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  1. I have one not currently in use. Very good condition, complete with original box.
  2. You might as well pay him now. I've owned the 640P and currently use a Rialto which is the cheapest of my three phono stages. I was surprised how good it is with an AT33PTG.
  3. I spent time with all three back in the 1980s and still have an SP10 II. The SP8 is similar, only less transparent, less extended, and less dynamic. But a good friend sold his 10 for an 8 because he found the 10 too revealing. His SP8 II/D70 II sounded very good. Both SP8 and SP10 are all tube designs. The 10 comes with a separate tube power supply in the same size enclosure. The SP9 is a hybrid design and more hi-fi sounding but still pretty good. The 10 was famous for that opening line in a Stereophile review: 'Sell the Mercedes ...'
  4. Are you referring to the footballer who donates generously to charity including earthquake victims?
  5. Apologies for this. A change in my system layout means I now need cables longer than 3m. Orbscure has been most patient and accommodating while I faffed around with a measuring tape.
  6. I run an SH directly into a Croft 25 and this works a treat. So worth considering over the SL if you want to keep the P10 and keep things simple.
  7. And received. Many thanks again Alan. Tried to rep you but no idea how to with the new system.
  8. Cheers Alan, will do. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi Alan, Would be interested in this if still available. Thanks!
  10. And this was the point I thought it was well worth reading!
  11. Well, that will most likely be the OP's first and last post on the Wam. Hope we're all feeling better for that.