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  1. I am happy so far with the classic 50A`s so far but getting the towers would allow the anniversary discrete amp packs to be fitted
  2. I am glad you are sorted now, and can sit back and enjoy the music. The 40A`s will be able to support any upward changes in the future
  3. Thank you Flash, Lurch and Fourlegs for the info. I have looked at the Music First site ... and wish I hadn't. I am not surprised that it out performed the active preamps. I know what you mean about NOS Dacs, I am evaluating my DDDAC with the Audionote Tantalum non magnetic resisters at the moment. My main player is the Weiss ... I have one extreme to the other here
  4. That's good, I would get one to try in your system.
  5. Thats interesting, what did you find wrong with it ?
  6. If you can find a used SCA2 preamp that would be your final preamp purchase, they are so transparent. Then save up for the best Dac that you can afford for now. If you do upgrade the Dac at a later time the preamp part would be sorted for whatever you wanted to put through it.
  7. Out of curiosity, what are the distortion figures when trying to reproduce bass with the DSP corrected speaker models, without passive room correction ?
  8. I know, it should be banned if I had a choice in the matter ...
  9. All to be washed down with Civet Coffee ?
  10. I don't think readers want to be informed that the product they have just bought is rubbish, even if it is
  11. alexh


    We are just going to have agree to disagree on this topic ... myself and manufacturers wish dearly that burn in did not exist
  12. alexh


    Now the dust has settled regarding burn in and the fact that quality manufacturers do burn their products in, here is the proof from Weiss : 5.3 Manufacturing Information The manufacturing process of the OP1-BP is targeted for best performance, consistency and reliability. After the four layer printed circuit board is assembled and soldered the output stage heatsink is attached with a high-performance adhesive for a reliable, low loss connection. The fully assembled amplifier circuit is now exposed to several thermal cycles. This burn-in procedure ensures very stable operation afterwards, particularly regarding DC precision and the various bias points. Subsequently offset voltage, input bias current and class A output current are trimmed with the amplifier fully warmed up. Extensive testing of each specimen is carried out for several critical parameters.
  13. It's called fine tuning
  14. How about these panels ? tiles and panels#Description
  15. I forgot to mention that I have Rockfon Blanka dB 35 ceiling tiles and the foam tiles were added afterwards.