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  1. Yes, sadly too low output. Looking for about 250W , the X range is AB but more beefy. Indeed. My SA 100 Mk 3 had a lot of work done by the previous owner. I'm thinking this may be a dead end, and start looking for a newer stand alone power amp , be more open mnded. And sell the Plinius ?
  2. Pass Labs now in the mix too , as are both A and AB in the X series.
  3. Funnily enough, I found your original ad , where you called it STUNNING But your description didn't influence me in any way, I've had Plinius before , and wanted another one. And now I want 2
  4. I bought it from you. And I hate valves. Had a pair of KT 150 monos here recently, rejected them. I like the Plinius, and want another to bridge.
  5. As it says...... If you have a 100 mk 3 , or a 250 that's being used as a doorstop , let me know ! Have also extended the search to include a Pass Labs , preferably an X series over an XA.
  6. For lovers of Prog, or a golf Pro. PRO 6 GGG Happy to supply my old plates too, which look like PROGGGG ! On retention. Been on my 2nd car for a few years, now down to 1 car. £2500.00 PM me, I'll send a photo of the retention cert and plates.
  7. Is this still a live enquiry ? I'm considering selling my Pioneer / TAD/ Andrew Jones S-1EX floorstanders.
  8. almost exactly what i'm looking for ! but I'm in cardiff. and it's sold anyway.
  9. Yes....Mine are satin rosewood. Don't like gloss black either.
  10. I've just posted a thread about Elac AS-61 Standmounts.....think they are spectacular. And I'm very much a floor stander man.
  11. I'll declare my bias upfront. I've always liked AJ's work, bought a pair of Kef 104/2 References , new in about 1988 and kept them for 20 years. Got a pair of Pioneers S-1EX , and love TAD Reference speakers...... Been looking for some stand mounts for a possible downsizing project, bought some Raidho C1.1s , didn't work for me, so when I saw a pair of 61s on eBay, they rang a bell, so hit a few review sites. It seems they were revered by the Trade and Press , but loathed by the public, they bombed commercially, and AJ and Elac parted company. My thoughts were, I can't believe Elac and AJ would release a product which is that bad, and surely the audio reviews would also be pretty so so, they are generally never "bad" So , did a deal with the dealer direct, and they arrived in 2 large boxes. I wasn't able to get the matching ABST101 stands, it seems Elac probably melted them all down , a couple of stupidly priced pairs in Germany and USA. On arrival, having no stands, popped them on a a pair of swivel hydraulic bar stools, and despite being different heights, and trying to spin off axis , thought, my these sound quite good. Popped them back into the black velvet bags , and in the downstairs loo for a week (not obligatory) until the stands arrived. Bought a pair of Atacama HMS 2X stands, as they were almost the same height , 600mm , as the Elac stands, filled each of the 8 legs with sharp sand that had dried in the airing cupboard all week, positioned them in a perfect equilateral triangle position, about 2.7m x 3 . I bi amp, as my pre lets me dial in the HFs on the "slave" amp, 4 identical XLR outputs, but 2 have a gain control, so can use entirely disparate power amps , am using a 250W Class D amp on the Low Frequency posts, and a Plinius SA100 Mk3 , in either A or AB, about 150W into 6 ohms , on the High Frequency posts. And lets go..... OH my giddy Aunt, they are spectacular . Fast, dynamic , open, spacious , the boxes disappear, holographic , tight deep (ish) tuneful bass , just bloody amazing. I then tried just the Plinius , and it wasn't good, didn't have the puff to drive and control them properly. I've had 2 sets of friends over to blind listen, didn't know what they were, one was blown away , and the other, when told the brand and price, just went very quiet....as I , and possibly he, thinks they bested his 8x the price speakers. I think the major issue with these AS61s are they need top quality , beefy electronics to make them work, and Elac knocked them out at $3000/£3000 , so people with "lesser" quality power tried to run them, and they would have been awful. If they were £8 to £10K , which I think they could be, then matched with similar amps, what a match !! If you get the chance , and there's 2 pairs on eBay , and have grunty amp/amps that will move -85db , then give these a go. You'll be rewarded with fabulous speakers, for a truly daft low price. I'm pondering buying another pair !
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