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  1. Certainly more long term interest, for me anyway 😂
  2. eddie-baby


    Actually Lawrence, this is where I really think I need to go to something like a Can Jam as headphones are a bit of a love hate thing for me. I see them as great tools but I'm not at a point where I can think they are my go to's for the majority of my listening. I'm more than intrigued by a lot of headphones but I am getting a bit tired of the buy to try thing. Something like a Can Jam could just give me a much better idea of comfort, tonality and perhaps long term potential in a quick and dirty way. There are very few headphones that I've actually thought I can live with these for
  3. eddie-baby


    Will look out for the Denons👍
  4. Yours are almost 3x the weight 😂 that can never be a bad thing when it comes to low end.
  5. Very wise advice there.
  6. It's all about rhythm, melody can only hold people for so long.
  7. Lovely amp the A400, was a favourite of mine for many years even against models costing much much more. Have no ideas of repairs perhaps someone else can help you with that and get you up and running again with the littlest fuss. Have to say though there are loads of Class D amps out there now which may even cost the equivalent of a repair. Of course it's not your A400 if that's exactly what you want. Some of them do sound extremely good for what they cost now though. An a decent one will be on a par or perhaps better than the sound from the A400 you've come to love.
  8. Do you mean there's a band of men coming just to check out his ports.
  9. Seen that, it's interesting. Apparently under scrutiny of scientists. Thing is there has to come a point where people start being normal again otherwise there's little hope for humanity as we knew it. I would have gone myself but there comes a point where you're not welcome in these places, you join the Wam then Anyway speak for yourself with crowds, Keith @MF1000 is expecting at least 18,000 to go through his room going on his thread popularity to see his Volts :)
  10. Not a bad idea actually for exhibitors and visitors
  11. More like this. Sorry Rabski couldn't resist
  12. Oh interesting, I'll have to take a look at that. Thanks again.
  13. The dog looks like its had a very hard life as well and begging for a new home with that expression on its face. Well you wanted it. Don't forget a dog is for life not just for Christmas
  14. That's good, thanks for sharing. I'll get around to reading that at some point. Can't see DSP going away and I can see its popularity growing as more and more devices get more popular. It used to be graphic equalisers until they went out of fashion. I know DSP is more advanced but I've still not found one I am fully in love with yet but it's more or less just a matter of time that. I actually prefered using/the results of some of the old school eq's more. I am really keen on getting more and more into DSP though. I've got loads of uses it could potentially shine in.
  15. Used to own one, wasn't bad actually as a player, played a cd full of mps3 as well
  16. Neat Iotas are rear vented. Dealers will recommend what they got.
  17. Don't think anyone cares what weight you are its more the turntable they're interested in, you might be a by-product that they happen to become friends with.
  18. Yes I'll exhibt, it prefer it to being a visitor
  19. Its always worth the effort. The bigger and heavier something is the more appreciation and admiration one gets !
  20. I do admire Andrews and peoples attitudes to the lets get on with it. Trouble is I think everything is on shaky legs still, many people are still unsure what to do, lots have had the vaccine not that is bullet proof protection either or perhaps they don't want that option either. Some people are still living in terror for any sort of return to normality. It really is hard to gauge where we are with everything. All we have is media reports and a lot of that is all they are reporting so who knows. Was the whole thing actually overblown in the first place. The trouble is it has taken many people
  21. They make a nice CDP in all fairness do Marantz Love some of the SE models as well, don't have to go KI
  22. I don't care about names either, I am currently listening to a pair of nameless speakers, DIY, I might call them Doris or something Names and marketing may subtly play a bigger part in our subconscious decision making when it comes to buying, the last thing we want to admit is that we are being controlled by advertising, and that does happen. But I do get your point if it does sound good who cares if its got Alba, Amstrad, Bush or Crapielot Fandango on it.
  23. Those are accessories for sure. I had the IsoAcoustics Gaia demo at a Bristol show once and yes I could hear a difference, but would I paid the £200 or £400 or whatever it was. And was the difference actual and upgrade from the already good sound. The is always people who are going to be on the A or the B of a demo. And if the company who were demonstrating the Gaia were telling me this is how much it opens up the midrange/bass/treble or whatever it was (using suggestion which in all fairness may have had some validity) but I am kind of being sold something here I don't really need. The Speake
  24. I boiled the kettle for a cuppa with my Naim lead the other day and the taste was definitely a bit forward and a touch on the harsh side. But man did I have great PRaT for the rest of the day
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