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  1. Locked down in RCT, so will have to be courier only, unless you're another RCT prisoner !
  2. As it says.... A pair of 1m Chord Cobra Plus XLR interconnects, with RIGHT ANGLED connectors at both ends. Good for systems with little rear clearance. No longer required due a new rack. £75 + delivery, or best decent offer. Cardiff direction if collection is possible. NOW SOLD !
  3. I've a mate with a Kenwood KD550 , good DD TT. Think he's looking to sell it.
  4. £100m for the interconnects ! WOW , could have bought a lot of PPE with that Good luck, a nice set up !
  5. Typo. Yes, Acoustic Signature TA 1000. Really like their stuff, nearly put the arm onto a Storm , but went in a different direction. Got a Basis 2200 with Vector 4 arm now.
  6. 2001 Model i believe. lovely condition, with fender hard case. Pale blue. Loads more pics , just ask ! £850.00 collection from Cardiff ish. SOLD
  7. Looking at the plugs behind her, not a UK model !