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  1. hi i dont know , prehaps yes ,just asking . thank you anyway , regards rich ,
  2. Is it my system?? Or have the station got there left and right out outs mixed up its doing my head in , it seems to have been for ever, all the fiddles seem on the right and the basses then on the left ? For everythingi havelistenned to againthis afternoon , ?? Could some one tell them to have a check? But it makes you wonder what the hell is going on at the broadcast end , but then again it might just be some person who doesent give a hoot or even care etc , compressors? , well i wont go there. Interested to hear .
  3. have i missed something, isn't it supposed to be about 80 percent of us will catch it and a lot of us already actually have its, its a very very easy thing to pass on and catch, I mean even less than a droplet, isn't ?? any way so even if we all do , and we should , do stay away from others I wonder of the hospitals are going to be over run anyway , I mean 4000 beads hear and there aint going to cut it , I don't know the figures, some one will but say even one percent of the people getting it , have a nasty does of the thing , I don't know what the number of them will been proper ventilation time, but your knocked out its gotta be a week or two hasent it, ?? its going to be many hundreds or thousands , I am for one staying in side, out once a day and getting shopping once a week just about , its all you can do I think , keep safe guys, been listening to old cds, etc, and doing some work from home, I am on mid term break at the moment, thank fully regards Richard, .
  4. so I am looking for replacement pads for the above sony v6, any places people would say give a good service, price, but also I am looking for a second set of phones, I have tried the £100 BEYER things in the past quiet liked them , but also I had a long defunct set of sennhieser ovation things, rather liked there presentation , but was shocked at the difference in top end went to sonys which are my present set, any thoughts re the k series akg, i know you gotta hear them , but i am buying blind, i like al sorts of music , not bothered open or closed, i seem to like the big on your head sorts, i don't have special ams to drive them , just a Yamaha cheap amp and also at times a old Beresford when i can be bothered hooking it up , playing old 16 bit cds, , views etc, might get a fiio mp3 player later,. regards lowendall, .
  5. Yes the editing thing is good never used it for cds , but for live two track from a mixer , yes easy to edit in to parts etc , i am going to put these in the sale post as soon as i can work out how, i think i also need to send money ? Is this correct?
  6. So been sorting out , ready to move on , selling , i have 4 mini disk ? Units ? But had a few tunes on disk today forgotten how enjoable these can sound, to my ears yes they seem to roll the top end off, but recording even live from a sound desk they sound good, i cannot to my ear s hear any real differancein the various decks i have including a nice sony mid range thing mj 350 sort of thing and also a professional, tascam 301 mark 2 Sadly about 100 disks were mistakenly put to the tip? So i only have about a dozen disks , but still nice to record radio shows etc , i seem to be spoilt for choice as i use a alesis master deck 9600 thing to record live to a hard drive ,the cd side of the unit seems to be playing up , regards , slowendall
  7. I still seem to be enjoying tunes on the pa speakers tonight , some paul weller, sounds rather too bottom ended on the hifi speakers nice enough but actually work well in tranfering to the jbl pa speakers? I know most rmix engineers also try to average mix over several sets of speakers , from top end units , to crappy sort of single driver things it used to a thing called auro tone not sure it still is the norm, The big flared 14 inch horn in a 8 by 12 listenning space stuffed with lots of furniture etc certainly isnt optimal listenning space , but having fun , looking out for some weather report cds to buy , gotta be good value on the bay or amazon sort of thing , suggestions, regards lowendall
  8. of course he will be in there but also looking for funk stuff perhaps a generation be for he came along, I have the funkadelics in mind , but thanks for the reminder, going to find a bootsie bootsy?? is it colins, . any way gotta have some of his glitz and bass on my list. and some of those mowtown players, , starting a list , asap. any compilations you can recommend, , sadly spent nearly £100 this month on tunes, so it will need to wait till next payday/ cosmic hippo I gotta get another copy as well,
  9. just noticed I seem to have become obssed with the orange gaffa tape its every where, a bit like spot the difference, for gaffa . looking for new funky sort of tunes any recommends any one, ?? I do have a couple of james brown tunes but going to make a effort to find some others, , I am about to start a after school listening to music club in one of my local schools, not at all sure what direction etc, but I am definatly going to play some classic tunes, .
  10. sadly the picture ofmylistenning space might be upsetting some , iknows it messy??? but its just for tunes, and I like to busk along on the big fiddle , sadly were moving soon so its going to be head phones only until I can find a decent builder to build me another listening room , shed sort of thing in the back garden, its all about the tunes, regards lowendall.
  11. whoops I cannot rember how to get the pics up loaded, I did load them in a post a while ago about hi res audio etc, yes as you said for a fun time listen speakers other than regular hifi can be interesting, but also I suspect a good number of hifi speakers low end and hgh end actually use nothing too special in there boxes, in deed I have heard a quiet a few speakers at the £500 to £1000 that I really have not been very impressed , it seems mostly with the top end, , and some of these units actually cannot in reality actually support proper sustained sound, I don't mean head banging levels but just good full domestic volumes, I di dhowever love the sound of my martin logan electrostatics, the model with the 8 inch driver in the bass, fiddles , voices , violins, cellos and even bass and bass guitar sound pretty good to my ears, the sound stage and extra high end stuff from the panels all very nice, but I had to drive the things with a 900 watt mossfett h and h pa amp, not actually turned up of course to get them to sing, so the room used to warm up before I got tired of listening??? anyway perhaps some one can find the pics I posted, I will try again, regards I wonder with some sort of digital control unit and a set up eq etc, I might get some proper low end out of these speakers, I am not going to go down that route, ,regards fun is a big factor is it not,
  12. Been using a very modest system for the last 15 years or so , i recently was using a nice kenwood se spcial edition 3020 uk tunned amp with my old sony ss g4 three way speakers, i think they sound ok , but recently up graded the amp to a basic yamaha a500 amp, it sound rather good , but the previous amp was perfectly usable, so i hooked up my old nearly 25 year old band pa speakers ?? Old jbl eon grey cabinets original, so the reason i do like to listen to jazz tunes and play along with my bass, so obviously these speakers are not hifi, but honestly with a bit of bass and trebble boost and plonked on the floor tillted up with a gaffa tape roll , these sound perfectly usable , to my ears , but actually i was listenning to the radio switching bettween speakers several times, i actually lost track of which speakers were on and happily listenning when i realised a complex orchestral track was sound good, and it was the pa speakers i had on?? Certainly as listennable as many hifi speakers i have had my self. Cheap kefs and even more expensive atc things , this is a opinion of course, you gotta like a nice big 14 inch horn for the top end .
  13. Looking for a box set the tchaikovsky symphonys , certainly want to pay not very much , any recommends or any one got a box for sale, , thanks rich
  14. 25 year old pa speakers , original jbl eons, I wonder if I up graded the crossover , they might shine a bit, my other main speakers big old sony g4 I think called heritage range, I enjoy these a lot , they were about £200 which was for me at the time a biiig spend, I have had electrostatic martin logans, atc scm 40 , also pro tannoy 12 studio modern units, , but they have all been moved on and I am where iam , still able to play tunes and enjoy them , same with amps had plenty of nice things older naim set up , copland , valve amps from in hear etc, still got a nice modern sony receiver and mossfett, lovely, if I could only get the radio to tune? been playing ramsey lewis collection , mocd 3012 weather report , the best and for the first time the count basie trio Pablo records, lots of good tunes and playing .