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  1. Great album by the way, regardless of hair
  2. My hair used to be like that Mind you its not quite the same but not far away after lockdown
  3. Reasonable price as well for what is a legendary digital front end. Always wanted to hear them, they were pretty much the ultimate at one time and I cant imagine that's changed much either, especially well maintained ones.
  4. At least we know its faulty now and not a complete load of bad audio Let us know how you get on Lee, and if it transforms your system
  5. This sounds interesting Colin, I never explored the pi route myself. Hopefully see this at our Kegworth when we eventually get it, along with your class D amps. I've been experimenting myself with class D, its really come on in recent years but I have always kind of seen the potential I think it could even dominate for amplification at some point. I'm playing with some audio equipment here at the moment which should raise a few eyebrows I'm hoping when we get our show.
  6. Haven't heard but they look nice, Sonus Faber are always there for some of the most luxurious looking made speakers as far as I'm concerned.
  7. To be continued........... I think I have actually found someone who's worse than as bad as me. I knew there was something special about you Lawrence when I became acquainted with you. And Im glad I did
  8. He'll drop them off on his way to the picking up beer and wine for the garden party he's having
  9. Oh yeah, trying to put that one behind me. That was a completely different story, and another great example of collection is always the best or the buyer takes full responsibility for courier and no comebacks. That was a red flag to start with really when they insisted they had to buy through ebay/paypal only! Couriers, ebay, and paypal are private sellers beware, unless youre selling cheap but it all depends what your selling or mean to get from it, its never black and white. eBay and couriers I am very grateful for overall. Good luck with the sale Lawrence and I'm sure the new owner will be very pleased. Back to sale
  10. Yes this is right Lawrence and something that really needs to be appreciated. Nobody obviously wants anything damaged but you wouldn't mind if you knew you were safe with the insurance either but your not. I've sent things in legitimate original packaging that they use to send things around the world, yet I send in the UK and pay the hefty bill for the extra insurance and they've still refused to take any responsibly, and that was booked with UPS direct not through a broker (this is just one example and name drop). In fact I've found some of the brokers better than booking direct if 'something' happens. Couriers are usually nothing more than a van driver who most of the time doesn't really always enjoy what they do. Some do take great care in all fairness but its still a process usually that's got a number of steps and stops to go through to get to its destination. I've been at it for years with couriers and it really is a risk. Its usually fine most of the time but as always its when things go wrong. I've just resigned myself now to thinking if I really want something of value I have to collect or maybe have something that may get damaged and accept it. Loss is a different thing. Wish there was a better way really but most of the time they do a great job actually. Whoever gets the Chesters will be getting great speakers though
  11. Not to distract from sale, as these are great items, and as we have spoken before Lawrence sometimes much higher priced equipment really does not make sense for what you can get from something at a fraction of the cost, but as always its the buyers money/choice. But what I wanted to say is about the courier side of things and I totally agree with you Lawrence, if the buyer is prepared to take the risk then it should be down to them or collection only. I think this is the way to go with sales of items that don't always travel well. I've taken the risk on many occasions where things have got to me perfectly. What does bother me is if I sell things in good faith which get there damaged or faulty, then it's the sellers responsibility to sort out everything and are also usually left with costs to cover and then some damaged equipment that they can do very little with. Its a shame it has to come to this but its reality. We are mostly just enthusiasts wanting to share or move on not in anyway businesses who have contingency plans.
  12. Wait till you try the Shahinians, and I know you will at some point
  13. These are almost there He'll take a hundred I reckon https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sonus-Faber-Sonetto-VIII-Floorstanding-Speakers-Pair-in-Walnut/264739655203?hash=item3da3b68e23:g:nUIAAOSweatehz9E