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    Proac Tweeters

    Just buy Nicky a 'cheap' set of Klipsch, those little things don't half sound good and throw a lot of sound out, I have a set here. They wont have the ultimate finesse of the ProAc but if its fun your after they are one hell of a budget speaker with their little horns, I love mine! Sound like a miniature PA but in a hi-fi. Cost you the same as one of those tweeters! Keep the ProAc though, superb speakers.
  2. eddie-baby

    Proac Tweeters

    Those look nice, I have no idea how they sound. I've always liked the standard Scanspeak D2010/851300 myself in ProAcs, but those seem like quite a substantial upgrade.
  3. Thats interesting, I never look. But he's also selling a surfboard
  4. They are not cheap by any means new, I think they aim at higher-fi. Its not the first time speakers have had their drivers pointing in different directions, but I agree just having the tweeter at the front does seem like it wouldn't work that well. One things for certain, we are different and it'll be someones 'thing' they like
  5. Perhaps these will just be small scale awful then
  6. Seen these before but never paid to much attention. If your looking for a set you could have a cheap set here. These speakers look like just a set of tweeters but they have side drivers. Just wondering if anyone has any thought on them? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294408600014?hash=item448c1eb9ce:g:C9wAAOSwDmxhSFFF
  7. That's awesome Robin, thanks very much! I used to have so many archived myself, particularly What Hi-Fi but I ditched the lot The huge mound of magazines just didn't fit with my minimalism at the time. Wish I had kept them now. It would be nice to have a central database where we could access all these old write ups, it be a shame for them to be gone forever and be good to see them again. I found the reviews entertaining and really informative myself, and its nice to hear others opinions. I'll pm you my details Robin, cheers.
  8. Anyone got the reviews of the epos es22s from the 90s from the old magazines? Someone might have these archived somewhere, think there was short write-ups in What Hi-Fi Dec 95 and also I think Hi-Fi World, Choice and News. Any chance someone could pm a scan or a photo with their phone of these old reviews I could have a read of please? Still have a set here but I never read the reviews on them, be interested to see what they said. Have been trying to sell mine locally (pick-up in person only) but living remotely west it never happened. I was planning on selling again and maybe making some suitable packaging and risking the courier but I dug them out yesterday and took photos and then listened for a bit and thought, why! For what they are worth used it might be silly to, its a lot of sound so I just as well hold on to them. They are still amazing speakers at any cost. Would like to read what the critics of the time said about them though, it be near 30 years ago now! All I can find online is this one, but its unreadable
  9. Some ProAc's spotted in the professional field tonight. Listening to the hi-fi watching a Nirvana documentary tonight on BBC2, Dave Grohl in the studio and there they are. Great documentary actually.
  10. Tuga, you are the new maverick around these parts. I daren't even mention any names of the last ones as even mentioning them you get prodded. Anyway we do need you, just pace yourself as best you can in threads because otherwise......This Perhaps its not even you but the rate the emails updates coming through, there's something afoot. Now we've had some good info here on some serious DACs lets hope it continues that way
  11. To me its totally irrelevant in terms of music reproduction. You don't have to know or even begin to understand music theory or the science behind it to enjoy a piece of music and hi-fi is no different. Hi-Fi is in general used for recreating music for enjoyment, once your above a certain acceptable standards like distortion, clarity volume etc you are fine. I can guarantee that most musicians don't even understand what they are doing they just perform, they may get assessed in the process, or perhaps given pointers even, things like your levels are off or you cant even play, sing whatever but scientifically nobodies cares. Again its will only be the bad that will be evident to the listener, if its generally well done people just enjoy it, hi-fi is no different.
  12. It's hot off the press as far as he's just done the review of this older DAC. I don't even know much about it to be honest, I didn't even know it was an old DAC. He does say reviewers are saying good things about it, what I found amusing was him saying but it measures no better than a £9 dongle DAC And as for the Topping, well if you want to waste your money on overpriced stuff We are at a funny time in audio, I have to say I do kind of like what the 'science' approach is kind of doing. At least its giving us some balance in the world of audio instead of taking the everything thats built like a tank, costs a small fortune is always 'better'. This guy is to the other extreme though it seems.
  13. Hot off the press. A 2 grand DAC is no better than a £9 dongle DAC according to Amir. So be careful what you are buying! It might actually sound like your ears are having orgasms but it don't matter it doesn't measure well at all, forget it!
  14. It seems top of the line studio monitors by Focal and ATC disagree with that theory
  15. You better take cover now Keith, some wont like that! What! Have something that's sounds good over measures best You might be safe they may be in other threads with their measuring devices. I'm glad you're tweaking it to something that's enjoyable anyway.
  16. You thought right. Klipsch are my fav budget pick these days. I have a set of 41s here now. They do sound like live music. They are budget wonders in my opinion. The horns to me do make these speakers a bit special. Such great all round speakers and musical. If you want more bass go bigger or just add a cheap sub! For me I cant recommend them enough and they are relatively cheap! The better the source the better they sound.
  17. Looks a bit like a cash register mixed with a Technics DJ turntable to me. Not the most elegant of designs have to say.
  18. It is often hard Andrew to get your point across here without being labelled a moaner, trouble or whatever. True intentions don't always come across well in some text on a forum. Your disappointment with everything is obvious and its only through frustration of perhaps a 'Christmas is cancelled' kind of feeling. And people can get upset by misinterpretation of messages, as far as I've seen on here most people are generally good, few of us have idiosyncrasies (but show me someone who doesn't) and especially after a beer or two is mixed in with a bit of excitement, but doesnt make us bad people.
  19. As long as it's not a Desperate Dan we're getting
  20. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing to be sporadic in nature of appearance location. Like a travelling road show. That would actually force us to call it the Wam Road Show. More faff and stress for organisers though I suspect.
  21. Yeah have it in Cornwall, the climate is better there. Plus Colin could do with a break from all the travelling he's done over the years.
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