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  1. No the new one but the West one , you mention is a good orientation point for walkers as it is located exactly opposite the hotel in which venue is carried Txs ANT , that's very kind of you my friend. I hope you are fine and possibly even will be able to take a trip ? Let me know - I will bring an armchair for you if you only confirm that you are going to come Could it be Tel ? I was always leaving there my car whenever was going to see something. But I possibly can be wrong ,too. Not leaving in the walking distance from Brighton anymore .
  2. Hi James That's good you pointed that. Marina is free and in the distance you already said, true.It helped me to find a mistake in my post. In fact the parking I was thinking about writing that was a Madeira Drive one, which is off the pier roundabout as you know. Txs for bringing this back to attention
  3. Great selection my friend. Wollny is Brilliant. I just have listen to Ian Ballamy and Thomas Stronnen in Berlin. Not sure if it is going to be the same project but it was just wonderful. I am going to be there as well ,so it would be good to catch up and meet each other
  4. cheers Steve Here you got all I know about this year edition so far from my festival PR Great chance to see Gregory Potter and Kurt Elling on the same stage - two greatest male jazz singers today ! Star Names For Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014 Jamie Cullum, Laura Mvula, Jools Holland, Billy Cobham, Gregory Porter, Frank Sinatra Jnr, Curtis Stigers and many more “If someone doesn’t ‘get’ jazz, how do you woo them towards enjoying it? The Cheltenham Jazz Festival” The Times “A contact hit o
  5. That is actually very good point James. I like an idea and you can count on me here. I would like to donate 2 pairs of Albedo Beginning interconnects for the raffle. Great job Robin you have done here on that charity run and really you could not pick up the better than that. In memory of sorely missed old fogey and with full respect for his charity choice. As I didn't come across the situation when the drama was on. I own you as I picked that knowledge thanks to you mate and took a time to read it and pay the respect.
  6. The Marina Drive parking with 5 minutes walk from the venue is a cheap choice, to mention the most convenient one. Also multilevel parking in Brighton Marina is FREE all the time, just leave you with a mile to walk to the hotel. But even that is far from disaster I would say, especially with a nice company to have a day off to spend with , isn't it ?
  7. wonderful post Matt - SPOT ON !
  8. HI Gary Of course it's not. You can got satisfying results with both , depends on what floods your boat However supplying requested amount of power and best impedance match still remains crucial here Hi bonzo I am sure you will find a lot of them around London. Personally I do not like Logans. Main reason is really bad integration with a sub unit. There are also other things, but no point to discus it here. CLZ for example as they were full range panels didn't suffer this problem, but there was not enough bass for a proper bass freak too, unless you run them as a bi- amp set up with
  9. Hi I agree with you pretty much. Having in past many stats I found Audiostatics DCI to be most favorable and reliable as well , to make long story short But as you pointed they are always a real pain to power up and finding really right match is not easy task. That's why personally I took defferent approach and joint the hORN club. In my opinion horns and stats sharing the same qualities regarding their ability to make truly spacial 3 dimensional playback possible , but they are obviously different. But we are not talking about classes here , more like about the taste. Plus the fa
  10. This is one of the saddest posts I have ever done , but it has to be said that things are not always joyful in life. Today Lou Reed left us. Please pay respect and keep listening to his music and share it with those who never had a chance to experience it yet. http://gpoint-audio.com/coda-lou-reed-1942-2013/
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