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  1. True! I've had more fun with some cheap systems than I have with big spends. Music discovery has been an amazing experience with some of the cheaper systems I've had. It's hard sometimes when you invest big in more expensive gear. You kind of have to like it and a lot of the time its not always the case And you think bloody hell that's a lot of time and expense there and I was quite enjoying the stuff that wasn't
  2. I know what you mean, even with complete transformation with an eq curve sometimes there's more going on and you just can get over the presentation of something. In theory everything can be eq'd to sound the same as each other but there's often more to the story of how drivers deliver certain frequencies that our ears pick up on when the measurements don't. Although there is so much you can do with equalisation and things can be made to sound pretty much exactly as you want them to or simular to something else. Provided the headphones speakers are good enough and can deliver the full range of frequency, and most good headphones can.
  3. They were a bargain at 50 quid! To be honest they are a good headphone at their RRP £250. The only thing with these headphones I thought that without good eq'ing I find they grate on me a bit and can sound harsh to my ears. But that can be sorted, they prefer a smoother front end if eq'ing not your thing imho. I was even tempted to buy another set at £50 but its just spending for spending sake, I'll stick to my old battered ones. The resolution on these headphones is pretty much the best I've ever heard from anything as well. I know its the old cliché of hearing things I've never heard in recordings but it was literally that when I first heard these, speakers do great things but no speakers come close to that level of retrieval and its right next to your ears.
  4. Fullrange, you missed a set of full range there
  5. I suppose it is a bit pointless as you say and more for the effect you get in a room as a result of it and not so much the hearing part. But everyones ears are slightly different as well I suppose, some maybe do audibly pick up sub frequencies, so better to have them than not, maybe. Those headphones also go up to 40khz! And I would imagine even the best human hearing on earth would probably struggle beyond 25 maybe. The way I see it when you listen to anything live it has no frequency cut offs at all even if our hearing does, so possibly having a wider band is better than not.
  6. Whether we hear it or not its there, it's measurable and shows it is there. The thing is with BIG speakers its there as an effect. Walls shake, ports chuff, teeth rattle, trousers flap, chests feel, whatever With big power behind those frequencies its a different effect totally and one you can feel as well, its the same low frequencies though.
  7. Measured response https://www.stereophile.com/content/incisive-audio-technica-ath-msr7-measurements
  8. https://reference-audio-analyzer.pro/en/report/hp/audio-technica-ath-msr7.php#gsc.tab=0
  9. Very oddly as well they seem to have a sale here for them at £50! They must be old stock or something clearance as they are from audio technica direct. Discontinued now but they were a £250 can! They also happen to be perhaps the most detailed pair of headphones I have heard in my life, trouble is they need a bit of eq'ing to stop them sounding harsh, eq'ings easily done though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audio-Technica-MAIN-99763-ATH-MSR7BK-Headphones/dp/B00PEU9CFA/ref=sr_1_5?m=A3OT28BSH22M0D&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&qid=1642707315&s=merchant-items&sr=1-5&th=1
  10. Actually might not be as difficult as you think Keith, they aint going to shake walls like huge drivers would but my ATH-MSR7 have a frequency response of 5 hz to 40,000 hz
  11. Not bad for a watch actually, although I still think he's as biased to expensive audio gear as many of the fanatics are. Kind of defeats the object.
  12. Myryad T20 CD player. Absolutely garbage. Got it home from the shop compared it to my battered old pioneer 6 disc and it sounded broken in comparison. Everyone I played it to agreed. I immediately contacted shop and looked for a refund who where extremely unhelpful and refused. This was Sevenoaks Swansea and was over 20 years ago. It was a right faff at the time dealing with those. Fortunately / unfortunately that shop wasn't there long. Good riddance to those salesmen that all I can say.
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    All I'm trying to say there is fashions with hifi, one minute its no tone controls, then its every tone control under the sun DSP. Then its room acoustics. A lot of it is just continually trying to sell the consumer something.
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    That is interesting, but people do often make up these things to please themselves or to suit their ideas a lot of the time. The AD DA thing aside with 'most' DSPs, lets just say equalizers then for arguments sake do the same thing as faffing with a room. Audio is made up of frequencies and these frequencies can be adjusted that bit doesn't have to be complicated. If you've a problematic room or even mismatched equipment just eq it, what's wrong with doing that.
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    Less is more, do u know
  16. Found a good deal on a great album (vinyl), as a 'could be' a must own for some. And if you join mailing letter you get an additional 10% off so £12.56 inc delivery! Album is ZZ Top - Eliminator For me its a very very nice to have on Vinyl They also have loads for under a tenner. If you can find a must have in there tho I'll be amazed !! https://www.rarewaves.com/products/0081227965556-eliminator
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    No fighting now, unless its this guy
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    Not convinced with the DSPs myself, think they need so much work to get them anywhere near a good analogue crossover. Think this AD/DA probably is the biggest problem. This K231 looks like a good solution if not a cheap one. I've even read of people having better results with a cheap equaliser in line than using things like miniDSP HDs.
