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  1. Am I correct in assuming that I can plug my 2TB external hard drive into the rear, and it will see all the music in there , and index it? And B.....only works via an Apple App?
  2. In this case, as far away as possible, is about a foot at the most. I'm using all balanced , roughly 1.5m interconnect cables, then 3.5m speaker cables. Guess I could try longer balanced interconnects , and shorter speaker cables, but as you said, about 1 foot between the pre and powers seems the magic distance !
  3. I've been running my S-1EX speakers with a Plinius SA100 Mk 3 , but decided it didn't quite have the grip on the bass I needed , so started a search for something more grunty. I had couriers forming an orderly queue to drop Power amps off to try, quite a smorgesbord of different Solid State, Valve and Hybrids. Eventually I settled on a Vitus RS 100. Sounds great. I then thought , lets try Bi amping, as my Pass Labs XP30 Pre lets me tweak the balance between the Master and Slave outputs , can dial the "slave" in an out, which for me if the HFs , so tried the Plinius on HF and Vitus on LFs. I had the Plinius on the left of the system , on the floor, and the Vitus on the RHS on the floor. It sounded good, but felt it was a tad muddled , and wasn't as fast or imaging as well as I'd hoped. Then purely by chance, I moved the Vitus about 6 inches away from the gain stages on the pre, and wow , what a difference, it all began to get more focussed. I've now got the both the Vitus and Plinius as far away from the pre as my cables will allow, and it has made a huge difference. I'm guessing the transformers on the power amps were throwing some noise into the system? Not noise like buzz or hum, but something that was interacting badly somehow. Pass Labs did say that if possible , keep the control box away from the 2 gain stages . Worth a try if you can do it.
  4. Plinius SA100 Mk 3. Best of both worlds. A and AB ! May be jsut above the top end of your budget, but you'd be hard pressed to better it.
  5. Fabulous half size DAC/Pre by the American high end WADIA company. In immaculate condition, with remote, original packaging and instuctions. Lots of reviews and info on the net. 5 Digital inputs, ( 2 x Coax , 2 x Toslink Optical and 1 x USB) RCA and Balanced XLR outputs. It's a DAC and a Pre, so you can , if desired, connect straight to a power amp, or active speakers, for an office system, small footprint too ! And a full size 6.5mm headphone jack. Build is excellent, machined Aluminium case with black glass top. I've got 2 DACs , so am advertising both, happy to live with which either one remains. Looking for £800 or best good offer. Based in CF72 , near Cardiff if you want a demo.
  6. And an almost brand new Class D Elac Alchemy DPA 2.
  7. Don't forget my Plinius SA100 Mk3. Class AB and A
  8. Well it's out of the system ,but easy to wire back in. Replaced by some Scandic power !
  9. Agreed . The SA100 is currently a very large door stop. It's for sale here , then flea bay next year. The Vitus / Pass Labs combo works very well. Lovely top, and controls the bass extremely well. The RS 100 is a keeper, until I can afford the monos
  10. I'm a recent convert to the brand. Have just bought a used RS 100 Power from a dealer . I've got a 30 day money back guarantee , but 4 days in now, suitably warmed up , and I don't think it will be going anywhere. This replaces my Plinius SA100 Mk3, which i loved , but needed more grunt to control my speakers. Tried to get another to bridge but failed. This month I've tried Thoress, Ming Da, Gold Note and Chord, and the Vitus thrashes them. Over the last 2 years, can add Parasound, Analog Domain , Accuphase and Auris to the list. Sweet open top, and really controls the bass , which was a constant bugbear with the SA100. Even the Chord SPM 1050 Mk2 I had here last week doesn't come anywhere close. Think I'll be putting the packaging up in the loft
  11. Thought I'd say hello. PL XP 30 pre here. Been in the system for a couple of months , after 2 years of pre hunting , that included, from memory, Accuphase, Bryston, Thoress, AudioPax, MBL, Analog Domain, and sure I've forgotten some. It really suits my ears, and am now working through a stack of power amps , currently got a Vitus in, quite a lean combo but suits the slightly warm speakers, and a dodgy ear
  12. This was purchased brand new about 3 months ago, as an exercise in Bi-amping with my ( now for sale also) Plinius. Class A input with Class D output. The Alchemy DPA-2 Power Amplifier is about dynamic musicality, thanks to design that combines Class A circuit topology composed of discrete FETs and a linear power supply using a toroidal transformer. The pure analog input stage preserves all the detail and nuance of the most delicate passages. The Class D output stage with switching power supply results in impressive output combined with cool-running efficiency. The power output of the DPA-2 isn’t just formidable, it’s easily configurable for the needs of every system. Producing 325 watts-per-channel in stereo, the Alchemy amplifier can be easily switched to deliver 650 watts in monaural mode, sufficient to drive the most demanding, power-hungry loudspeakers. Puts out 210w into 8 ohms, and 325W into 4 ohms. Balanced and single ended inputs, and can be bridged with another DPA2. All original packaging etc . New is still £1450 to £1500 . I'm looking for £1050 or best decent offer. Happy to post as it's quite light. NOW SOLD
  13. I love this amp, and don't really want to sell, but you may have seen from my WTB, I need 2 to bridge, or the SA250 . Neither have been possible to find, so I've had to go in a different direction sadly. It's a big beast , about 40 Kgs. It sounds great in AB, but there's a switch, that pops it into Class A, and about 30 mins later, the sound changes, and it starts heating up, hence the fins . I'll really miss that. 100W in 8 ohms, 150 into 6, and 200 into 4 ohms, but tons of current , easily drove my Pioneer S-1EX full range floorstanders. Balanced and Single ended inputs. No original box i'm afraid. Collection preferred as it's a weighty thing. CF72 , just North of Cardiff. Happy to meet within say a 75 mile drive . But will courier at your expense. £1800.00 or best decent offer. ALSO SELLING MY ELAC ALCHEMY CLASS D POWER AMP.
  14. A lot of pre, for not a lot of money ! I've got it's bigger brother, the XP30, and mine's not going anywhere. Totally neutral , doesn't add a "house sound" , excellent build. I had quite a pre journey, went through 5 , including Accuphase, MBL, Bryston....over the last 2 years, super happy with the Pass. Looking for a Pass power now. GLWS !
  15. My search for a 2nd PLINIUS SA100 MK3 to biamp has failed, so mine may very well be up for sale soon. Big beast , 100W pc in 8 ohms, 200 into 4. Class AB or A at the flick of a switch. I love mine, but need 2 !
  16. Yes, sadly too low output. Looking for about 250W , the X range is AB but more beefy. Indeed. My SA 100 Mk 3 had a lot of work done by the previous owner. I'm thinking this may be a dead end, and start looking for a newer stand alone power amp , be more open mnded. And sell the Plinius ?
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