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  1. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    Whats the difference between tidal and spotify? Edit: just seen its hi res - might just give that a try
  2. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    Well that was a productive afternoon. My mate brought his planet (mk1) over and we spent the afternoon switching between the 2 players. It seems the NAD is actually better than we thought it would be. We were expecting a night and day difference - but there wasn't much in it. Over many tracks the conclusion was that the Rega had a slightly better top end with a touch more clarity but when the music got louder it got a bit "zingy" which at times was a little too much. The NAD on the other hand had more weight to it and just felt more in control on the louder sections making it easier to listen too. They were both played through Naim 62/140 with Avondale APX into Cheviots. It seemed the NAD was a good match for the upfront Naim sound, it being a little weightier and rolling off the spikes. Conclusion is I could happily live with either player so there doesn't seem to be much point in actually changing it unless i was going to make a big step forward. Which is always a possibility but then our attention turned to the whole digital music/storage/streaming thing and i think i am going to do some research into something like a Bluesound Vault or similar. I already have a Spotify subscription but only use it for in the car/office or finding new music. For proper listening i need higher res so ripping all my CD's to something like a vault could well be the way to go. But should it be a vault ......or a mac mini ....or........
  3. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    I'm going to say a mk1 - .... but I could be wrong - I usually am ... just ask mrs H.
  4. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    Yes I saw this one - seems the kinda thing I could go for. Good news is, a friend is bringing his planet over tomorrow so we can directly compare it with the NAD
  5. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    Nothing particularly wrong with them - I have had them for nearly 25 years and even though I've tried other amps in that time - (mainly valve - leak stereo 20/wad kel84 etc) I keep coming back to the naim 62/140/apx. I like the detail and grip and although that might be a little "cold" at times - putting the tannoy cheviots on them seems to really balance the whole thing out. Its a big sound now without being too warm and the naims seem to have the power to drive the tannoys nicely I have never had them serviced and as I have only recently added the tannoys it has sparked interest in my hifi again, and well you know how it is - could a different amp setup be more suited to the tannoys etc etc? And then my CD player became noticeable as likely contender for a cull!
  6. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    'scuse my ignorance here as I've never really taken much notice of CD players as i have always mostly played records. So am I right to assume that the important part of a CD player is the quality of the DAC? And a stand alone DAC will be better than the one built in to the CD player itself? I have only just started using my CD player again after unboxing all my cd's after a house move - er...a couple of years ago - dont ask. My current CD player, a lowly NAD unit is obviously not the best around, but i am enjoying its sound. Would this be vastly improved by adding an external dac to it? I am considering a change to some of my current setup and could be changing my amps - but then i could also just get them serviced. The weakest part of my whole setup is the CD player - so i was thinking about a rega - would adding an external dac to my NAD be a better move?
  7. dhunter

    Rega CD Players

    That's great thank you
  8. Can anybody tell me the hierarchy of Rega CD players There is planet - Apollo -Jupiter etc, but I have no idea which is best, oldest etc Any help is much appreciated Thanks
  9. Sorted - thanks all
  10. Hmmm, I'm not really sure what level I'm after. But if it helps, when im playing cd's for instance, the volume starts at 7 oclock and going to 8 is nice but 9 is really loud so not using much of my volume at all. Hope that helps
  11. Looking for a pair of attenuators for my cd player. Goldenjacks, Rothwell or similar. Would also consider an attenuated DIN cable to fit Naim Nac62 Let me know what you have. Thanks
  12. Thanks Tony Will buy some of each and see which is best. Thanks for your help
  13. Hi Tony The thread diameter is 4.55mm Threads per inch = 29 Does that help?
  14. Hi All I have recently picked up some 1978 Cheviots which are sounding very nice. Can anybody advise what thread size the bolts are that hold the drivers in - looked to be about M5 but none of the bolts i have fit the thread. Thanks
  15. Sorry beckenham - too tall for me. Maximum i want is 30cm including spikes Thanks