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  1. I have some old Mullards - EL34, ecc82 and ecc83, some NOS, others used. I've no tube tester. Where in Greater London area could I test it properly?
  2. Still looking for one. Just one 60 mm wide Hutter Racktime shelf in cherry. Thanks.
  3. A more powerful amplifier and ample power reserves is always better in theory. In practice sound quality and power are almost antipodes. Within any given budget you always trade power for quality and vice versa. Building a high quality high power amplifier is much more expensive than a high quality low powered one. Same goes for high quality, high efficiency loudspeakers, they usually cost quite a lot. I have had 15W to 350W amplifiers and speakers of various sensitivity and finally found a sweet spot with 90-91 dB speakers with a rather benign impedance curve and about 50W amplifiers, where I can have a decent sound for relatively sane money. YMMV
  4. This is a top, top, trouble free amp for the money. I own one.
  5. Probably sharing my thoughts on a forum.
  6. Sticking with a QED speakers cable for many years was by far my worst mistake in this hobby.
  7. I wouldn't draw any conclusions here tbh. From what I've read, the 7200 sound very different compared to the 9200, so the 5200 may differ considerably as well.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with 9200 ? Do you now any better closed headphones?
  9. I had a Graham Slee amp some years ago and to be honest never got to like it. It sounded sterile and uninvolving. It was supposed replace my old Class A Audio Alchemy headphone amp, but couldn't hold a candle to it.
  10. Anyone streamlining? Will buy two. Need only one though.
  11. Interesting. Just two quotes from this review: When measuring: 1) "Now let's use Audioquest's cable... Clearly the cables make no difference either." When listening: 2) "I then switched to generic cord. Instantly I could tell the sound was improved with the generic cable! Not a typo. The generic cable sounded better." Just another confirmation that measurements often fail to detect any difference even when we can hear it clearly.
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