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  1. Link that thread please save me searching. Always interested to read other peoples opinions
  2. Lovely little speakers, and love the finish. All the best with the sale
  3. Me being never satisfied with anything I had the 63SE and the Ki Sig. I've had more Hi-Fi's than Currys me! I never got the Ki Sig, personally I thought 'subjectively' again, it was a bit flat lifeless and mushy sounding, congested almost, yet the Bible at the time, What Hi-Fi, praised it as being so musical and this and that. I thought the cheaper 63SE sounded a touch better personally But that wasn't a good thing to think when it scored better and cost more, or perhaps they had to sell it that way. Then all my mates used to bring these 5 Star What Hi-Fi amps round a grand and over but I couldn't unseat my old Pioneer A400 at the time. I'd be there scratching my head on how these 'better' amps didn't sound better to me, most of the time the A400 bettered them I'm sure half the time they agreed as well, they just had to justify their expense lol, it is though its all just opinions. I have to be honest though for me its some of the more costlier equipment that's really given me the eargasms and jaw drops. The Pioneer PD91 had some vivid memories of music for me, and mind just blown listening to full albums I'd always listened to but like hearing them like never before. And that Naim DAC I had, ok they cost a lot but I've never heard 3D and separation in the music like that from any source. It might be my imagination I don't know but I know my imagination sometimes likes the things that cost more than I want to spend But some of the cheap stuff sometimes can be just as equally thrilling in its own way discovering, enjoying and listen to music. It really doesn't have to cost a fortune, be built like Concorde or have the praise of the most discerning Hi-Fi critics or mags.
  4. Well lets be honest hi-fi is not an exact science is it, its all subjective waffle. The cheap Marantz I owned was in my youth we are talking maybe 25+ years ago. I'm not sure what you are getting at here or what truth there is to be had. Its just a load of blokes with opinions on hi-fi. I owned a Resolution Audio Opus 21 as well for around 12 months, its wasn't a bad player but I failed to see what all the fuss was about. And I tried it in a number of set ups and with different speakers. And I used its stand alone DAC feature as well for different sources. DIN cables standard RCA the lot. From there I owned the Naim DAC and had both together at the same time actually. For me the Naim wiped the floor with Opus 21 completely! It wasn't even a contest! To this day that Naim DAC is the best I've owned, subjectively of course. But the Pioneer PD91 I owned years ago was just such a lush sound to get carried away with. The cheap marantz I owned years ago I stand by it was a great player. Cost £200, the naim DAC was 3 grand last selling for. Its better is it 15x better though. Its better yes but they both still do similar things.
  5. Yeah they loved the bad sci-fi look back then, Dr Who was in its prime You need a space age flat to have them tho I'm only have a bit of a joke as well Julian. One of my favs are possibly one of the ugliest speakers to put in any lounge! I'd actually love to hear those Gales
  6. Yeah, if only they sold a CDP to DAC converter on Amazon (they sell everything else!). There's some great sounding DACs on some of these machines and we still love digital don't we it's just the disc are getting a bit yesterdays news I used to love my PD91 pioneer, if only I could have turned that into a DAC. To me it was a sound I wouldn't associate with CD players and of what I'd come accustomed to at the time, its just flowed analogue at you. Even if I could convert it, the thing was meant to spin those discs, I'm sure it would never really be the same.
  7. I loved that player years ago when I had one, it showed many a mates CD player they brought round a clean pair of heels. So much fun and even though the terms overused it was musical and exciting. I had more enjoyment out of that thing than things I brought home costing considerably more! Great bit of audio kit, still is!
  8. Interesting. That pretty much sums it up for digital though, unless it sounds bad there can sometimes be very little difference in digital sources, especially to warrant the big prices of some expensive equipment. It can really be a case of very little more (or even just different) for a lot more cash. If a DAC/CDP is doing its thing being transparent which they all should really if they're well designed, we are really splitting hairs to presentation of things. And a lot of that is subjective anyway.
  9. Never heard a set, but I'm sure they're good. Don't think I've heard a bad speaker that uses the same scanspeak tweeter that's in those. It's one of my favourites
  10. You just want to watch Keith getting them out of the van don't you Like a big unboxing fetish
  11. I had some ref 8 sigs, I also thought they did simular. Great speakers. They even look like the same drivers. But the 8s were ported.
  12. That just proves beauty is in the eye of the beholders, how many were in that survey? They look a bit like liquorice allsorts on a makeshift stand I know of those speakers and I'm not doubting their abilities at all but even to say they are retro now wouldn't really pass them as nice looking It does show though that looks are of their time and I'm sure many still obviously have lustful eyes for them but trends change. People used to have heavily patterned carpets, wall paper and artex walls/ceilings. Well that is still a thing now for some I know but if you look at the 60/70s it was more so. Even as a raving mad audiophile I think speakers and hifi can at the best of times still be generally ugly though, and the bigger you go with speakers the more of an eyesore to the room they can become. With perhaps the odd exceptions of possibly some Sonus Faber, Bang & Olufsen or something along that lines. But I'm sure even those may get a 'you're not keeping them there' off some of the loving partners Sexy Hi-Fi's are few and far between to anything other than audiophiles. Perhaps a Naim Atom but again even that's subjective.
  13. Could probably pick up a few speakers for under a grand used which would sound equally as impressive to an audience blindfolded. They might not look as flamboyant though. They are impressive looking things if not to everyones taste. I'm sure if the right settings they could be amazing and if you really didn't care about 75k, but everyone would kind of care about it. Well maybe not some but I'll never be that privileged.
  14. Owned many speakers and speakers costing significantly more than these but there's just something about them that to my ears draw me into the music. Don't need a big room or a fancy system and these are one of the better ones of this make that can perform in a range of settings. Changes in upstream components are easily heard with these speakers and you could even put them on a hi-end system I believe and you'd hear it. I've had around perhaps 4 or 5 sets off and on over the years but I don't think I would ever sell the ones I have here now. Due to their age as well they're getting a bit more scarce. These speakers have always been close to my heart for well over 20 years. Remember having a magazine in the 90s it was either Hi-Fi World or Choice (wish I still had it) where there was around 6 different reviewers/audiophiles which all put them somewhere on their lists of all time great equipment. Not everyone agreed though went to a fancy hi-fi shop once where the sales guy never understood why people liked them, but he also disliked Linn Kan's in the same vein. I also visited an Audio Excellence once where the guy in that shop told me there was a number of Naim owners with big money systems who were customers. These owners used to try upgrading many times but would end up using nothing else. Must be used on their own stands though and it does make a big difference to their midrange if not. The newer models after these perhaps bettered them a tiny bit in ultimate resolution but for me lost a bit of enjoyment at the same time. I don't know whether it was the no crossovers but they always sounded very different to other speakers I've used, and still to this day one of the most lush and organic midranges ever. And I've liked many ProAc's as well to similar effect, those 1SC's already shown here are one and the BBC LS3/5A (but never owned) is another. Not an expensive speaker new in the early 90s really but these for me will always be all time Hall Of Fame regardless of cost.
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