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  1. Watched this tour of the Focal factory and its an interesting walk around and listing to the engineers and designers. When they got to the studio control room setup they had their Trio11 speakers. These are a very interesting design which can be laid sideways or vertically as requirements need, and there are some bolts to orientate the mid tweeter accordingly. What I found really interesting was though is that their bass driver can be switched off completely so they can switch from a 3 way to a two way to listen to music that way also. Looked it up on their web site and they call this feature
  2. Am I interested, they are speakers I'm interested Too far from me though and to be perfectly honest I wouldn't want to go down the road of being obsessed with these and sourced drivers, etc etc. So no, not for me. Great set of cabinets for someone though, I'm sure someone will be delighted and put together a fantastic set of speakers from them. Very good of you to move them on this way.
  3. Wow! And where did he get that lift please. That would be perfect for a friend of mine. Sent from my LM-G810 using Tapatalk
  4. Very nice, shame you couldn't finish. Sent from my LM-G810 using Tapatalk
  5. Me too, I really cant be bothered now though, plus Id have to rip. I rather just download or stream
  6. See, can't even give the things away these days Nice little collection actually
  7. Very very cool being able to compare those three 👍
  8. Oh of course, it won't happen overnight, or perhaps it will, depending on what the future is for digital music.
  9. eddie-baby


    Never seen the attraction with the hd600 myself. One of the most boring headphones I ever listened to. 650 were better but again I still couldn't see why all the fuss, tried the 660 these had potential but I didn't persevere with those. Always wanted to try the 800s though and now as Von says it'll have to be the black ones. Agree with the mojo being 200 overpriced, and some of the reviews on that thing make out like it's an entrance to another dimension or something, it did nothing for me had some better sounding phone jack outputs. But it is chord never a lover, DAVE is good tho! Everyt
  10. I can't see it. Even the most discerning of audiophiles are making the switch now, using a dac of their choice and using not necessarily streamed services but their own CD files ripped lossless. The last few trade shows I've been to as well CD players have been a rare site. And as was just mentioned manufacturers are just not throwing everything they have at them like naim once were, and favouring streaming devices.
  11. That was hardly a fair battle though an Arcam DAC vs a Naim CD5i. Those are very different machines, the naim is by far the better regardless of any highres file. Get your point tho, great post BTW.
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