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  1. I did this, made no real difference to sound so have removed them.
  2. Hitachi MOSFET power amp at a car boot, haggled it down to £4 from a £5 .
  3. I live 60 miles from Sutton Coldfield so I had a 6 element antiference setup on the roof. Now redundant as I use a squeezebox giving high resolution signal.
  4. Welsh Leisure Centre?
  5. A guy who has been locked out of his account wants to buy this. See his posting on Pink Fish.
  6. Back in my youth I lived near the Brookman's park transmitter. Using a red phone box the Home Service was always in the background.
  7. Take the driver out turn it over and put it back. If the coil is rubbing this can cure it.
  8. Couldn't be worse than the current bunch of lying incompetent bullshitters.
  9. I'm sure a 1mm difference could be compensated in the arm setup.
  10. Suggested they came in the back, but back garden backs on to the Israeli Embassy...... So there may be some CCTV footage.
  11. Does the amp have a tape out tape input circuit? You could use attenuators in a loop back from tape out to tape in.
  12. Use in line attenuators.
  13. Vintage rings often appear in local auctions and go for suprisingly little money due to the mark up in jewellers. Worth a look.
  14. Block 327 top tier in line with stage. Possibly a reflection off the ceiling.
  15. Re Mark Knopfler at Leeds Shame sound engineer wasn't good enough. Terrible bass peak that muddied the sounds. At time the peak was so loud it caused a sort of bass phase inversion.