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  1. Try Zigmahornet; these are called Metronome FE127e.
  2. ...then you try making FULL SIZE Klipschorns! (These being La scalas) My hi-fi journey started with my Father making up a Heathkit stereo; deck, Amp, tuner, speakers, case....where I learnt to solder! THese (pic) are good too.Tricky angles though.
  3. Is VAT/Duty already applicable here? I imported speakers from Netherlands without them.(This year) Rabski beat me to it! How about a Berning......
  4. can't resist though I should have posted Astor Piazzola.
  5. I made a JLH 75 watter in 81 (see current eBay!) but it oscillated so I stuck it away. 30 years on, I sold it 'as is' to someone in SWest-so it could be the same one! Tempted by a Hiraga, though that Nobsound.....
  6. set of 4 Ss on e`bay currently. Too big for me-I'm hoping for 22s.
  7. Now; onto the fiction that JBL L100s are.....Bookshelf speakers! Must have serious 'book' shelves in USA (though it IS US- does anyone read books?) (-:
  8. Ah, that image! "Somewhere'....as if it was a house brimmming with hi-fi gems!
  9. Kind of 'Anti-chic' design? 30 Watts is plenty if sensivity is +90db. But, is the sound THAT good? (Though Field Coil units reputedly are very detailed and fast) On same page, 'Pass Rushmore' speakers look intriguing! Multi Built-in Pass amps and all. - and no French Polisher needed!
  10. Spirit "Fresh garbage" "Look inside your lids this morning see the things you didn't quite consume the world's a can for your fresh garbage'' 1970!
  11. Ocellia also. SEE MDI ref here http://6moons.com/audioreviews/ocellia/ocellia_3.html
  12. Beware of eBay 10% selling rate!