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  1. alexh


    It comes under the heading "You cannot have too many Bass Traps" I will post what I have done to the room later over the weekend
  2. alexh


    Hi George, The CDT3 is a keeper, I have had it for a couple of years. I bought it used from France, then sent it over to Audionote for a check over. They pronounced that all was healthy and that it will be serviceable for many years to come. The serviceability was one of the reasons I bought it, as I am CD only here. Its the same with the ATC`s, they have been brought up to the lates spec including the ATC tweeter, so will be fine for the next 20 years. The Weiss DAC is another one that can be updated if and when they bring out a Mk4 version. The sound is fine now after playing a CD on repeat for several days, it has width, depth and can resolve anything that is on the disk. It's like having a whole new set of CD`s to listen to, some of the old favourites have a lot more information on them that was missed by my previous players. You would be welcome to have re visit, I was not in a very good place when you came over a while ago, insomnia was trying to kill me then !!!
  3. alexh


    Hi Malcolm, You are are welcome to come and have a visit and a listen. You will be treated to a demonstration of how to make a pair of 50A`s work in a 9f 6in x 10ft room. There is a bit of a bass hump at around 50 hz but the rest is fine. Bring some favourite CD`s over and enjoy
  4. The difference is mainly cosmetic, but if you are buying new, the tower versions will allow the use of their discrete tri-amplifier pack that is used on the Anniversary and SE series speakers.
  5. alexh


    Thank you for the kind words. All I want to do is help people to achieve the best sound quality possible. I would have returned the Dac as faulty had I not had a conversation with someone who builds recording studios for a living. I now know why there are a lot of recording studios that keep rather old Dacs, instead of replacing them with better sounding ones. I do not want people to be done out of products, that given a bit of patience will have a very good sounding and enjoyable listening experience. I do not name drop even though the contacts I have are at the top of the field, they appreciate that about me so feel free to give me advice that would be considered non professional PC among some "Ignorant anal retentives" Their words
  6. alexh


    Now you know why you lost a sale from me. I talk to those that know what they are talking about, I bought it from a company that deals in the pro audio sector. I do not believe anything that comes from you due to your severe expectation bias so do not bother to engage me in conversations anymore.
  7. alexh


    You should read the post again. Anymore useless comments and you will go on the ignore list. It was not me getting acclimatised to the sound, it was as I described above.
  8. alexh


    A bit of an update regarding the Dac. When I first switched it on and played a CD through it, I was impressed with its sound, it had good resolution but did not seem to have the depth that the DDDAC had. I thought that must be how the CD`s were mastered and it was simply reproducing faithfully what was put together by the mastering engineer. However I decided to run a CD through it on continuous repeat and not turn it off at all. It did not change much after a week. but I decided to keep it running 24/7. I am glad that I did because when I put a Jack Johnson CD into the player on Monday it was a different player !!! It now has all the resolution that it had before, but now it has a huge wide and deep soundstage with the sound going wider than the speakers and a holographic portrayal of instrument positions. Lots of detail which I had never heard before are now being reproduced, multi tracking on vocals, ambient clues regarding the venue recorded are now apparent and the treble on vocals is very sweet and non fatiguing as it was before. It was a lesson learned by me regarding warm up or bedding in. If you find that something does not sound as expected, give it time before giving up and sending it back. It took 2 weeks of continuous playing before it settled down. I am surprised to be writing this, but that was how it was, against what it sounds like now, which is a top quality Dac that will reproduce what is on the disk wonderfully. I am now very happy with it and would recommend this Dac as a final purchase unit with no down sides going against it.
  9. I would also vote for the Van Damme XKE Install cable with the foil shielding and some Neutrik Profi RCA connectors. I use the Install XKE with balanced Neutrik XX series connectors in my whole system and I can assure you that I do not lack any resolution at all, a top quality and very under rated cable.
  10. Another vote for ATC, Audionote and Weiss Engineering. ATC for being able to bring my 50A`s from 1996 spec to the latest ASL spec including their new tweeter. Audionote for their after sales service. They keep a huge stock of the CD Pro mechanisms to keep their transports going for many years to come. Weiss Engineering for being able to keep their Dacs fully upgradable to the latest spec ie DAC1 Mk2 to DAC1 Mk3. Its good to know that my system will most likely outlast me :-)
  11. How about one of these.
  12. I am now a very pleased owner of a Weiss DAC1-MK3 Dac. It is the professional model so XLR`s only, which is fine by me as my whole system is designed around what recording studios use for the final stereo mix down. The sound is amazingly natural, and worked straight from the moment I switched it on. I am very happy with it, highly recommended if you want to hear what the engineer wanted to convey.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion, I got the Acoustifeet 20B and now it is sitting level and even has that nice damped feeling when pushed from the side. I did also put some 4mm thick damping pads inside as well, it no longer sounds like a tin box when tapped so should be a bit more immune to the vibrations that are present in a listening room that shows 104 Db SPL ...
  14. When I was in the design phase (Sorry, pun intended) of my balanced power supply, I, had the transformers primaries at 245v and the secondaries 230v.
  15. Funny that you say that, I recently changed the Hager breakers over to Eton. I found the Hager Busbar a bit on the flimsy side. Now it is all Eton with a nice thick silver plated Busbar One of the benefits of the setup is that I can listen to the system any time of day and it always sounds like that late time of night when everybody is in bed and not spraying DC and RFI all over the place