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  1. For ignoramuses like me, learning about Streaming on here is useful. Not having a 'phone limits me (In several ways! Most people/ businesses/Govt assume everyone has one) in terms of getting remote control of streaming services. I'll have to get my teenage neighbour to teach me, once I get an iPhone! Anyway, you guys are helpful in getting up to speed on stuff. Back to iPod/HDD/Mac.
  2. PHY speakers..." Demonstrating the uselessness of extreme mass for damping, he played a French singer's track where the recording engineer hadn't compressed the bass. The walls of this large sand-filled concrete cave were vibrating." I recall folk advocating slabs of Lead,in Hi-Fi News-1970s I have contrsting units here. My Ocellia Calliopes use thin walls to release the energy. My Opera Consonance Horns weigh 54 Kilios!
  3. Just seen this! Thanks,Mike but I'm all fixed up now. Well, apart from needing an iPod dock! Wadia,anyone? Things DO go in 3s!. My PS1 CD player-kaput.(Pic) Then the Topfield. Then -both!-iPod docks went dead.....
  4. Yes, I still use iPod for hi-fi! both my Pure AND Onkyo docks have failed. Anyine got a Wadia 170i? Or, failing that, Pure1-20 or Onkyo ND s10? Thanks in advance.
  5. US bias? It's a US publication. Lists are just an easy way to fill an issue. See 'Holiday reads; Christmas reads, etc..
  6. £700 for 4 'feet'!!! i'm still happy with Wine corks.
  7. ...or the time to find this and the time to comment on the comment....etc.,etc..(-"
  8. Julio uses some ace players on his records -Gerardo Nunez.......
  9. Have done some looking. Couple of guys on T'Bay doing up to a TB capacity upgrades. I doubt I'd live long enough to need THAT, but 500 gb might be good. Could get a bigger battery too. Current 160gb is 2/3 full at 10500 tracks, lossless.
  10. Has anyone had their iPod Classics upgraded ? You can get up to a Terabyte storage apparently on the later ones, maybe even on the earlier ones. My 80gb one is playing up; hopefully the 160gb one keeps on rolling as it has most of my music on it. My iDecco amp has built-in cradle for it. There was some rumour about the early 'mechanical' ones sounding better, though I've not noticed that. I thought I was being a bit dinasaurish, using iPod in these days of streaming, but the plethora of Pod related stuff on eBay says otherwise. (Lossless downloads of course)
  11. Too late....was going to ask if it gave you a tingle when you touched it, etc., (rather than the tingle you get from the sound!) Energy-challenged here also.
  12. Ken I's last work-he retired, and died last November. Can seemingly get these for £2300 @ currently.
  13. Possibly, yes!! My Opera Consonance Horns in a custom box were opened, then badly screwed back together, by 'Border Force' Unfortunately, no one had put any drugs in-AND they were sent from Holland!
  14. Sold! Message sent!But then found it was an S-for Satellite!! version-whoops. Anybody need one?