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  1. Audinista

    Snake oil

    I get all the irony here, but in fact the RA grounding box aka RF Router (and the whole grounding system) does work. The box is ridiculously overpriced, typically for RA, but somehow I have no buyers regret. Still have a month to return it. Most probably won't.
  2. ...and I have 8PR jumpers stored somewhere, will throw them in.
  3. I have Kimber Kable 8PR 2 x 7 m in great like new condition, bought this February, used for a couple of months. £220 + pp or collection from Richmond, Surrey. If you need long runs, this is a good inexpensive cable for a solid state budget/mid budget setup. The sound is fluid, nuanced, musical, with a rich bass, detailed enough but never harsh or excessively bright. Kimber bananas termination is excellent.
  4. Pardon my curiosity, but why? Why did you go through countless CDPs, DACs transports etc, if very rarely you were able to hear any difference? I am not trying to be too clever here, but such posts really puzzle me. I've never had two CDPs or DACs that sounded identical. I still remember the character of each of them. But I still can count them.
  5. I am making a compilation, called it Lockdown Maladies
  6. Thanks Headcoat, reading your post just cost me £15 for Cohen and Gauthier Re JJ Cale I probably have them all and found his recording quality was never poor, but still varied wildly. The song that will sound gorgeous on any half decent hi-fi is Days Go By from Guitar Man, probably the best recorded JJ album. Not his best album but the production is first class. Probably worth having for that song alone. You can put it on repeat and watch your day go by
  7. If you like Lisa Ekdahl, try Silje Nergaard, similar voice backed by the supreme Tord Gustavsen Trio. Or just skip the baby voice and dig Tord Gustavsen Trio/Quartet albums (The Well is great). Willie Nelson Spirit - this album I played a lot recently. Great songs and brilliantly recorded.
  8. 1. Laurie Anderson - Bright Red As many other L.A. albums it is all about sounds and space and stage and reflections ( in both senses), but it makes little sense to listen to it, unless you have a really good Hi-Fi system. Then it's magic. 2. Bryan Ferry Mamouna You think it is a poor, weak, boring, dull record, then you put it on a top hi-fi and all of a sudden everything changes. 3. Lila Downs La Linea From the first notes it draws la linea between some bass and THE BASS. And then you realise this is just a gorgeous album in all respects. 4.Leonard Cohen Old Ideas It's a truly old idea - to record a great sounding, relaxed, effortless and meaningful album with some first rate song writing. Pity very few can execute. 5.Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Do you want to check if your system sounds emotional enough? Put it on and you will be crying. These are 5 that came to mind first today.
  9. I have the S3 version as well, happy with the sound and the synergy. La Scala is very tempting, but I am not so sure it will make a dramatic difference in my current setup., which to my ear is well balanced. The only annoying thing with my La Voce is that it generated some background hiss in my system, which required a rather elaborate grounding to lower it down. It was nothing too bad, but I could still hear it from 3 meters on axis in a very quiet room. My speakers are quire sensitive horn hybrids. I never heard anyone owing S3 complained about this, but if you have noticed it as well, give me a shout. Re cables, yes, the less said the better )) I am using Wireworld Silver Starlight 7. The best USB cable I've had so far. But I could happily come back to that unbranded freebee I have got with the DAC, to my surprise it was so good I even wanted to double check. ))
  10. Ah, OK, haven't seen your last post. Glad you have sorted it.
  11. I have an old Chord Cobra 5DIN to RCA in a cupboard, 90 cm. Yours for £25 + pp. It's in a great shape, I don't remember if I ever used it actually.
  12. Sensible offers are welcome