 will fix that?