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  1. Hi, could you please add three of us to the curry list - Clive, John and Peter Many thanks,
  2. Just a quick bump before Kegworth. If anyone is interested in any of the items let me know and I'll make sure I bring it to the show.
  3. I'm looking to have a little clearout as I have too much kit. I will be exhibiting in Room 105 at Kegworth so my preference would be to sell to anyone who is planning to visit next weekend. This will allow me to show the items face to face, save me having to pack them up, save on postage and the possibility of items getting lost or damaged in transit. If there is no interest at Kegworth then I am happy to consider the possibility of postage, but priority will go to anyone who is attending Kegworth. First Watt F5 25W Class A solid state Amplifier. This has been my daily amplifier for the last 7 years since I built it in 2012. It is possibly not quite as rich sounding as some of my valve amps but combines a high level of detail, solid bass, low noise floor, reliability and ease of use. Plenty of information online as to how good these are. It has run since completion without any issues. I have decided to sell as I would like to release funds to finish some of my other projects. The amplifier is built into a fully aluminium Modushop 4U case with oversized heatsinks, as such the heatsinks always stay cool enough to be able to hold your hand on them. The build includes two large E/I Transformers each with a single output to give the bipolar voltage output. I would estimate these as giving a combined output of at least 500VA, so the power supply is oversized for the output of the amp. This isn't such a benefit for a Class A amp but does at least mean the transformers run nice and cool. The benefit of the E/I transformers is there is not such a large inrush current as you get with toroids. The amps have input capacitors to give additional protection to your speakers. From memory the amplifier used Toshiba JFets which I believe are often the preferred types. The handles on the front give a nice look. The benefits of using a Modushop case is that should you scratch the front (or any other panels) it is possible to buy just the required replacement parts from Modushop for a reasonable price. The front is in excellent condition, the other sides have the odd little mark here and there but generally the amp looks very good. The amplifier was checked over by an electrical engineer (my cousin) on completion. £650 OVNO Sony 90s separates system. A really nice early 90s old school Sony separates system. Their separates were all made in Japan and IMHO are built to last. They are extremely well made and have lovely damped volume controls and precise switches. The systems consists of the following: TA-F540E amplifier - 90W/Ch into 8 Ohm speakers THD 0.008% - A nice heavy integrated amp built to a good standard. CDP-591 CD player - Pulse Convertor ST-S370 tuner I have the matching three head TC-K570 cassette deck. The belts on this have gone so I have recently ordered replacement belts. It's a really nice deck so would be good to keep it running. I hope to have this finished by Kegworth but if not am happy to post to keep the system together. The separates have some marks on top where they have been stacked, and there is one light scratch on the amp top edge of the fascia which I have managed to fill with black wax to hide it as best as possible. The fronts of the separates are very clean. Generally I would describe them as not mint but very good condition, especially considering their age. Amplifer, CD player and Tuner £220 the lot OVNO Cassette Deck £50 The Core Audio - Valve Buffer Very similar to the Musical Fidelity X10-D but IMHO built to a higher standard. The buffer has a toroidal mains transformer that wouldn't look out of place on an entry level integrated amplifier. Parts quality is generally very good, with lots of big film capacitors, and valves are NOS RCA 6BC4. A very useful device, great for making a system less cable dependent and for improving the output impedance of many components. I have been surprised how this has improved the output of many components, particularly preamps which often don't have good low impedance output stages. Selling as I have now added internal buffers to my equipment. £120 OVNO Yamaha natural sound AX-500 Amplifer and KX-393 cassette deck Nice Japanese made integrated amp (1989) and cassette deck (1998). 85W/Ch into 8 Ohm speakers. THD 0.01%. Excellent build quality. Very good condition. Nice smooth sound. Would be nice to keep together but willing to split. £70 Sony Playstation PS1 Audiophile CD player SCPH-1002. Again plenty of information online as to how good this lowly PS1 can sound. I haven't included a picture but it's a PS1. Fully boxed with controllers and most importantly an aftermarket remote control which makes it much easier to use as a CD player instead of using the controllers. SOLD
  4. Hi Peter, Sorry I'm a bit last minute paying. I've just transferred £265 for 3 rooms for Saturday night (Clive, Peter & John), one of which we will be exhibiting in on the Sunday. Thanks for all your efforts with organising things, we are very much looking forward to being there. Kind regards, Clive
  5. I don't get much chance to post on the Wam these days but had a great Sunday (and Saturday evening) at the show. Great to catch up with some old faces and meet a lot of new ones. I enjoyed so many different rooms and it was good to see that there are so many different ways of putting together a great sounding system. Some fantastic selections of music as well which will lighten my wallet over the next few weeks. Many thanks to the organisers and the exhibitors in very difficult weather conditions. It was great to chat to so many of you to get a better understanding of how your systems evolved.
  6. Zim

    Lodgesound update

    Really, really sad news, I can only echo the comments posted previously. Saturday night at Scalford listening to Stewart's mix tapes and having a chat was always a great pleasure and one of the bits of the weekend I most looked forward to. I picked up an old Akai R2R a few months ago, mainly due to listening sessions in the Lodgesound room. Stewart was a real gent, may he rest in peace.
  7. Thanks for organising this again. Could I have a twin for room 207 for Saturday night only. Thanks, Clive
  8. Just got back from the coast and wanted to say thanks for a really enjoyable afternoon. Two very interesting and great sounding systems, delicious food and good company. I just wish I could have stayed and listened a bit longer.Thanks to Edd and Mick for being excellent hosts.
  9. Hi Edd, yes please, I'm just outside of Norwich so not a million miles away. Kind regards, Clive
  10. Zim

    Pie order thread !

    Hi Jim, 4x 1lb and a jar of chutney please. Thanks for organising this again, Cheers, Clive
  11. Could I have a badge please, Zim with Clive underneath, many thanks
  12. I had two burgers and four sausages so felt I didn’t let the side down too much. The re-fried beans were amazing but very brave to give them to Wammers, especially those with a long journey home in a confined space. I haven’t had a chance to post since Saturday so many thanks to Gregg for being such an excellent host. I haven’t experienced quite such a single minded listening room before, I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I first noticed that the ceiling and walls were gently sloped away from the listening position. The silence between notes and the amount of low level information you can hear with such a low noise floor is quite something. Maybe I can fit some sound absorbers to my children… It’s obviously been a real labour of love for Gregg and the room felt like something out of a bond movie and I wondered that if you pushed the wrong button on the remote, a shark infested pool might open up in the floor. It was really great afternoon and was nice to get to know a lot of wammers better and listen to some good tunes. Hopefully I’ll get out to one or two more bake offs this year.
  13. Zim

    Stair Trolley

    Hi Robert, thats a very kind offer and I may well take you up on it. I'm up in the gods in syndicate 17. I was expecting to have an easy time of it as my speakers are small standmounts but my amp and dac have recently been sprouting outboard psu's:doh: You'll have a fantastic time exhibiting and looking at your kit I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors. If in doubt I've found that a plate of chocolate digestives can work wonders. I'll come and give you a look on saturday afternoon, Cheers, Clive
  14. Zim

    PIE order thread.

    Hi Jim, Could we have 2x1lb and 2x 1.5lb pies please, many thanks for organising this again. Looking forward to hopefully getting an hour free to come and have a listen to your new speakers, especially the fancy tweeters, Cheers, Clive
  15. Could i have two badges please Bob, 'Zim' and 'Kev' Many thanks for this