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  1. Hi I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a moon w5 in black that they would be prepared to part with or know where one is for sale
  2. Hi Hamish, great speakers I use mine with a moon i5 amp great combo . When I attended the Bristol show Wilson Benesch were using Audionet amps and it sounded pretty dam good to me. Darren
  3. check out the $44,000 dollar vintage marantz system cool or what http://echohifi.com/inventory.php
  4. I have a delta 290 if you want to try that it`s just sitting there doing nothing if you want to borrow that pm me
  5. five pounds from my pocket money on it`s way. Come on dig deep you cheap skates you know it makes sense
  6. darreng


    I have heard these, they sounded really great to me I would consider them for my system at home if only I could find a distributor close buy:^
  7. I saw the same demo at Bristol i didn't think it looked that good i wont be investing in this technology it seems stupid that you have to sit there with those dorky glasses on. great if you go to the cinema because you go for the whole cinema thing
  8. quite a few years ago i had the pleasure of listening to the s500 with a nad s300 and dali royal minuets what a really nice system that was subsequently i bought the s300 but could not find a used 500 at a reasonable price big shame that .anyway i still have my s300 in a box in the attic maybe one day i will get it out for a good airing:^
  9. my free second system which i have in my attic room which is a old sony direct drive tt ,grado cart, arcam alpha 5 amp arcamdv88 for cd duties with a big old pair of mission speakers which runs my main system pretty close for enjoyment
  10. def wrote: quite a few years ago i heard at one of the london shows organised by i think hifi news, moon electronics partnered by sonus faber speakers, but i am not sure which model and they sounded sublime. maybe i should look to have a demo of these speakers the only trouble is my local hifi shop [audio ex]in cardiff only stocks a small range of speakers and i dont think sonus faber is one of them. do any of you nice guys out there know of any other speakers i should be looking at
  11. Jezzer wrote: seriously nice pic's just wish I could afford their complete set up. looks like I will still need buy that lotto ticket
  12. you know jeezer you are probably right the dynaudios were a left over from another system . I have been thinking about getting some new speakers maybe the contour range is what I should be looking at .Do you know of any other speakers that gel with moon stuff
  13. The moon does indeed have pre outs so no problem there it seems. any ideas if it will be worth the outlay. thanks guys