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  1. Nice job. What thickness are those panels and front baffle, 18mm? Good luck with the sale anyway, a nice set of speakers here for someone.
  2. Carpet everytime. Wood type floors look nice but crap for audio. Plus carpet is just more comfy. I say that from a house mainly with wood flooring. Theres Pros and cons to each but if you want the best sound, carpets or at least cover as much as you can with rugs.
  3. ProAc are excellent speakers I dont dispute that but you do have to pay a premium for them, always have. I know they are a small outfit at least relatively anyway but they have a good reputation none the less, and Stewart being the master behind it all. Just wish you could get them at more affordable prices for what they are. And their pricing has seemed to have increased again but that would be the market in general, ProAc do always seem to be on top of that curve though.
  4. eddie-baby

    The man cave

    Look great, excellent job so far
  5. Cheers Rick and I can fully understand / sympathize with your past situations as well. It's been a surprisingly popular thread this one it must have struck a chord of some sort. I think there are many of us who put up with neighbours and are willing to 'live and let live' most of the time it's just these f'ing snowflakes that are the ones who like to complain. Sometimes it's the retired ones or nearing retirement that are the worst, but not always. I could carry on regardless and piss them off even more. I'm sure even if it got anywhere near the police stage there is nowhere near enough of a problem to even interest them. I just happen to be living next to some aholes. The trouble is as much as I could carry on regardless and am not really worried about them, I wont get the enjoyment out of it as I used to knowing its bothering others, that just me a bit soft like that with some things. Which has most certainly taken the wind out of my sails with regards to cranking it out like a used to But there's other ways to listen anyway, like quieter or without as much bass and its bass that's usually the biggest problem with neighbours. There's plenty going on in mid and upper ranges where most of the music information is anyway to keep most of us happy most of the time.
  6. These type of devices are only going to get simpler especially as they seem to be becoming more popular. Smart phone app and real time adjustment I imagine will be the way forward for them eventually, from a calibrated mic of course.
  7. I have to admit it looks the best to me. Plus the little screen is a nice feature even though its small it's still clearly usable. If it is totally audio transparent (the cheap mini dsp I tried was not and as much of a bag of tricks it was I was happy to get rid of it I've had better graphic equalisers). This is such and appealing device and as you say automated and all in one. Can you tune yourself though over the automation ? It seems not as maybe you could have helped that suck out.
  8. I listened to v1 and v2 side by side with another enthusiast, we both thought v1 was better. A bit less listen to me but a bit more listenable if you know what I mean.
  9. Out of interest is the DAC any good on it? Or have you just not bothered trying it and stuck to your own.
  10. Wow, what a lovely bit of kit that is. Always fancied one but the price of them always put me off. Have to be said its a very neat solution though. Love that little before and after screen. Does it have a built in mic or does it come with one? Ive only seen these around the 6-700 mark which has always put me off unfortunately as I would love a play
  11. Sorry to hear about your troubles. It just goes to show there's lots of un-domestic harmony out there. I can understand how you might be feeling anyway.
  12. Well the design has to be commended if nothing else and he has used top spec drivers.
  13. And there they are Thanks I completely forgot. Fascinating ! I wonder how many have sold? As far as value for money goes I used to think they were overpriced and a bit of a monstrosity but looking now you do get quite a lot, a lot of what is another thing though