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  1. I heard them at shows and they've always sounded good to me. Very much like the old JBL studio monitors but they would be they're not that far away in design. I was talking to the guys at Audio T and they said to their surprise they were really good sellers at the Bristol Show this year. I think they were surprised because of the retro styling that's all, and they're not cheap either.
  2. Yes, it probably is now you've highlighted it for us suckers. Although if there was such a buyer, then maybe the deal would be on
  3. He really is the Sony guy! Wow thats an amazing system he has put together there and now for sale. Its great he was willing to share a lot of his gear at the Wam shows though, respect!
  4. It is like living in a horror film at the moment and hearing things like this just makes it more real. So sorry you had to personally experience it.
  5. Oh no, really sorry to here this, my deepest condolences. This is really scary especially when a familiar crowd here on Wam report things like this. It must be such a difficult time for you at the moment.
  6. Profit and survival may be. Everyone is uncertain at the moment and your business is protecting its interests as well. No business is completely ethical it has to survive. But its also still doing a lot of good transferring goods around. Its tough times for people and businesses.
  7. The government legislation and advice is here. That's all we have to go on. How you act on that is up to the individual.
  8. There'll be a lot of exhausted medical staff that's for sure.
  9. Hey there's no offence, youre just making a point that is always as good as anyone's. And the job is not directly related to CV as such, but the situation really does not help it in any way either only added to it. It's pretty big stuff happening at the moment.
  10. Yes true John. I might have to get used to that cheaper misery as well, I might be on the verge of losing my long term job amongst all this chaos. In a post virus world I cant imagine there'll be loads of work around either. Lets just say there are 10 plumbers or whatever trades/shops for instance now, by the end of all this madness there'll probably only be 3 or 4 of those still who can sustain themselves. Could be worse imagine the pressure they are under now working in hospitals.
  11. I really like their style and yes agree, the only trouble is it wont put food on the table or pay the bills, or let us have some sort of a civilization if everyone took that on. But in principle, yes! Its just all a bit of a mess at the moment.
  12. It really annoys me how many people I see doing this as well, it's filthy! They just do it and some people even say bless you? Where's the sense. Basic education before they teach you anything in school it should be.
  13. Does it really matter, if they had the virus and died its a figure we can record. It's probably the only reliable figure we're going to get.