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  1. For lovers of Prog, or a golf Pro. PRO 6 GGG Happy to supply my old plates too, which look like PROGGGG ! On retention. Been on my 2nd car for a few years, now down to 1 car. £2500.00 PM me, I'll send a photo of the retention cert and plates.
  2. Is this still a live enquiry ? I'm considering selling my Pioneer / TAD/ Andrew Jones S-1EX floorstanders.
  3. almost exactly what i'm looking for ! but I'm in cardiff. and it's sold anyway.
  4. Yes....Mine are satin rosewood. Don't like gloss black either.
  5. I've just posted a thread about Elac AS-61 Standmounts.....think they are spectacular. And I'm very much a floor stander man.
  6. I'll declare my bias upfront. I've always liked AJ's work, bought a pair of Kef 104/2 References , new in about 1988 and kept them for 20 years. Got a pair of Pioneers S-1EX , and love TAD Reference speakers...... Been looking for some stand mounts for a possible downsizing project, bought some Raidho C1.1s , didn't work for me, so when I saw a pair of 61s on eBay, they rang a bell, so hit a few review sites. It seems they were revered by the Trade and Press , but loathed by the public, they bombed commercially, and AJ and Elac parted company. My thoughts were, I can't believe Elac and AJ would release a product which is that bad, and surely the audio reviews would also be pretty so so, they are generally never "bad" So , did a deal with the dealer direct, and they arrived in 2 large boxes. I wasn't able to get the matching ABST101 stands, it seems Elac probably melted them all down , a couple of stupidly priced pairs in Germany and USA. On arrival, having no stands, popped them on a a pair of swivel hydraulic bar stools, and despite being different heights, and trying to spin off axis , thought, my these sound quite good. Popped them back into the black velvet bags , and in the downstairs loo for a week (not obligatory) until the stands arrived. Bought a pair of Atacama HMS 2X stands, as they were almost the same height , 600mm , as the Elac stands, filled each of the 8 legs with sharp sand that had dried in the airing cupboard all week, positioned them in a perfect equilateral triangle position, about 2.7m x 3 . I bi amp, as my pre lets me dial in the HFs on the "slave" amp, 4 identical XLR outputs, but 2 have a gain control, so can use entirely disparate power amps , am using a 250W Class D amp on the Low Frequency posts, and a Plinius SA100 Mk3 , in either A or AB, about 150W into 6 ohms , on the High Frequency posts. And lets go..... OH my giddy Aunt, they are spectacular . Fast, dynamic , open, spacious , the boxes disappear, holographic , tight deep (ish) tuneful bass , just bloody amazing. I then tried just the Plinius , and it wasn't good, didn't have the puff to drive and control them properly. I've had 2 sets of friends over to blind listen, didn't know what they were, one was blown away , and the other, when told the brand and price, just went very quiet....as I , and possibly he, thinks they bested his 8x the price speakers. I think the major issue with these AS61s are they need top quality , beefy electronics to make them work, and Elac knocked them out at $3000/£3000 , so people with "lesser" quality power tried to run them, and they would have been awful. If they were £8 to £10K , which I think they could be, then matched with similar amps, what a match !! If you get the chance , and there's 2 pairs on eBay , and have grunty amp/amps that will move -85db , then give these a go. You'll be rewarded with fabulous speakers, for a truly daft low price. I'm pondering buying another pair !
  7. Just done a bit of an A/B with my Wadia , it's as good as, at half the price. But the Wadia fits my rack better !
  8. Excellent amp, big fan of Perreaux. Had the small Audiant 80 integrated , the pre and the VP3 phono stage over the last few years. Superb build , and sounded great. GLWS.
  9. Not a nasty plastic thing that comes with some kit, Something like a TeraDak etc. Needs to be 15W or thereabouts. LMK if you have one surplus to requirements !
  10. Bought new from Oxford Audio December 2020, so only 10 months old. Excellent fully featured DAC , with 3 x Coax, 3 x Optical and 1 x USB inputs. Runs my CD transport, streamer, Sky box and BluRay with spare inputs. Uses the highly reputed ESS Sabre Pro ES9028PRO Hyperstream II 32 bit DAC chips which have been configured in a fully differential (balanced) dual mono topology which is complemented by highly-tuned over-sampling 32-bit sample rate converter circuit. The M6S’ channel separation is a healthy 105dB while its Dynamic Range is 119dB. The unit’s output impedance is an amplifier-friendly 47 ohms. Takes all the usual High Def , DSD, 768K upsampling etc, read the reviews, excellent, award winning !! The pre is pretty good, drives my friends PMC actives well, and has a 6.5mm standard headphone jack, which defeats the output and can be controlled with the dial or the remote. Balanced and RCA outs. Remote and all original packaging, soft bag etc. As you can see, used with some nice kit, and holds its own easily. I'm selling as I have a wealthy mate whos' on a mega upgrade mission, I'm buying his "castoffs" Looking for £900 or best decent offer. Collection from cardiff ish, or courier.
  11. A friend was selling a Copland CDA 825. Stunning CDP with RCA and XLR outs, and the amazing Philips drive. Was thinking about it for myself. LMK if it's of interest.
  12. Is this the Neo 350? Roughly what age? Where are you based? Ta. N.
  13. thanks for all the offers. Sorted now, subject to ParcelForce not wrecking it !
  14. PROVISIONALLY SOLD PENDING FINAL PAYMENT. As above. A pair of 2016 Raidho C1.1 , in WALNUT, with original triple box packaging, with Raidho stands, boxed too. Fabulous condition , as new. These were bought new in 2016, by my mate, who last year , went up to D1.1 ! I bought them for my 2nd system , which never really happened. If you look at my ads, you see the pre/power/TT and phono stage all were advertised here. These are the final part , no point keeping them. New , these were £9300 for the speakers, and £1700 for the stands. Looking for £4500. Will courier , but it's 3 large boxes, collection preferred. There's some 1.2s on *bay for £1000 more!
  15. As above. A decent 10.5 inch R2R machine. As long as the reels turn, I'm happy. Doesn't have to actually play or record. Must be 10.5 , altready have an Akai 7 incher ! LMK.
  16. Some might see their wives being run off with, as a blessing . Almost like finding Hovland Caps. Was going to offer him my , still for sale, Perreaux VP3 Phono stage
  17. Thanks Killie. I agree, NZ produces some fine kit, Perreaux and Plinius, both under the radar but top kit ! I bought a valve phono stage to bring a little warmth into a fully SS system, but if it doesn't sell, may well just keep it as a fall back .
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