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  1. Bought new from Oxford Audio December 2020, so only 10 months old. Excellent fully featured DAC , with 3 x Coax, 3 x Optical and 1 x USB inputs. Runs my CD transport, streamer, Sky box and BluRay with spare inputs. Uses the highly reputed ESS Sabre chip, will confirm which one, has a separation of 120db, so excellent soundstaging etc. Takes all the usual High Def , DSD, 768K upsampling etc, read the reviews, excellent !! The pre is pretty good, drives my friends PMC actives well, and has a 6.5mm standard headphone jack, which defeats the output and can be controlled with the dial or the remote. Balanced and RCA outs. Remote and all original packaging, soft bag etc. I'll post more pics when it comes out on Tuesday, as you can see, used with some nice kit, and holds its own easily. I'm selling as I have a wealthy mate whos' on a mega upgrade mission, I'm buying his "castoffs" Looking for £900 or best decent offer. Collection from cardiff ish, or courier.
  2. A friend was selling a Copland CDA 825. Stunning CDP with RCA and XLR outs, and the amazing Philips drive. Was thinking about it for myself. LMK if it's of interest.
  3. Is this the Neo 350? Roughly what age? Where are you based? Ta. N.
  4. thanks for all the offers. Sorted now, subject to ParcelForce not wrecking it !
  5. PROVISIONALLY SOLD PENDING FINAL PAYMENT. As above. A pair of 2016 Raidho C1.1 , in WALNUT, with original triple box packaging, with Raidho stands, boxed too. Fabulous condition , as new. These were bought new in 2016, by my mate, who last year , went up to D1.1 ! I bought them for my 2nd system , which never really happened. If you look at my ads, you see the pre/power/TT and phono stage all were advertised here. These are the final part , no point keeping them. New , these were £9300 for the speakers, and £1700 for the stands. Looking for £4500. Will courier , but it's 3 large boxes, collection preferred. There's some 1.2s on *bay for £1000 more!
  6. As above. A decent 10.5 inch R2R machine. As long as the reels turn, I'm happy. Doesn't have to actually play or record. Must be 10.5 , altready have an Akai 7 incher ! LMK.
  7. Some might see their wives being run off with, as a blessing . Almost like finding Hovland Caps. Was going to offer him my , still for sale, Perreaux VP3 Phono stage
  8. Thanks Killie. I agree, NZ produces some fine kit, Perreaux and Plinius, both under the radar but top kit ! I bought a valve phono stage to bring a little warmth into a fully SS system, but if it doesn't sell, may well just keep it as a fall back .
  9. On the Node, It's the red light of death. If it were a fuse, I'd get nothing? The forums suggest it's a cap , or something on the board. All suggestions appreciated, but I'm not the man to try and fix it, my skills are not with soldering iron etc.
  10. I'm looking for a streamer that, A.I can plug into my own DAC B. Plug my 2TB external USB hard drive into to play my rips of my 3000 odd CDs. C. Stream Qobuz, Amazon Music and Radio Paradise. D. Control with an Android app. It's replacing a Bluesound Node 2 that has ceased to be. LMK what you've got !
  11. Due to my inability to stop buying large Amps, this is now for sale. Excellent piece of John Curl circuit design, runs in Class A for the 1st 10W , then into A/B Punches well above it's weight, which is darned heavy ! Can be run Balanced or single ended. It's got a half inch scratch top left, and the rear of the bottom right corner is crunched, but not visable from the front. In every day use, sounds great. There are 4 for sale in Europe, from Euro 1500 to Euro 2000, so well priced. Looking fro £1250. Collection from cardiff (ish) or courier. PROVISIONALLY SOLD. DEPOSIT TAKEN 15TH JULY 21.
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