  19. That's the problem, the differences are very small but in the subtle details I find. Most or many DACs can reproduce the information pretty flawlessly but not all can be so convincing to tricking your brain into thinking this is more than just sound reproduction. That's great I've had all kinds, all shapes, sizes and forms. Would like to try so many others but I am getting a bit tired of chasing my tail with audio as well. I'm sure the BP is a great DAC not sure if I'll ever get to hear one unfortunately tho
  20. Generally yes, well at least if you are into music enjoyment over reproduction. If the recording / mix is a very good one I don't think it's so important but if you are a general music lover plus an audiophile it's got to be nice to listen to. There's not many DACs/players around I could say I absolutely love. I don't know about hi end either but I've heard some exotic and relatively expensive ones, flagship CDPs etc. I think theres way way more bang for buck with vinyl, it's a far easier way to get a human organic sound, digital is obviously brilliant but a minefield to find something to appeal to the ear, without the nasties of digital creeping in. But as you say they both have their flaws, and vinyl ain't half a faff (plus expense to buy the material), digital does make life a whole lot easier. And the ones I've liked have generally been the more expensive ones there are some good old machines out there tho as well worth seeking out. The trouble is it's all subjective and personal preference anyway. I'll have to add it to my endless list of DACs to try. The problem is it's totally unpractical and financially difficult to try them all as much as I'd like to. And not only that with many I try I can only listen to for a short time anyway. There's some good ones though they ain't all bad obviously and when done well digital is impressive. I just still think ultimately vinyl has its thing going on that digital can't do as well. I think Redbook is the best we've had as well so far and a the best of the DACs / players that are out there that do that well are worth seeking out, holding onto and cherishing. Having said all that most of my listening is digital theres no getting away from it now, everythings digital these days.
  21. ProAc's are generally great speakers. Have to say though would love to try a set of those Living Voice R25A's myself, they come in some stunning finishes as well!
  22. Exciting! Let us know how you get on. And yes try the alternatives as well. If there's better don't have badge bias. Good luck
  23. I get this as well. Back in the day when cassette was my main medium and most peoples actually, I had a great tape deck then which I often favoured listening to over CDs. I also used to borrow mates CDs and record them onto tapes. For this I would often seek out high quality blanks. I can't remember now what they were it was almost 30 years ago, but there was all different types and there was a bit of a science to my recording method as I'd research what was the best and the best setting to use. The blank tapes often cost more than original CDs, Metal Masters, Chrome or whatever they were. Anyway I'd often record CDs and my tape version would sound better than the original CD itself (possibly enhancing and surpassing the original). But as you say you could push the gain and dynamic further on these specialist analogue tapes so perhaps it kind of makes sense. Afterward CD-R became more and more of a thing and eventually so cost effective the poor old analogue before kind of got forgotten and never looked at anymore. Why would I buy a £15-20 blank tape faff around when you could buy a big stack of CD-Rs and just duplicate the CD exactly.
  24. Yes digital process to vinyl does complicate things however I still think its generally better listening. I bought two records lately (waited for a deal). Both were Nirvana actually. Both from the digital takeover era really or on the cusp of it all anyway. They turned up and to my surprise both were absolutely outstanding! Heavy vinyl as well (not sure how much of a factor that actually is). Anyway these two 'brand new' records have blown me away for listening to them in this form and albums I know really well as well. They are hands down better on vinyl than the many years I enjoyed/loved them on digital. Very much the case for me. Being an audiophile who is really fussy when it comes to general music listening when I actually sit down to listen properly in an audiophile way, other than in the car, at the local pub, out with headphones or whatever. Once you hear the digital nasties even in its minutest form you very much hone in on them every time you listen to digital, even some 'good DACs' can sound bad with some 'ok' recordings. Where as vinyl an 'ok' recording even on a budget turn table can be a lot more forgiving and enjoyable. Of the two formats a great recording could be trumped by a decent turntable even against the best of the best DACs. That's if you forgive the things like the noise floor, zero static, less than perfect records and convenience and other benefits digital gives. There is just something more organic about the vinyl that even the best DACs can give. There are only a few DACs / CDPs I've heard that have been generally stunning, but in comparison to many TTs which can produce that kind of effect. Finding great and enjoyable DACs is a bit of a needle in a haystack exercise, it's just generally not the case with vinyl, its a far more cost effective way to finding audio nirvana, apart from the cost of the records obviously! I can completely understand why records never disappeared, especially when there are audiophiles around.
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